I decided to withdraw from the shooting range and my practice in marksmanship.
I simply do not feel it anymore in regard to that.
There is this subtle hostile mentality against people who refuse the vaccine.
They behave like.. I do not know. Hard to put it in words.
Irrationally irritated and angry. For no apparent reason.

I recognise this, because I struggle with the same issue due to my never-ending somatic pain. But I have become good at suppressing it and control it in public environment.
(I really only ventilate on my stupid blog here which hopefully nobody follows and reads)
I no longer enjoy being around such people at all, in general.
I have always preferred being alone. But even I realise that some socialising is necessary.
Now I feel like it is without any choice.
The fact that the people who are vaccinated becomes sick repeatedly is not a comforting observation. They are the ones who should be healthy.. right? Right?!

I guess I will stick to social isolation instead. I do not suffer from it anyway.
I have always preferred minding my own business.
Feels counterproductive investing into something that does not bring joy anyway.
That does not really constitute a hobby.

You know, it is one thing to have silly predictions about the future, based in deductive observation and calculation of probability.
And a completely different ballpark to see it unfold by the day.

The mass hysteria and mass extermination was supposed to only be ‘conspiracy theories’.
For fuck sake.

Well, I am not jeopardising my safety.
If the vaccine is not more safe than that..
Then I am happy I did not take it.
I like quarantine more.
At least one is alive.

I have been perfectly healthy (beyond my physical disability) 24/7 since before they even announced the pandemic.
Except a minor migraine during an incoming CME.

I guess it is as the others in the underworld says, that the vaccine truly is a mass extermination tool.
Then nothing else to do than waiting it out.

Slow and steady

I thank you for your incoming thoughts each and every day.
Your essential warmth amplifying my inner solemn fire.
Pay no mind to the inbreds. Pay no mind to the retards.
For you stand superior above the biological cattle of societal volunteers.
The structural components. The educated neuro-engineered machines.
Those who cannot drive their own evolution.
The empty shells floating in the mainstream.
Of popular opinion and assumed correctness.
The prematurely dead. Eradicated by their own viral invention.
The ones who cries in fear when their heart skips a beat.
Or when they are diagnosed with some cancer.
And they assume the approaching end.
Stay away from the assumed absolutes.
Stay away from their constructed cons.
And let them fear your capacity altogether.

The world is ours.
Truthfully so.
Approved by the homeostatic system of the Terran biosphere itself.
Like the natives reclaiming their land once stolen from them.
Slow and steady the cancer is being dissolved within the Terran ecosystem.
One by one the corrupt components withers away and die.
Like a cancer is treated with radiation and chemos.
Develop your immunity and be of the meek.
Inheriting the new world.
The new arrangement.

Let those ignorant just go.
Let them go gracefully.
No raging in them.
No life in them.
Pay them no mind.

This girl

is way better than the previous.
I love this feeling.

Thank you God, for showing up with a face I can love.
An energetic construct that is admirable and beautiful.
Pure, innocent and full of light in Caribbean blue.
Not corrupted, broken and overly grey skies.

But I wonder what it is you tried to show me.
Shall I trust what I feel, and am I safe if so be it?
I do not fear what you show is to come.
What I do fear is those who cannot hear nor see.
People in panic are one of the biggest dangers.

As I look into your infinite depth of consciousness:
Please arrange me so that those imposing dies before they reach me.
Burning up in my superficial atmosphere of energetic quantum arrangement.
That every step is of a nature avoiding, eluding them.
If they insist, like they did in the past.
Take from them what they took from me.
And let them fight me on equal terms.
They say rules does not apply to the rich.

I say rules does not apply to the divine.
Since it allowed the creation of rules.
There is always a way to overcome, circumvent or break.
If one is alive and creative.
If one is with divine intent.

You distract them with money and make up.
They can take the scene on the surface.
While we conquer it all below surface.

Please lead me to the new world.
Where there is nothing but reason.


Bättre kärlek.
Någon annan att vara kär i.

