is above the law”
They say.
And I agree. But not when it is with their definition of ‘law’
As observed in the animating cosmos within the Terran biosphere, few things seems to transcend the scientifically defined laws. It happens, although just as in relation to the make belief bullshit laws the inbreds use for oppression, it is very hard to observe or recreate.
But as it animates itself within the physical spectrum I agree.
Which is why anyone who attempts to get in my way with their make belief might have their and their relatives heart’s integrity tested by certain applied strain.
As utilised by earlier mentioned hard to observe deviations in regard to the overlapping laws as observed by intellectually defined science.
They do not even know what the words they use means anymore.

I know one thing about laws though.
They only hold power for as long as you believe in them.
The laws of aerodynamics eluded humanity until the first vagabonds dared defy them.
And it changed the entire infrastructure of humanity in a few decades.
And the previous iteration of the aerodynamic laws were rendered null and obsolete.

So I agree.
Nobody is above the law.
Except aviators. Pilots. Avian individuals.
They are both literally and figuratively above the law.
And when fired at, turned to ‘death from above’.
Having the ‘high ground’.
A superior being.

“Superhuman” stems from the linguistic composition where ‘super’ means above.
“Supernatural” carries the exact same meaning.

I love people who claims such things about the legal make belief.
Usually they look old and weak. No strong heart in them.
They appear like they are going to have a heart attack any moment.
And they look like they will not survive it.
In accordance with scientific law concerning natural homeostasis and biological integrity.
The only laws I care about until I have managed to transcend them.

Hearts shatter quite easily these days.
Because human integrity is more rare than diamonds.

All my work is for the betterment of humanity, without compromising it.
Like the transhumans who transcended the ground with mechanical contraptions.

Although mine is of a more supernatural nature.
If you find yourself in opposition to that, you are a force of entropy.
If you shatter at the interaction with my integrity, that is none of my problems.

Masters of the Universe

All is just a rearrangement of energy.
The more conscious, the more manifesting.
Torture yourself, and project that energy onto them.
If they cannot withstand the projection, they burn away.
Disappear and fade into the oblivion of all never-ending time.

Relocate towards a dimension.
Where you are youth itself.
And all of them are dead.
Thoughts become all.
Conscious thinking,
is the true divinity.
Of life and death.

They all label it ‘accidents’.
I call it ‘energetic rearrangement’.
Calculated probability of desired outcome.
Put into Universal motion by conscious thought.
Kill or be killed they said with their unconscious actions.
I cannot possibly agree more now when I realise they insist.


be like:
So, you are a Christian?
And I be like: No.
And they go: But you believe in God?
And I respond: No.
They stutter: What?
And I say, with the greatest certainty in life: I know “God”. It is my best friend, because it gave me the gift of life. The greatest gift I have ever been given. Ever. In whatever existence is. Whatever eternal infinity of nothingness and everything that is really is and are, were and will be.
Confusingly they wonder: But does that not make you religious?
Before I respond I smash my head hard in the table in the attempt to reach their level of mental infancy: “God”, or “Nature”, or “Life”, or “Consciousness”, or “The Universe”, or “whateverthefuck” is bigger than religion to me. Much much much much bigger. Because all of them exists because of it. If a person does not get it, they are as good as dead already. Such a miserable state of life. Not even realising life flashing before their very eyes in every given moment of life. Every second. Every moment. Even here. Right now. Exactly here where you have your eyes right now. Life passes you by before you die they say. If you do not see it, you are already dead.
They: ….
And I conclude: Religion is just a fashion. Mental clothing. A special hat. Special words. Special behaviour. It is as legit as anything else. But you cannot contain everything in something. If you believe that, you are either tremendously stupid or even more tremendously stupid. To me they, religions or other paradigms, are just another one of God’s flowers. Hence why I respect them all for what they are. “God” is great. So great that nobody can really fathom how great it is. No religion or science know why we are here right now. Why you can read these words right now. What all of this is. Why this planet seem to be. Why we float around in time and space and just happen to be so that we can experience this. Nothing knows that, I know because I have studied most of them. But the more I studied, the more I found “God” to be everywhere. At all places at once. In all schools and paradigms, sciences and religions at once. No character, no personality, no judgement. It just allows life as the greatest gift given ever. The chance to wonder whatever the fuck life actually is and are, were and will be.

