tends to change with time. Most certainly understanding.
It was fun going through the paintings I painted some years ago.
I have like 80 paintings in circulation around the world.
Most in Sweden, but I know one is in Russia and another maybe in Romania.
One in France and one in The UK.
If I ever make it big, people will have a fecking field day trying to figure out in which order I painted them. Since the serial numbers are scrambled.
Just to make things more “artsy”.

This is the third (actual) painting I ever painted.
Funny times, funny memories.
It was around when I began acquainting my brain with the omnipresent existence of the Universe. The living nature of the energetic forces arranging life into being. The entity-level of celestial structures. And some symbolic associations to it to fine-tune my memories from the future. Now I can clearly see why I picked such obvious symbolism.

Acrylic on canvas; 50x50cm
Painted somewhere in the 2014