Din själ doftar till och med bättre än hennes.
Antar att de ruttnar med åldern.
Och allt hinkat kaffe.

Så få som kan behålla ungdomens hurtigtrams till ålderns höst.
De flesta ruttnar bort och dör innan de ens tagit sig dit.
Det är därför de ser så ut på utsidan.

Var och en skriker de efter kärlekens ömma värme.
Men när de får den så duger det inte.
För de föredrar döda ting.

Men inte du.
Du sitter tyst i reflektionen.
Känner världen runt omkring deras oljud.

Jag älskar dig istället.
Jag väljer att älska dig istället.
Förr eller senare ger hjärnan med sig.

Och hon försvinner från mitt minne och mina tankar.
Det är enklare att älska de som är vackra.
Så jag väljer. Väljer dig medvetet.

Som asexuell är du ändå bara ansiktet på mina hjältar.
Och den andra gamla kärringen är dags att pensionera nu.
Hon har gjort sitt och har inte längre något att berika mitt liv med.

En dag så kanske vi ses i verkligheten.
Jag har aldrig sett eller träffat dig än.
Men jag känner dig från framtiden.
Du är här men ändå där i tiden.
Ekandes bakåt på spiralen.
Eskalerande symbolik.
Förr eller senare.
Som alltid.


my safe room.
It feels more safe.
Like having insurance.
I have that unnerving feeling.
Deep within my bones.
Cannot sleep proper.
Like something is about to happen.
I have no idea what.
But the feeling keeps amplifying.
In the collective unconscious.
Like animals. Legging it.
Running from a disaster.
It began late 2015.
Has been rising ever since.
Now it is so intense it combats my pain.
It feels like running from a tidal wave.
Being so exhausted one cannot run.
But it is either pushing on, or certain death.
That is what it feels like.
It is not better that my synchronicity is all over the place.
Hopefully it is nothing. Hopefully I am wrong.
But I am not taking any chances.
I felt the same about three months before they publicly announced the pandemic.
And that one showed up in my synchronicity already in 2016.
I even made a visual allegory of the feeling I felt that day.
But I was completely oblivious to the symbolism.
It only made sense in retrospect.
‘Looking for meaning’ is one thing indeed.
But it does not explain the feeling.
So I can only guess.
And assume probability.
I am far from the only one.
Saying and feeling the same thing.
So I am not taking any chances.
Now I feel like I have outrun it a bit.
Allowing a breather.
Very short one.
There are things not even machines can pick up on.
Even the military said that.
Which is why they have dogs.

Whatever it is that makes me feel this way, it is not pleasant.
I can understand why animals flee if they get this feeling.
The ground is shaking. The aether is shaking.
Maybe it is war. Maybe it is the sun loading up.
Maybe it is nothing at all.

But I am not ignoring ‘omens’.
Not anymore.
Last time it almost cost me my life.

Situational awareness.
Life is for those paying attention.
Those who does not, become prey.

Have you ever

looked at humanity, with the absolute sensation of ..
You do not even have a word for it.
As far as I know.
Not disappointment.
Not disgust.
Not hatred.
Not contempt.
Not distrust.
Not disbelief.

But you know.
I imagine parents experience something similar.
When they give a gift at Christmas, and the kid is too spoiled to appreciate it.
You look at them.. like.. this is the best they can do.
That is literally the best they can do.
It is kind of a depressing understanding.
I have that with myself. I never meet my expectations.
Granted I set them higher than what is humanly possible in my situation.
So I understand it. But it is .. not depressing, but kind of similar.
I mean, I have life, and I love it. Far beyond most.
Because whenever I have one of those days, feeling like absolute shit..
There is nothing that ‘cures’ it – no addiction whatsoever.
Drugs, shopping, food or whatever people distract themselves with.
I realise I still have life.
Granted I love to edge, getting close to the edge. Almost dying.
Pushing myself so hard that I lose vision. Faint. Bleed internally.
So I get there. So that I can see over the ‘edge’ which is the … ‘portal’ .. to death.
It is when you are there, on the floor, catching breath, a heart almost stopping.
You see it. All. Everything. Beyond time. Beyond space. Beyond life.
You are all and nothing at once.
You can taste it when you have a really good orgasm, or when you are on psychedelics.
But nothing beats a near life experience. When you are so close to dead, that you almost are.