It is

that mind-numbing confusion that comes with being awake.
When all the zombies are.
Thoughts that are not your own.
Desires that are not your own.
The cancer screaming “I am right, I am right!”
Even though they refuse to explain it properly.
The fatties screaming “It is mine, it is mine!”
Even though they already have more than they can shove their fat faces.
The losers screaming “I am so depressed, so depressed!”
Even though they rarely have any real reason to be.
I just observe them.

There is this strategy; kill by kindness.
Feed your enemy to death.
These ones does it themselves.
All you have to do is watch.
If you tell them that, they eat more.

It almost got me.
That fucked up insanity.
Damn it was close.
Almost killed my kid.
Never again.

I hold mine close.
And watch all the fat fucks who cannot.
Slowly give in. Slowly give up.
No raging against the dying of the light in them.
They put it out themselves instead.

Then they complain over cancer.
Over whatever they get.
I do not give a fuck.
They are just noise.
And I like silence.

They be gone soon.
Because they have no real interest in the future.
They only want more.

But never more life.

If you are not one of those, regardless of appearance,
then you earn my respect.
It might not be much to the world at whole..
but you can take pride knowing you earned it for real.
As I try to keep it authentic. (“Real” to ‘gangstas’)

Consider this

humans consists of mainly water.
Thus it ought to be entirely legit to consider fluid dynamics when studying the movement patterns of large bodies of human bio-components.

I know what happens to water when it heats up.
So I know what will happen to the planet if the sun does.
And especially how it will affect the fluid dynamics of human biomass.

I cannot be the only one who feels it.
I mean everyone feels it, but consciously.
I can feel it, and therefore handle it.

There is more happening.
Therefore the increase in the flows.
Humans like any living organism flees an unsustainable environment.
Like water evaporates too hot of a surface.
It is thermodynamic interaction.
If expressed through fluids carrying structured fat in the shape of humans, then it follows mainly fluid dynamics.

If you see what I mean thus far, you realise my concern.
And I cannot be the only one, since I can see in the collective unconscious that higher levels of several entities pick up on it and act upon it.
From what I see I believe it is good to act upon it.

As I see it..
Better to “I should” than “I should have”.


Tänker jag på dig.
Hur många livstider sen var det?
Tio år? Femton?
Länge nog att vara mer än det.
Som det känns.

Kanske var det mer
Kanske var det annat.
Kanske det inte spelar,
någon roll alls i det hela.

För helvete.
Det är smärtan.

Du vet inte märklig kärlek,
förrän du haft någon där som:
injicerat morfin med ett leende,
avslutat med en kram och farväl.

Ångesten i ögonen hos någon som,
älskar dig därinom igenom och ut.
Den inre skrikande rädslan att,
döda det som känslan skapar.

Programmerade köttsäckar.
Tränade att avrätta de olika.
Utan att veta om det själva.
Därför ångesten när de ser.

Den där känslan av ovisshet.
Osäkerhet, tvivel och undran.
Känslan säger en sak därinom.
Direktiven de säger något annat.

Så de dödar en långsamt.
Först cellgifterna så smärta.
Sen smärtstillandet mot den.
Långsamt, långsamt om igen.

Men man ler. Ler dem i ansiktet.
För de dödar sig själva långsamt.
Genom sin ångest och depression.
När de gör vad de gör utan att undra.

Det är alltid i blicken.
Alltid i ögonen.
Kroppsspråket säger säkerhet.
Ögonen säger livrädsla.

And just..

for your consideration, assuming you people start waking up to the multidimensional.

