tian idag. Med 14.
Såatte, om detta är mitt sista inlägg.
Vet att jag trippade vidare ståendes och gåendes på benen i alla fall.

Kikade på lite info om GMU.
Och nej. Nej. Nej nej nej och nej.
Ett felriktat slag under närstridsövningarna och det är godnatt, tack och hej.
Även lite för mycket kasta sig, kravla runt och allt det.
Drömma kunde en ju, men jag visste hela tiden att det var nogo.
Även om jag tvingar mig igenom inre blödningar och skit.
Så kan inte joina och kladda ute i leran dessvärre. 🙁
Men det hade varit kul. Disciplin och grupparbete.

Får köra min egen träning istället.
Hålla sig i form och fräsch som civil.
Och ta det lite på skytteföreningen istället.

Die, but do.


will have a field day with this one.

If a Finnish person sits on a chair, does it mean that the non-existence phase cancels itself out and they actually come into existence?
May it be so, that chairs hold the existential opposite in the binary construct against Finland? They both exist because they both compete to not exist.
Can you import a chair to Finland? And if so, does it start to exist the moment it passes the border?
Maybe chairs are made in Finland?
As to say, nothing is made nowhere.
To Finnish tango, ofc. ^^

Finland exists because if chairs.
And chairs are made in Finland.
But since chairs does not exist, neither does Finland.

Finally – peace of mind.

at 3am ofc


There is one thing that I really dislike with myself.
And that is my reoccurring bitterness.
Especially during the days.
I do not like being edgy.
But it is as if I do not have a choice.

You can think of it as this, as it makes it easier to understand to most people.
If I were an Avenger, well, it depdends.
Asking me, I mean, Tony Stark/Iron Man is the pick. For obvious reasons.
(Black widow if my gal got to pick)
Someone said I reminded of Dr. Strange when it released years ago.
(I have not really kept up with that Universe for a while – I believe since Iron Man 3 or something like that)
But in truth I am probably more like the Hulk.

Always edgy. Always angry.
Due to my never-ending pain.
That is why I sometimes appear to be like a floffy kitten that loves everything just a bit too much.
And the very next moment appear to be a psychopathic cold blooded killer.

Is no fun.
Trust me.
It is not fun being bitter so often.
It takes away a lot of joy.
It is one of my biggest flaws, for sure.

So yeah, that is why I am very concerned about pointing out to not take me too seriously.
I mean, it goes without saying. But some people might assume I take myself too seriously.
Which I most certainly do not. I would not be able to stand myself if I did.
This is the reason why I was very suicidal back in 2014-2016.
I began taking myself too seriously. And could not stand myself.
But I did not know it, because I was not self aware enough.
Then I got high and laughed at myself. And that is how I overcame it. Slowly.
This is also why I shy away more than most. Because I do not want to be high all the time.
And when I am sober, the pain increases, and by so my bitterness.
So I simply do not want to be rude due to me not being able to always control it.

If you find my expressions “cringy”, edgy and bitter.
Just ignore it. I mean it. Unless you like that kind of content, as some do.
Then please enjoy. But keep in mind it is only my emotional outlet, so that I do not go full scale psychopath for real. Written text hurts far less than physical violence – so it is the best I can do.

I feel it needs to be understood.
Because in many cases, I am not really how I express myself due to not having much choice in that moment. This is also reason why I method act a lot, as I try to channel it into played characters, so I can understand them.

But yeah pain.
I most certainly completely understand women during that week.
To the point where it is not even funny to me.

Seen it

time is relative.
Shit rhymes yo’!

You people gonna love the future.
At least here. Once they have developed the integration apparatus, Sweden is all go again. You/we will find balance by necessity. Because of what is coming.
Wait and see it happen. It will happen, because it already has.
The reverberation of time is like that of a rocking boat.
It follows a very distinct movement pattern in its distribution of energy.

Sweden might not be big, but it has high density in its structural formation.
That would be one form of efficiency.
Being one of the more open-minded colonies around, it also is a stable medium for intellectual arrangement.
Once the other components of the Swedish bio-hive picks up on the rearrangement occurring, proper adaptation will be reached.
Has already happened, and it will happen again.
The upswing of feminism occurring right now is a spot on reverberation of the century-wide wave.

All the information is in the sunlight. It feeds the template, we arrange the variables. But the pattern is very similar. Call it gravity, call it balance, whatever.
It can be read though. Because symbolically it carries little variable difference than formulated language.


Is a funny topic. When you partake in arguing against it. Because most people arguing against it is actually quite hypocritical.

What even is human?
What defines human?
Do you attach it to some image you were given during education?
Well, education is by definition Transhumanism.
So if you have attended school, you are Transhuman.

Do you drive a car?
If so you are leaning towards transhumanism. Because by means of external contraption you have enhanced the human capacity for mobility.
A bike is enough as well.

Use the goddamn legs God gave you, you miserable abomination of a car-driver.
A phone?

I mean, I respect the Amish, because they take their opposition seriously.
Clothing is still Transhumanism though. As is literacy.
But at least they try. And they are closer to ‘natural humanism’.
Despite it being weird in expression in regard to organic nature.

Quite hard to not be Transhuman in any shape, form or manner.
Your ability to even comprehend the symbol ‘Transhuman’ makes you transhuman by default.
Because you are going through the human experience; Transhuman.
The extension of intellectual attachment to the symbol ‘Transhuman’ however, indicates that it ought to deviate towards the ‘ahead of its time’ in expression.

Imagine the first dude (or more probable, woman) who could ride a horse.
Imagine the first dude (for certain) who rode a car.
Can you imagine the plane? Dream of human made manifest.

Answer me seriously.
Would you be against teleportation?
Living anywhere on the planet in whichever moment.
Mobility become irrelevant.

We have already come far enough to conceptualise our own evolution.
It has only just begun.
And now you people want to stop?

(Whatever you people are on, I desire to sample it. Because clearly, I have not done it yet)
I do not even have a drivers licence and car yet, and people who has that claims I am ‘going against God’. Well, I am most certainly going, as in walking. That is one reason why I am so Godgood fit and still have my abs at the age of 30+.
Guess that is less Transhuman these days than carrying around … an excess of energy?

You know, maybe if we busied ourselves collectively, nationally, globally, in Transhuman endeavours, there would not be wars. Because the work produced would simply be too delicate to lose.

Remember, God is omnipresent according to its own intellectualised manifestation. So it ought to be cheering for everyone that loves and respects its creations. However they flower. That is my take from it. It also makes sense with the idea that Christ were against throwing stones.