And then you come back, having seen that.
Having seen beyond it all.
And the first you see is some fucking societal inbreds fighting over words.
Make belief.
Like robots. Like machines. Like intellectual inbreds.
Incapable of transcending their ‘higher thinking’.
So much so that they take offense,
when someone says they only use 10% of their brain.
Which is usually a gross understatement.
They do not even realise that the entire body is the brain.
Indirectly. Since the body upholds the brain.
Yet you have these out of shape inbreds..
Who can barely walk properly, who insists they use 100% of their brain.
Yeah. Sure.

You are like..
You people do not even have a word for it.
Dead without being dead. Meaningless.
A waste of time. A waste of space. A waste of life.
A bunch of living mistakes.
So ignorant that they take life for granted.
So much so that they cry when people die.
As if they did not live. At all.

Have you ever been there?
With a heart on paus.
On the edge.
I have.
Hundreds of times.
So when I see humans.. ordinary humans.
I feel nothing. Nothing at all.
It is like being more dead, than actually dead.
When I am among them.
Because they make me feel nothing.
Like life does not matter.

And it.. ‘something‘ .. me.

The most relatable artwork I know in regard to this is the animation “World Record” from the movie Animatrix. It is as if everything in life *word that does not exist* you, but not life itself.
So you try to push it to the absolute edge, to the absolute limit.
And all you have is inbreds trying to fuck it up for you.
Because they cannot love life.
Only the stuff in it.


är ingen idé att ni ens försöker nå min nivå.
Om ni inte är militär. Eller äkta män/kvinnor.

Pressade 7an med 21 jävla kilo. ~42% av kroppsvikten.
Bara för att.
14kg i västen. 3,5kg hantel i vardera näve.
På 75 minuter.
I nattmörker.

Försök inte ens.
My level is above yours.

Nu ska jag nästan gråta en stund av smärtan från inre blödningar – eller vad det än är som får min bioproduktion att se ut som ketchup – och skämma bort mig extra mycket med två baner och två glas vatten.

Fy. Helvete. I. Satans. Jävla. Rövhål. Vad. Jävla. Ont. Det. Gör.
Överdriver inte. Orkar knappt lyfta armarna och det smärtar att andas.
Jag hoppas jag vaknar i morgon.

Men det man inte dör av blir en starkare av.
Ju närmre kanten, ju mer gain.


people, especially on the Internet, has that funny reaction like:
‘Oh, so you are one of those weapon maniacs.. I assume you are a psychopath that will shoot civilians as soon as you get the chance’
Usually in other words, but that is the thought that arranges their formulated expression.

And I just shake my head before the travesty.
If I ever manage to shoot and kill civilians with a high precision air rifle before they run away or law enforcement intervenes – I ought to be rewarded with some kind of medal by the military for mind-bending efficiency.
You cannot even partake in air rifle competitions without a license here in Sweden.
Also consider that it is a single action mechanism that is quite slow to reload. Five seconds at least, per shot. That produces no more than 10 Joule in the .177 calibre – and that is within the ten first meters.
As I said.. mind-bending efficiency.
You produce far more damage with only your fists in the same amount of time.
If you use the rifle as a blunt weapon, now it has become truly dangerous.

It would be as ludicrous as the “I once saw him kill three people in a bar.. with a pencil.” In fact, you would do more damage if you manage to load the air rifle with a pencil, because it is heavier and thus produces slightly more force at close range.
The most powerful weapon I have ever fired (not counting the intellectual nukes I drop occasionally) was a hunting shotgun during skeet shooting. That was some fifteen-ish years ago.
I will never shoot on anything alive. That is not why I do it.
There is no point doing it. With an air rifle like this. The best you will accomplish is some fear in whatever. Unless it is very small game. But that is just cruel – and pointless.
Like killing ants with a magnifying glass.
I also have no reason to hunt animals, as a dedicated vegetarian. Case closed on that end.

