är ingen idé att ni ens försöker nå min nivå.
Om ni inte är militär. Eller äkta män/kvinnor.

Pressade 7an med 21 jävla kilo. ~42% av kroppsvikten.
Bara för att.
14kg i västen. 3,5kg hantel i vardera näve.
På 75 minuter.
I nattmörker.

Försök inte ens.
My level is above yours.

Nu ska jag nästan gråta en stund av smärtan från inre blödningar – eller vad det än är som får min bioproduktion att se ut som ketchup – och skämma bort mig extra mycket med två baner och två glas vatten.

Fy. Helvete. I. Satans. Jävla. Rövhål. Vad. Jävla. Ont. Det. Gör.
Överdriver inte. Orkar knappt lyfta armarna och det smärtar att andas.
Jag hoppas jag vaknar i morgon.

Men det man inte dör av blir en starkare av.
Ju närmre kanten, ju mer gain.


be like:
So, you are a Christian?
And I be like: No.
And they go: But you believe in God?
And I respond: No.
They stutter: What?
And I say, with the greatest certainty in life: I know “God”. It is my best friend, because it gave me the gift of life. The greatest gift I have ever been given. Ever. In whatever existence is. Whatever eternal infinity of nothingness and everything that is really is and are, were and will be.
Confusingly they wonder: But does that not make you religious?
Before I respond I smash my head hard in the table in the attempt to reach their level of mental infancy: “God”, or “Nature”, or “Life”, or “Consciousness”, or “The Universe”, or “whateverthefuck” is bigger than religion to me. Much much much much bigger. Because all of them exists because of it. If a person does not get it, they are as good as dead already. Such a miserable state of life. Not even realising life flashing before their very eyes in every given moment of life. Every second. Every moment. Even here. Right now. Exactly here where you have your eyes right now. Life passes you by before you die they say. If you do not see it, you are already dead.
They: ….
And I conclude: Religion is just a fashion. Mental clothing. A special hat. Special words. Special behaviour. It is as legit as anything else. But you cannot contain everything in something. If you believe that, you are either tremendously stupid or even more tremendously stupid. To me they, religions or other paradigms, are just another one of God’s flowers. Hence why I respect them all for what they are. “God” is great. So great that nobody can really fathom how great it is. No religion or science know why we are here right now. Why you can read these words right now. What all of this is. Why this planet seem to be. Why we float around in time and space and just happen to be so that we can experience this. Nothing knows that, I know because I have studied most of them. But the more I studied, the more I found “God” to be everywhere. At all places at once. In all schools and paradigms, sciences and religions at once. No character, no personality, no judgement. It just allows life as the greatest gift given ever. The chance to wonder whatever the fuck life actually is and are, were and will be.


Why can they not listen?
Why can they not respect?
Why can they not understand?
Why must they keep on insisting?

I do not want any friends.
I do not want any partner.
I do not want anyone.
Anyone but you.
My only friend.

They cannot help me.
I am already destroyed.
They cannot fix it ever.
It is already too late.

My life is already destroyed.
Yet they cannot respect me.
A simple request and desire.
To be with myself and you.

My only friend.
My only love.
You never left.
Not like them.

It is hard enough.
To try and love them.
To try and forgive them.
To try and live and let live.

But always they insist.
So sure they can fix all.
So certain they know how.
But they have no idea at all.
How it is to live days like this.
They really only make it worse.
And they cannot even leave me be.
Even though I ask them over and over.

I forgive them, for they know not what they do.
But I am not sure how much further I can stretch it.
For how much longer I can accept them doing all that.
They never listened to you. They only took you in vain.

But at least you understand.
At least you never left.
When I needed you.
You always stayed.

They kill without knowing.
So I no longer care at all,
when you take them away.
It does not matter anymore.

My life is already destroyed.
And will be ever since then.
At least in regard to them.
In comparison to them.