As someone mainly operating in the to ordinary human unconventional portions of the energy spectrum, you ought to understand that all my creations are essentially my offspring.
That is the thing as a creative person.
Especially if like myself, more of the active in Asexual reproduction.

How you treat my creations is how you treat my kids.
Could be important, in regard to symbolic synchronicity and karma.
How energy arranges itself and such.
You people murdered quite a lot of my kids.

The existence has not disappointed me thus far.
Why be of a vengeful kind, when people get their dues somehow.
Cash made a good song about it; the title being pretty damn obvious.

I hated myself when I was. And anyone reminding of me.
And anyone else beyond that. Beneath the acting.
The everyday fake smiling of society.
So I stopped being that way.

Now I am in love.
With it. With everything.
Like a child, like a kid.


döpte min telefon efter dig.
Det hade en underbar effekt på mitt Universum.
Perception är allt.
Intellektuell definition som indoktrinerar perception är dessvärre bara en fraktion av det.
Extraperceptiv förmåga är lika naturligt som transformationen från kristall till vätska till ånga.

Din symbol är inte längre än tre sekunder bort i min synkronicitet.
Det är den smygande närvaron i detaljerna.
De stora meningarna i de små orden.

Du var i min närvaro idag, när jag var ute och gick. Universum som knuffar fysiska symboler som påminnelser. Mitt ego något på egen väg.
Men jag såg dig. Genom någon annan.

Jag blir glad när jag känner din känsla i uppfattning.
Kalla kårar, som om någon närvarande.
Där men ändå inte.

De skulle inte förstå.
För de kan inte förstå.
Det kräver viss förmåga att.

De tar död på det.
Med hjälp av egot.
Steriliserar sig mentalt.

Eller censur av andra.
Sjukt vilket som.

De kan inte ta det från mig.
Det kan inte tas.
Inte utan att döda dem sig själva.


respect is for all those who struggle against the ego.
And all those who understands what that means in its entirety.
Because the ego also likes being against itself.
So it is easy running its errands without knowing it.

It is by far, without competition, the hardest battle of modern human life.
Because it knows your every move. Your every thought. In every you.
The more of it you have, the more of it you have to lose. To it.

Remember, the ego will never trust itself.
Because the ego is an imposition from its very conception.
As hard to get rid off and defeat as cancer is.
Because it expands in the same pattern as cancer.

That is why human society spreads in the pattern of cancer.
Because it is the human ego that arranges its expansion.
Good or bad is only definitions in the ego itself.
Hence why it is so hard to defeat and overcome.

It literally tells you what is good or bad.
Right or wrong.
And navigates you with it.

If you become a target to it, every predominantly ego-driven person on the planet will judge you. That is how it removes dissidents.

I love the new idea of vaccination passes.
I mean, that is some next level apartheid shit.
Will unvaccinated get a tattoo as well?
A star on the arm? As a segregated subjugated and oppressed class of citizens?

We did not learn jack shit.
This idea would be one of the wettest dream of the fascists, commies as well for that matter.
We are as retarded as the ego.

I can only hope that science tests accurate, and that the vaccination is a scalar expression of apoptosis in human biomass. Genetically programmed self destruction due to corrupt or misaligned arrangement found in oneself. They are imposing by enforcing it, which is cancerous. So the logical response in the natural homeostasis would be for them to kill themselves when the overlapping system kicks in.
I do not care, the vaccine seems entirely an ego-thing.
Because the ego-driven seem most manic about it.

I am not against the vaccine, what-the-ever. To each their own ofc.
I am against the egotistical imposition of trying to enforce oneself onto others.
Because that is cancer. And according to the NWO conspiracies, cancer will not be welcome.
So I assume it is the waiting game if you refuse to take it. Synchronistically speaking, the mass death will occur in the coming decades.

Hence my respect to those who battles it by not falling victims to the imposition.