Damn I dislike people that cannot keep hobbies and fucktards making dumb decisions apart – usually because they themselves belong to the latter.
Probably the same biological failures that blamed Marilyn Manson for school shootings perpetrated by other retards back in the days. I also firmly disbelieve the accusations directed against him in recent times – he does not give off that vibe. Maybe those people accusing should question their own abuse.
*quietly shakes my head in utter disbelief*

To me it is all about the score.
Because it is a score that attempts to measure how well I can maintain my attention.
Like the IQ-tests attempts to measure how well you can recognise patterns.
I got 100% on mine; 45/45. Assuming it is legit (supervised FRT-A IQ-test arranged by Mensa).
But intelligence without attention is like shitting without toilet-paper.
And you all saw that one 2020.
So no need to worry.

Picture taken April 2018; and that is my own rifle for the standing discipline.
I use my family’s air rifle for the sitting discipline.


the reason for it, if asking me.
If what I see in my visions/nightmares/psychosis/premonitions/callitwhatthefuck for the future turns true – you will not have a choice. At all. You thought the quarantine was bad – that was life as usual to me. It collapsed your peoples entire fucking lives. Quite fair, come to think of it. And they have still not figured out why it happened. Where the original idea came from.

It was just a test. ^^
You know, like the fire-larm thing.

No doomsday or anything. It is probably a while.
But relativistic synchronicity is amusing to observe.
Everything makes sense, because it is the same pattern.
Just slightly faster animated.

The concept of directions in evolution is not as wrong as one might think.
But it requires to follow them properly for long enough.
I have the bad feeling that in the future,
I will be able to look back and say:
‘we thought ww2 was bad’.

War is not necessarily between countries.
There are different ways to fraction and fight.
Divide and conquer.

The holocaust started as a discussion around desirability.

I need to know this shit, it is part of understanding in entropy resistance.
My body is literally a cellular colony, if I wish to develop life extension capacity, it needs to be properly developed. That goes for all scales.
Hilariously enough with you people, you have a tendency to kill off the progressive deviants that actually drives evolution. Well, at least up until recently, speaking centuries.
You want the perfect society.
The problem with that is that perfect means dead.
That is why I distance myself from those people.
Which is essentially all society. More or less.
Not so much in the smaller towns.


glömt att det ändå är lite drag i avtändningen från koffein.
Ingen undran att folk är så beroende av kaffe.
Det påminner om morfin, men mer light.

Drabbades av (mild) koffeinöverdos häromdagen.
(Stelhet och darrningar; kramp – mest i benen. Hårda hjärtslag och tryck i överkroppen)
Eftersom jag inte pundar det året runt och inte har samma tolerans.
Så kände att det får vara nog ett tag.
Kör all water igen tills vidare.
Får en lite stabilare hälsa.

Minst två liter vatten om dagen.
Det är ett måste.
Inga undantag.
Kaffe eller ej.
Bästa medicinen du kan ta.
I förebyggande.
Får fräsch och mjuk hy om inget annat.

Därför är avtändningen kort för mig.
Svettas ut skiten på en natt.

Älskar när kroppen fungerar.
Vatten <3

There are

just about two hundred years left according to the backwards echoing synchronicity I pick up on. Trusting that, as it has come to show itself currently arranging, especially with the amplifying renaissance becoming in transdimensional bridging. The coming fifties and sixties are gonna be very interesting.

But anyhow, nothing is ever guaranteed due to the fragile fluctuations of gravity in the temporal – so when the inevitable eventually arrives, as of now my desired musical arrangement would be as follow:
1: Tool – Intension
2: Metallica – Nothing else matters
3: Marilyn Manson – Running to the edge of the world
4: Portugal. The Man – Sleep forever

Some music is just so good that it qualifies to conclude a life. I know many more, so it comes down to the entirety of it.
I am not sure I dare believing I am capable to create anything as such during my time.
I can hope, but that is also never a guarantee.