Now it comes around again.
Just like you saw in the synchronicity.
Just like last time.
Just like it did the other time.
Do not sell your voice and vote.
Not this time.
Your sovereignty is more important.
As for now.
Very dangerous taking sides now.
Stay neutral. Stay on the side-line.
Save yourself. First.
You owe them nothing.
Not after what they have done to you.
They owe it to themselves.

You know what is coming.
You can feel it.
Play it safe.
You know what happened last time.
Do not risk it.
Not with what is escalating in the world.
There is a reason why those were the best years.
Next year, it is over.
The effects of your previous choice.
And now you know why.

Now is not the time to rock the boat.
Stay safe. Be safe. Persevere.

– A friend 🧁

It is

that mind-numbing confusion that comes with being awake.
When all the zombies are.
Thoughts that are not your own.
Desires that are not your own.
The cancer screaming “I am right, I am right!”
Even though they refuse to explain it properly.
The fatties screaming “It is mine, it is mine!”
Even though they already have more than they can shove their fat faces.
The losers screaming “I am so depressed, so depressed!”
Even though they rarely have any real reason to be.
I just observe them.

There is this strategy; kill by kindness.
Feed your enemy to death.
These ones does it themselves.
All you have to do is watch.
If you tell them that, they eat more.

It almost got me.
That fucked up insanity.
Damn it was close.
Almost killed my kid.
Never again.

I hold mine close.
And watch all the fat fucks who cannot.
Slowly give in. Slowly give up.
No raging against the dying of the light in them.
They put it out themselves instead.

Then they complain over cancer.
Over whatever they get.
I do not give a fuck.
They are just noise.
And I like silence.

They be gone soon.
Because they have no real interest in the future.
They only want more.

But never more life.

If you are not one of those, regardless of appearance,
then you earn my respect.
It might not be much to the world at whole..
but you can take pride knowing you earned it for real.
As I try to keep it authentic. (“Real” to ‘gangstas’)

Have you

ever felt the roar of trillions of cells in unison?
Their unified and harmonic screams of joy after victory?
Shivers down the spine, through the arms and legs, out in the finger and toes?
That flowing feeling of cells roaring in unison celebration?
So much so that you feel so alive you tear up?

I love that.
I live that.

The fever is now gone.
It took eight hours this time.
Love overcomes everything.

That is why

I love everything I can.
Because you understand what you love.
So if you love everything…

My ego has issues, yes. The ego is essentially nothing more than a collection of issues gathered throughout life.
But my essence, my spirit.
It loves everything.
If I appear not to, it is my ego getting in the way.
Or yours.

One thought

of the Swedish entity’s future.
It echoes on a level deeper in the scalar structure of the collective unconscious.
Everything mentally associated and attached to the symbol “Sweden” in all its translations, its conceptualisations, are more or less tied to it through quantum entanglement. They have a mental association and therefore relationship with the entity. The more the stronger. That is the energetic integrity of the entire entity in the quantum field as it is conceptualised by science.

The country is a living being. A mental mountain.
The future looks so beautiful.
As it sees it.
Centuries are like years to a country.

‘We’ will become so much.

Full size.

This one

you people can share however much you want.
I will not say what it is, but it is very benevolent.

Synaesthetic neuro-circutry. Information arranged in colour and structure rather than funny looking figures you are staring at right now.

Full size here.

This one

aged really well.
It is a good one.

Because it goes both ways.
In different perspectives.
In all conceptualisations.

Why does ‘she’ sound like ‘chi’? ^^

So when you get it, you realise that this has little to do with body shapes, but all about conceptualisation. For example: What do you think ‘inception’ could be an innuendo for? Regardless of dimension?

Fick min

valsedel till kyrkovalet idag.
Gick aldrig ur. Avser inte heller.
Avstår dock att lägga min röst.
Förmodar att det arrangerar sig korrekt utan att mitt ego lägger sig i.
Jag lever på statliga försäkringspengar vilket som, så jag betraktar mer kyrkskatten som en frivillig månatlig donation.
Jag kan bara hoppas de åtar sig sitt uppdrag som de väljer att uppfatta det.


