myself two new partners in life today.
Such beauties.
The middle one is a generation old already.
Trees: the master dreamers of realmity.
They are nothing but pure efficiency in the animation of themselves.
Hard not to be in awe and admiration of them, once one understands just how sophisticated they are as lifeforms.

Trees <3


Fucking did it.

7 kilometers.
35 kilos. 35 fucking kilos.
In 87 minutes.

First pic:
My body weight today: 50,7kg
Second pic:
Me with full clothing and shoes: 53,9kg
Third pic:
Me with full clothing, shoes standing on the dumbbells I was carrying in the hands with weight vest on and backpack loaded with weights: 85,6kg
(Hard to see since it was so hard taking that pic bending over loaded with so much weight on)

35kg is 70% of my body weight.

We. Are. Not. Equal.
Not. Even. Close.

Honestly though (nothing but the numbers above is serious, it is just me being happy).
Not bad considering I am missing at least one vital organ in my digestive system.
Now I have so much pain it is cancelling itself out. I cannot feel pain, because I have too much of it.

(And this is walking, not running. If you run, you do something different.
If you want to compare to me that is. The importance is the weight carried.
(weight to body weight percental ratio)
And the distance it is being carried. In the time it is being carried.
I cannot run due to my disability, the pain is simply too much.
So to me it is marching, or walking. As to say: always one foot on the ground.
The fastest you can move is just before you break into a jog.
It is probably not even a sport, but I compete against myself and do not compare.
If you are one of those, then stated above is the guidelines.
Otherwise it is just for perspective.)

This one was for you, dad.
This one was for you.
Congrats on the birthday.
You are the best. <3

I am living this song. The literal God knows how to inspire, motivate and push! <3


panoramas I captured today as well.
I realised that my track is rather boring for snapping pictures.
But it is the most efficient route, if you want as much nature without straying too far from the city centrum.

There are more interesting vistas along the 10km route.
I will try and remember to snap some when I feel strong enough to take on that one.