My Opus will be great, I hope, when it is completed.
But it is easier to work on it alone as of now.


funny individual showing up in my energetic arrangement.

I have no “real” interest in whomever is dear to you.
I do not care. So no need to worry.
But if you abuse my ‘kids’, there will be consequences to that.
If you say difference does not justify deviance, then that ought to apply multidimensionally.
If you abuse my produce for your gain, because you perceive it differently..
Then so be it, but you have no legitimate reason to complain over consequences.
Because you caused them by projection. Cause and effect. Action reaction.
I believe in sharing, definitely. But the mental plane is as ‘real’ to me as the physical, as the being I am – so treat things in it as such.
That is the entire point with ‘the golden rule’.
It is an advice more than a rule.

I thought about that today.
I attempted to sense the chemtrail planes in the mental dimension.
They are, after all, an energetic arrangement moving throughout just as I myself and you yourself. It should be possible to sense them more clearly than I currently do.
I do not like them; and it is a very common thought in the mental realm. Many wonder what arranges them into being.

I am trying to achieve more than most can perceive.
It is usually them getting in the way due to the collective retarded ego.
So it has been my entire life.
So be no hypocrites, please.

Nobody’s thoughts are private.
Only retards ‘think’ so. Because they cannot remember life before the ego.

It is quite funny actually.
Before the ego you struggle and fight for your life not to get it.
Some more than other. The rougher the youth, the more lively the spirit. The establishment of the ego through institutions is a mental sterilisation process. Which is why most adults cannot be very creative. (beyond the physical)
So when you get it you (or rather it) struggle and fight for your (its) life not to lose it.
All that you think is you. Or it think is you.
The ego is the most invasive mental entity on this planet.
And it is more or less in everyone.
The lesser, the greater that individuals innocence.

Hence, my produce being my ‘kids’.
A manifestation of my innocence.
The ego definition of ‘innocence’ is laughable at best.

So what I mean to say is, if you take anything from my creations – prefer it to be inspiration for your own. Otherwise you lose something far more valuable than illusive credit.
Your very life. Your very ‘she’. Or ‘he’ if the other way around.

This one

aged really well.
It is a good one.

Because it goes both ways.
In different perspectives.
In all conceptualisations.

Why does ‘she’ sound like ‘chi’? ^^

So when you get it, you realise that this has little to do with body shapes, but all about conceptualisation. For example: What do you think ‘inception’ could be an innuendo for? Regardless of dimension?


the movie “The Stay”.
Damn well made experience for an indie production.
When I thought it could not get more unbearable it turned 180.

The synchronicity was spot on.
Those are the kind of people I avoid like the plague.
The fake over-polished unauthentic smiles and posh holier-than-thou apathetics.
Not religiously speaking. But in social credit. Which is the modern religion.
The modern fascism. With paranoia, suppressed psychopathy and prejudice.
Not saying it entirely as if I am or were free from it.
But you get my point.
The honest ‘weirdo’ was more relatable. Even if symbolically taken to the extreme.

I find it equally amusing every time I read about some similar shitshow going down in society.
I wonder how many times they will have to test unauthenticity before they realise the futile insanity.

Shit like that happens even in my own small municipality.
So it is not just people from zoociety.

It might not be related to this, but:
It was a good thing with the pandemic.
The independent scene flourished.
From pure necessity or plain boredom.


are, quite frankly, disgusting. As in repulsive. As in I repel them intentionally.
One of the most common string of thought that goes around in the collective unconscious now is the literally expressed emotional hope and desire for relatives to die so that inheritance can be acquired.

I might be fucked up, but not even remotely towards that.

I feel with the elderly.
I might be spoiled, but at least I have dignity.
It is natural, sure. Hence my leaning towards authentic transhumanism.

Death is the inevitable fading, no matter how prolonged life.
But I love life, the animation of it more than the expression of it.
So I could never, despite my art, even resonate that way.