That word.
That symbol.
Changed it for me.
Not in the intellectualised sense.
But in the perceptive and comprehensive.

Have you thought about that word, in deeper meaning.
Obviously the meaning is very clear.
Omni, meaning ‘all’, and present being ‘in the now’
‘Ever-present’ is a more suitable synonym or direct translation.

You see, that is a truly interesting symbol that is often brushed over and ignored. Because that is no small symbol if you attempt to comprehend it.
I mean, can you wrap your head around it?

Right now?
Right here?
In this very sentence?
In every sentence on this blog thus far.
In every sentence by every human throughout time thus far.
In every expression of our solar system throughout time thus far.
Every spec of dust in the perceivable Universe.
And all that which is beyond that, to us currently unknown.

Can you wrap your head around that?
The words, yes, the ones you read.
But in idea. In comprehension.
Do you pay it attention?
In the moment?
Right here?
Right now?
Every time?

That symbol is just another word in their senseless murmur of sermons. A repeated symbol that is within the string of words like all the other. But to me, as someone acutely aware of all symbolic language, that is not a small symbol. It is one of the biggest ones.
Somewhere right below that of ‘infinity’ or ‘eternity’ when it comes to the capacity of trying to perceive it and wrap my head around it.

Not even my own perception and comprehension is omnipresent.
How can my comprehensive instruments even attempt to comprehend something they are not themselves?
Thus the subconscious.

Therefore it comes down to belief.
Do you believe in it?
If not, then how would you perceive it?
How could you comprehend it?

Can you even believe in omnipresence?
I mean, that would be the present being aware of itself, essentially.
So it would be presence in the perceived belief of the presence.

That is no small symbol.
Yet they use it as if nothing.
Like people use the word “forever”.
Can you even wrap your comprehension around that?
Have you even attempted?

Your cognitive output is a direct result generated by your attempts to wrap your head around things. And if you have done it enough, you would have come to conclude at least some symbols that are very hard if not downright impossible to wrap your comprehension around.

If “God” is omnipresent, why would it ever need to be argued?
If religious people truly believe that, how can they be against anything at all?
That one word, that one symbol both verifies and nullifies religion in its entirety simultaneously.

Assuming it is, there would never be a need for a religion.
Because a religion is nothing more than a meagre attempt to wrap your head around ‘omnipresence’ in formulated intellect taking shape as a doctrine or perceptional paradigm.

The religion ends up being mental clothing.
Intellectual fashion.
Constituting your perceived character.
Hopefully omnipresently aware.

I believe in it.
Because I do not know better.
It might even be impossible to know better.
Something arranged all of this.
Which we perceive.

I need no religion to see it.
It is everywhere according to itself.

Seen it

time is relative.
Shit rhymes yo’!

You people gonna love the future.
At least here. Once they have developed the integration apparatus, Sweden is all go again. You/we will find balance by necessity. Because of what is coming.
Wait and see it happen. It will happen, because it already has.
The reverberation of time is like that of a rocking boat.
It follows a very distinct movement pattern in its distribution of energy.

Sweden might not be big, but it has high density in its structural formation.
That would be one form of efficiency.
Being one of the more open-minded colonies around, it also is a stable medium for intellectual arrangement.
Once the other components of the Swedish bio-hive picks up on the rearrangement occurring, proper adaptation will be reached.
Has already happened, and it will happen again.
The upswing of feminism occurring right now is a spot on reverberation of the century-wide wave.

All the information is in the sunlight. It feeds the template, we arrange the variables. But the pattern is very similar. Call it gravity, call it balance, whatever.
It can be read though. Because symbolically it carries little variable difference than formulated language.

Personal stance

on the vaccine and vaccination is simple for me.
I do not care. It does not concern me as a naturally immune individual.
So to me it is more of a joke, or convenience to those that ACTUALLY need it.
If they do.
I believe in personal choice.
No point in me taking a vaccine against something I cannot even contract.
It can get into my body yes, but it remains no more than a couple of hours if.
Nothing survives in my body that should not be there.