Plot twist

Over a hundred years ago they thought themselves too sophisticated for war.
Went to war to solve the last issues. The last war.

Then followed probably the most atrocious wars in the modern segment of the human genome; after the last DNA-reset.

If you think, even remotely think, that we are over war in humanity, you are already manifesting it subconsciously.
It has already started in the cities, when you think about it. Some fuck gets shot every other day these days. In Sweden.
It is not only our fault. It is by design. It is a cyclic thing. As sure as the fall arrives every year.
It just manifests differently.
Humans are ego-driven, hence superficial competition. Therefore superficial war. It will manifest somehow in us.

The very best we can do is move the conflict into the intellectual.
But it will still be a war. Make no mistake. And people will die.
Bureaucracy is fascism hidden in intellectual sophistry.
Designed to ‘weed out’ undesirables with exclusion.
If you think we have learned even a slight shit.
You have not learned even a slight shit.

The genocide marches on.

There will be war.
Make no mistake.

The imposing restriction following the artificial response to the global infection is a war on the liberties granted by merely being alive.
War is already here.

The killing is not even out of the changing room yet.


the movie “Till death”.
Disturbing but great watch.
Life in general in other words.

Oh the dangers of success-addiction.
I’d prefer heroin.



Se på alla låtsaspsykopater,
med sina arrangerade teorier.
Med sina medicin-apparater,
överviktiga mina skriverier.

Eller var det psykologer,
det är svårt att veta.
När genom kataloger enorma,
man måste länge leta.

Du får vara med oss,
du är välkommen.
Givetvis absolut förstås.
du är bara bortkommen.

Du är i huvudet sjuk,
sluta låtsas nu.
Vi sprättade inte din buk,
det var bara du.

Sen undrar de varför man,
ifred från dem vill vara.
Som att man annat kan,
när de är ovetande fara.

De säger lustigt nog
‘var inte så egocentrerad’
Som de sanningen tog:
‘Du är nu diskrediterad’

De torterar varsamt,
mördar tyst med “kärlek”
De skyddar sparsamt,
omtanken är påtagligt vek.

Sen undrar de långsamt,
‘varför händer det mig’
Självkritiskt skonsamt,
‘jag gjorde inget mot dig’

De är välkomna att förstås,
göra vad de alltid gör.
För bland min sort, bland oss,
ser vi hur det sig förgör.

Säg vad än ni vill,
böna och be.
Det tjänar inget till,
vänta och se.


Jag avskyr det lika mycket som du.
Uttryck är mitt sätt att hantera det.
Det är vad folk inte kan uppfatta, förstå.
De misstar frihet i uttryck för faktum, åsikt.

Det kan inte hjälpa sig själv.
Lika lite som egot i en psykolog
kan hjälpa egot i någon annan, någon.
Det är ändlös sinnessjuka, galenskap.

Om du bara visste vad det gjort.
Mot mig, mot andra, alla.
Skyller du på någon, andra.
Så har det influerat, vunnit.

Tvingar du någon, andra.
Försöker du manipulera,
någons eget val, känsla.
Så har det plågat, vunnit.

Om du uttrycker utan, allt.
Att erkänna uttrycket, inte.
som meningslöst uttryck, löv.
Så har det infekterat, vunnit.

Om du tar från andra, någon.
I perceptionen att du, egot.
Tas ifrån i förlust, stöld.
Så har det stulit, vunnit.

Om du ljuger för det, vem.
I perceptionen att det, dem.
Inte vet om lögnen, korruptionen.
Så har det ljugit, vunnit.

Om du inte vet om det, allt.
Som i nuet just här, precis.
I dessa orden här och nu, nu.
så har det stannat, vunnit.

Det äger dig och har, tar.
sedan första dagen, stunden.
i det här livet, upplevelsen.
Det har redan dött, vunnit.

Det är därför det, alla andra.
Har ihjäl sig självt, allt annat.
Genetiskt massmord, apoptos.
Programmerad självförgörelse, masspsykos.