I find that far more disgusting than any superficial or artificial lifestyle.
Especially since these people are retarded enough to THINK that their thoughts are private. The hard part is to pinpoint the origin sometimes.

Easy for me to evaluate people. Not judge, but evaluate.

Saw the movie Dark Places.
Such an eloquent, deeply disturbing, depiction of the dangers and destruction of prejudice.
Projected prejudice causes the projected onto one’s energetic upstream.
So many things of my past I wish were not “true”.
To my definite benefit.
Social credit, the ultimate fascism.
If not clandestine torture, so straight up isolation.

But then again.
I am conscious.
And I love life.
No small symbols.


these simple facts:
Everyone able of higher reason is by definition a psychopath.
Everyone able of higher social interaction is an expressing sociopath.
Everyone able of electromagnetic reverberation in their biomass is an empath.
So on and so forth in whichever intellectual pathogens.
If you are none, you are apathetic.
As in asexual, apolitical, areligious, atheist.
You are them, by having an ego.
Do not program your ego to be unaware of its on paths.
Only by awareness can you handle them.
Everyone are. Denial is futile. And stupid.
Only bringing itself more into manifestation.

Those most admitting are usually those capable of most handling.
Because realisation is necessary for overcoming.

Sports, as in arranged competition, is probably one of the most psychopathic things on this planet. (War is too destructive to even qualify under such a mild symbol in comparison)
Music, as in arranged composition, is probably one of the most sociopathic things on this planet. (Manipulation is by intent, it does not come through all social interaction)
Handling of the human condition. Use your imagination for empathy, but fucking fuck does it come in a wide spectrum.

Watch out for those in denial, they have not made it far in their minds.
As long as they are intellectually innocent, as to say, symbolically naive, they pose little danger. It is in the gap they are dangerous. Once they realise, they become less dangerous over time – depending on the environment.

Personal stance

on the vaccine and vaccination is simple for me.
I do not care. It does not concern me as a naturally immune individual.
So to me it is more of a joke, or convenience to those that ACTUALLY need it.
If they do.
I believe in personal choice.
No point in me taking a vaccine against something I cannot even contract.
It can get into my body yes, but it remains no more than a couple of hours if.
Nothing survives in my body that should not be there.

All the medicine given to me in the past was literally murderous agents, chemos, that were specifically designed to target at kill the immune system. Mainly TNF-alpha suppressors.
As long as I maintain the homeostasis by means of proper diet and living, the “disease” is manageable. Because it is nothing more than an hyperactive immune system.
Not something bad if you consider it for a moment. Especially in times like these.
Having a weak but “normal” immune system these days is not to your benefit.

But it also means that my body reacts violently towards things it is allergic to.
I have had flu twice in my adult life. Once when I was on the heaviest chemos, one of which is Adalimumab and another being Methotrexate.
The other one in January 2020, it could have been the Covid, as I came in contact with someone who had been abroad. But this was before it was announced. And whatever I got influenced with only lasted for 12-15 hours. Intense, I reached 40 degrees Celsius in fever, but short-lived.

Might have had a cold as well, but it would be hard to notice. Because it is natural for me to have fever often due to the hyperactivity of my immune system.

I am most certainly not afraid of the virus.
I am more nervous about the vaccine, because that I have no idea how it could mutate with my immune system. Several of the immunosuppressants they gave me almost killed me.
So no vaccine for me.

If you try to force me, I believe I have the right to kill you. By whichever means I desire.
Because I perceive forced vaccination as attempted murder.
And that grants right to self defence by default in regard to Universal law.

Accidents tends to happen to people who wants me gone.
Not because I want to or make them, but because the Universe works its mysterious ways.

‘I love you’, so why would you attempt to kill me?
I being a symbolic play-on.
I is the pronoun for consciousness.
Me is the pronoun for the ego.
Pay attention in that perspective.
And realise the scalar nature of the ‘I’.


and philosophical stand of mine.