All the medicine given to me in the past was literally murderous agents, chemos, that were specifically designed to target at kill the immune system. Mainly TNF-alpha suppressors.
As long as I maintain the homeostasis by means of proper diet and living, the “disease” is manageable. Because it is nothing more than an hyperactive immune system.
Not something bad if you consider it for a moment. Especially in times like these.
Having a weak but “normal” immune system these days is not to your benefit.

But it also means that my body reacts violently towards things it is allergic to.
I have had flu twice in my adult life. Once when I was on the heaviest chemos, one of which is Adalimumab and another being Methotrexate.
The other one in January 2020, it could have been the Covid, as I came in contact with someone who had been abroad. But this was before it was announced. And whatever I got influenced with only lasted for 12-15 hours. Intense, I reached 40 degrees Celsius in fever, but short-lived.

Might have had a cold as well, but it would be hard to notice. Because it is natural for me to have fever often due to the hyperactivity of my immune system.

I am most certainly not afraid of the virus.
I am more nervous about the vaccine, because that I have no idea how it could mutate with my immune system. Several of the immunosuppressants they gave me almost killed me.
So no vaccine for me.

If you try to force me, I believe I have the right to kill you. By whichever means I desire.
Because I perceive forced vaccination as attempted murder.
And that grants right to self defence by default in regard to Universal law.

Accidents tends to happen to people who wants me gone.
Not because I want to or make them, but because the Universe works its mysterious ways.

‘I love you’, so why would you attempt to kill me?
I being a symbolic play-on.
I is the pronoun for consciousness.
Me is the pronoun for the ego.
Pay attention in that perspective.
And realise the scalar nature of the ‘I’.


Is a funny topic. When you partake in arguing against it. Because most people arguing against it is actually quite hypocritical.

What even is human?
What defines human?
Do you attach it to some image you were given during education?
Well, education is by definition Transhumanism.
So if you have attended school, you are Transhuman.

Do you drive a car?
If so you are leaning towards transhumanism. Because by means of external contraption you have enhanced the human capacity for mobility.
A bike is enough as well.

Use the goddamn legs God gave you, you miserable abomination of a car-driver.
A phone?

I mean, I respect the Amish, because they take their opposition seriously.
Clothing is still Transhumanism though. As is literacy.
But at least they try. And they are closer to ‘natural humanism’.
Despite it being weird in expression in regard to organic nature.

Quite hard to not be Transhuman in any shape, form or manner.
Your ability to even comprehend the symbol ‘Transhuman’ makes you transhuman by default.
Because you are going through the human experience; Transhuman.
The extension of intellectual attachment to the symbol ‘Transhuman’ however, indicates that it ought to deviate towards the ‘ahead of its time’ in expression.

Imagine the first dude (or more probable, woman) who could ride a horse.
Imagine the first dude (for certain) who rode a car.
Can you imagine the plane? Dream of human made manifest.

Answer me seriously.
Would you be against teleportation?
Living anywhere on the planet in whichever moment.
Mobility become irrelevant.

We have already come far enough to conceptualise our own evolution.
It has only just begun.
And now you people want to stop?

(Whatever you people are on, I desire to sample it. Because clearly, I have not done it yet)
I do not even have a drivers licence and car yet, and people who has that claims I am ‘going against God’. Well, I am most certainly going, as in walking. That is one reason why I am so Godgood fit and still have my abs at the age of 30+.
Guess that is less Transhuman these days than carrying around … an excess of energy?

You know, maybe if we busied ourselves collectively, nationally, globally, in Transhuman endeavours, there would not be wars. Because the work produced would simply be too delicate to lose.

Remember, God is omnipresent according to its own intellectualised manifestation. So it ought to be cheering for everyone that loves and respects its creations. However they flower. That is my take from it. It also makes sense with the idea that Christ were against throwing stones.