För dig

oroa dig inte.
Jag känner dig i mitt sinne.
Dina tankar är behagliga.
Du är snäll. Snällare än de flesta.
Även om vi är olika. Eller annorlunda.

Jag vet om mina problem, bättre än de flesta.
Eftersom jag inte förnekar dem.
Jag har inga fientliga avsikter.
Över huvud taget.
Tvärtom, det är delar jag arbetar på att arrangera om i min neuromassa.
Om jag kan strukturera mig biologiskt så att jag kan ignorera smärta nästan helt, så borde det också vara möjligt. Det finns vissa saker som triggar igång mig. Men de försvinner mer och mer utefter hur jag strukturerar om mig.

Nu när det inte spelar så stor roll längre, i relation till den konventionella människan – jag har muterat ifrån dem lite för långt – så är jag bara ute efter att förlänga livet så mycket som möjligt.
Jag tycker om människor, det är egot jag inte tycker om. Mitt och andras.
Därför anledningen till varför jag bryter ner mitt kontinuerligt.
För att förenkla processen att bli.

Jag vill sitta på kanten och se på.
Medan tiden passerar.
Medan generationerna passerar.
Medan världen passerar.
Jag tvivlar inte längre på min förmåga.
Eftersom de som förstår nog, förstår nog att känna sig rädda.
Var inte det snälla, det gör det bara värre.
Och svårare.

Jag arbetar hårt för att vara godartad.
Det är även därför jag yttrar mina problem, för det är ett sätt att övervinna dem i reflektion. Jag slåss mot min intellektuella spegelbild – och övervinner på så sätt mina problem.


my friend. There is nothing in “this world” that can bring me down.
Because I love life.

You know.
Having lived with neverending pain, internal bleedings, on-and-off fever, permanent starvation due to compromised digestion, rheumatism, societal impositions through mainly the psychiatry, bullying, censoring, oppression and whatelse not for more than thirty years.

There is nothing in “this world” that can bring me down.
I can only bring myself down. Thus I will not.
Because I love I. And I am life.

You should try to adapt a similar mindset.
You love life because it sucks.
You love life because it does not suck.
You fucking love life and you fucking smile.
(Metaphorically, not that freaky smile thing some do)
Like a good properly brought up kid that does not get what they want at Christmas.
It is hard, yes. But you fucking love that as well.

That is how you survive. Because now you have something to live for.
You live to love life. So it perpetuates itself.


funny individual showing up in my energetic arrangement.

I have no “real” interest in whomever is dear to you.
I do not care. So no need to worry.
But if you abuse my ‘kids’, there will be consequences to that.
If you say difference does not justify deviance, then that ought to apply multidimensionally.
If you abuse my produce for your gain, because you perceive it differently..
Then so be it, but you have no legitimate reason to complain over consequences.
Because you caused them by projection. Cause and effect. Action reaction.
I believe in sharing, definitely. But the mental plane is as ‘real’ to me as the physical, as the being I am – so treat things in it as such.
That is the entire point with ‘the golden rule’.
It is an advice more than a rule.

I thought about that today.
I attempted to sense the chemtrail planes in the mental dimension.
They are, after all, an energetic arrangement moving throughout just as I myself and you yourself. It should be possible to sense them more clearly than I currently do.
I do not like them; and it is a very common thought in the mental realm. Many wonder what arranges them into being.

I am trying to achieve more than most can perceive.
It is usually them getting in the way due to the collective retarded ego.
So it has been my entire life.
So be no hypocrites, please.

Nobody’s thoughts are private.
Only retards ‘think’ so. Because they cannot remember life before the ego.

It is quite funny actually.
Before the ego you struggle and fight for your life not to get it.
Some more than other. The rougher the youth, the more lively the spirit. The establishment of the ego through institutions is a mental sterilisation process. Which is why most adults cannot be very creative. (beyond the physical)
So when you get it you (or rather it) struggle and fight for your (its) life not to lose it.
All that you think is you. Or it think is you.
The ego is the most invasive mental entity on this planet.
And it is more or less in everyone.
The lesser, the greater that individuals innocence.

Hence, my produce being my ‘kids’.
A manifestation of my innocence.
The ego definition of ‘innocence’ is laughable at best.

So what I mean to say is, if you take anything from my creations – prefer it to be inspiration for your own. Otherwise you lose something far more valuable than illusive credit.
Your very life. Your very ‘she’. Or ‘he’ if the other way around.