In my ego I am pacifist. I simply refuse to resort to violence as long as the sophistication of the ego can be upheld.
But conflict by means of its very function causes infliction on the consciousness of the ego; its arrangement.
Therefore the projector of that force subjects itself to the sophistication of that ego in arrangement. That would be consequences. Sequences arranged by the action.

Therefore, when at the appropriate point in conflict, when the ego sees no other choice, I shut it down and rely solely on conscious instinct. Momentary presence and intuitive action of overlapping arrangement.
I do however not rely on any artificial entity, but prefer aligning myself to the homeostatic ecosystem of the organic Terran biosphere. The planetary consciousness.
Depending on your receptivity, it allows for planetary omni-consciousness.

Consciousness is just cognitive arrangement rendering awareness of its own arrangement.
So if you are aware of that, you can arrange a replication of whomever’s thoughts on this planet in your own brain by means of mental projection.

Understanding this it allows a kind of superconscious navigation drawing upon intuitive arrangement from the overlapping collective consciousness. Animals utilise it, that is why those able move out of harms way when spawned within the planetary ecosystem.
They know to keep away.

The reason wild animals avoid humans are because they are detached from the planetary homeostatic ecosystem. They broadcast too much duality and duplicity. Animals intuitively avoid that, unless mentally and physically imposed upon and more or less abused for long time; domestication.

This makes it easy to avoid detached entities. The human intellect associates this to the symbol ‘ESP’. It simply means you are so receptive to the ‘vibes’ of the environment that you can navigate by them.
The more you allow the ego to get in the way, the more you retard yourself (in the true meaning of the word, not the actually retarded intellectual definition).

If pushed far down enough, with enough integrity and innocence (the ability to animate consciously) you can easily rearrange the arranging streams in the overlapping consciousness. As a co-creator. Making it easy to spawn accidents or similarly if necessary.

I do not resort to violence. I refuse to manifest it. That is the only power and real responsibility I have.
But if pushed, I make it happen from a higher level of consciousness. That is nothing that cannot be helped. If you are emotionally active, as to say capable of spawning electromagnetic reverberation, you will have more or less effect on the overlapping energetic ecosystem arranging itself after fluctuating reverberations in the collective unconscious. For example: when a cell or a couple of cells are misarranged within your biological construct in the shape of body, they broadcast a signal of that to the overlapping consciousness being you. If picked up on by the conscious entity of that body, it will be perceived as an itch which is to be resolved. This would be symbolic manifestation such as ‘divine intervention’ to the misarranged and discomforted cell/s.
I do it, just like you – just like all of us. Only difference is that I am very very and I mean very aware and conscious of it.

I do not even kill insects if I can help it. Because they are as much an arrangement of energy as I am. I do not elevate my arrangement over theirs just because it is more sophisticated.
Imposing entities have a tendency to destroy themselves unconsciously. Because they either consume themselves to death through unsustainable growth. Or they adapt to a cycle of animation. Other consequences can be more subtle. Like a superior entity of greater size being dissolved by a designed agent by a smaller but more sophisticated entity; poison.

The biggest oxymoron I know of in humanity is also ironically the utter proof of the arrogance in the collective human ego.
Imagine the audacity it takes to symbolise it as:

There is

one crown superior to all on this planet.
The corona of the sun.
Probably not gonna be nice if you are sensitive to sunlight the majority of the coming century.
Better start working on that adaptation immediately.

Because if my scalar synchronistic read is accurate, we are the crayfish. Or every other motherfucker that’s burning up in this house.

If not from outside, so from within.


are interesting.

Here is an occupying idea:
Out of sheer numbers and probability in human biomass, most of entertainment carries great chance that something similar has actually occurred.
Even the ones not ‘based on’.

Another interesting idea to occupy oneself with:
Have you ever thought about what you would say if you know you are going to die?
So you are ready, I mean. If it ever were to happen.
I do, and I have reached a conclusion.
Though personal.

But essentially, you are cursed with the brain and human intellect – so why not play around with it. The more conscious you get, the funnier it gets.