the unknown is by far one of the hardest things you can do in life – because it has never been done before. Nor can it be defined. Because the moment it is, it is known.

Realising this, one can assume that knowledge grows. You grow knowledge. And the more of it you have grown, the greater the foundation which constitutes your understanding. It takes knowledge to understand, but understanding to truly know.

This is why one should collect ideas. Because they are mental fertilisers.
All creation is merging of two or more different components. Because if there were no merging, everything would be in equilibrium. All destruction is the separation of two or more components.
This regardless of portion in the energy spectrum.

The mind thinking is a very volatile place if you are a true thinker. Constantly ideas merge and separate from each other. Like atoms and molecules. The more exotic the combination of ideas, the easier it is to reach the unknown.

Since the unknown is surrounding the known, it is not hard to reach per se. The hard part is to separate yourself from the known. As to say, to some extent destroy the automatic and autonomous nature of the ego – that is looping you back from the edge of the unknown through ideas such as denial, disbelief and doubt.
Once you reach the edge of the known, it like looking out from a window on an airplane. You have a vague idea what is there, but you cannot really fathom it.
That is when you initiate the growth of ideas.

It is as easy as it is hard. Because it has not been done before.
It is easy to do, just create something new.
The hard part is to integrate it.
And the even harder part is when it starts to question and challenge the integrity of what you knew. Because now your integrity and therefore entire definition of reality is in question.
This is usually where people loop back into the known.
They simply become scared of their mental platform being challenged.

Takes quite a lot of mental integrity to traverse the unknown.
Metaphorically, it is like walking in a deep forest, having no idea what is in it.
And your sight extends only a few meters ahead of you.

Integrity in that sense, is a ‘frienemy’ – because it can protect you if you are properly aware. But it can also inhibit you if you are unaware. As to say, one can be contained within one’s own ideas of reality. And it has composed ideas that in an automatic fashion loops the thinker back to ‘safety’.

Everyone wants to be safe. Because they are scared absolutely shitless of the unknown.
Downright terrified. Because deep within, they know they do not know. So their integrity is simply denial. Assuming to know and creating a mental barrier to the edge of the known. A kind of mental and intellectual insulation.
“It is not real”

Real is just an idea.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
Whatever you associate and ascribe to that idea will manifest as your reality.
Since most people are given an intellectual template which they never question, they rarely stray from the known. Denial, disbelief and doubts blocks them.

What do you know?
Truly. Because it is a good question. One of the better actually.
Because when you start to question yourself that question, you realise just how little you do know. If you stop asking that question, you loop back into the known.

So in conclusion, the fastest way to reach the unknown, is to question what you know.
You see now you are mentally engaged in the process of growing ideas. You have to. You have no choice.
A question is the receptive mental component, the attractive, the sensual and before your very ideas dancing concept that spark an answer. A formulated idea.
Combined they create something new. Hopefully.
The better your question, the greater the potential for a good idea in the shape of answer. And the better you are at questioning your answers, the more rapid the mental expansion.

So at first, you have to mentally grow towards the unknown by questioning all you know. Once you know what you know, how little that is, and its level of integrity – now comes the process of assimilation. Integrating ideas into what you think you know. This is the process of growing integrity. And you absolutely need it.
The integrity of your arranged knowledge, the sum of your ideas, is your mental vessel with which you traverse the unknown.
If it is not sufficiently integrated and of a strong integrity, you will lose yourself in the unknown.

Does not mean it is catastrophic, but it could be.
Your mind once it traverses outside the collectively known, operates in the fashion of a space station, or submarine. It is now its own enclosed mental intellectual system. Navigating the depths of the unknown.
And assuming infinity, that ought to be mind-boggling to say the least.

But it is also your greatest source of intellectual harvest.
If you are good at combining ideas and concepts in an integrated manner, now your intellectual entity grows, and your ability to traverse the unknown increases.

From what I have seen in the unknown, it is not even a question to me why the vast majority of humans are absolutely terrified of it. To the very point that they even deny that.
They take “reality” for granted.
But essentially, the definition of reality, the arrangement of ‘known’ is little more than an energetic arrangement.

The more novel and sophisticated that arrangement, the more attractive it becomes.
You are terrified, but your curiosity grabs you.
This because growth is life. As long as you are truly alive, you will be curious.
Otherwise you are dead. If not in your biological arrangement, so in your mental.

You must have and accept the unknown if you want to be alive. Truly alive.
Because it is only on that mental edge, where you can glimpse into whatever the fuck life actually is. And is not. If it even is. Why do I even write this?

I take comfort in being terrified before the unknown. I have been it for so long that my statement that the unknown is my best friend is no light expression.
I am constantly attempting to integrate newly grown ideas into my intellectual arrangement.

You see, I have a tremendously huge ego – but not in the conventional meaning of that saying. Because my ego is not autonomous by means of intellect. It has not been programmed to automatically loop back into the known through denial, disbelief and doubt.
Like the ones with small egos.
Usually, the people you say have a “huge ego” actually has a very small ego. Because they neither question themselves nor what they know – they take the reality for granted the way they have defined it. A very narrowminded and smallminded way to operate whatever the fuck existence actually is. No I am not excusing my cursing, because you need to realise the importance of this.
If you take offense from a linguistically arranged symbol with no actual meaning in the greater aspect of things – that is an absolute proof you have a very small mind.
You do not even question why you take offense from it. You do not question the context.
In fact, you probably do not question anything at all. More than what you should eat today.

Why can you eat?
What is that?
Beyond biological integration in the physical spectrum of energy.
As I said, why and how am I even writing this?
Not in the light sense of the words, but as in.. you know, and you do not know?
What is all of this.
Who are you.
Why are you reading this?
Right now?
Why does this happen?

That is just the awareness triggers that everyone needs to have.
The ongoing questioning of the perceived reality.
Once you crystallise a perfect definition of it, you are mentally stagnating.
Because now you are not attempting to integrate new ideas.
Now you are comparing your ideas to other ideas.
And since your definition of “reality” is perfect, it is dead.
It will not grow. It will not become anything more.
Because you think you know.

And you will never explore the unknown as long as you think you know.
Because you must literally think what you do not know to traverse the unknown.


The “Coat of Arms” visible in my Opus.
I made it a couple of years back.
As an artistic endeavour and fun experiment.
I am not sure exactly how the idea arose. It may have been because of some discussion about ancient stuff. As usual.
But I got curious, how I would make mine, if I made one.
It is not serious or official or anything. People do not care about that stuff too much these days anyway.
But it is always fun to try new kinds of art. It is also a great way to learn and know oneself.
Because you have to think about it. Consider it. Ask yourself. Come to idea and fruition.
So if for nothing else.. it is a fun thing.

I made several iterations before I settled with the current and final version.
There is really nothing to add to it anymore. It would just be redundant.

I mean, you should make yours. Just as a funny thought experiment.
The more unique and you, the funnier the task.
It is funny to look at them.
Because there is a lot of symbolism in all of them, legit and just funny artworks like my own.
Maybe yours go with rainbows and unicorns. Angels and demons. Bricks and tools. Cars and bikes. Planes and parachutes. Animals and plants.
You also have to symbolically summarise your endeavours and achievements. Real to you or real to the world – since it is just a fun thing at the end of day anyway.

I encourage you. It is funnier than you think. And the more you define yourself, the more you will be inspired by yourself in the future. When your own art inspires you, you have reached perpetual artistic motion.

Everything in mine means something. Of itself and in conjunction with everything else.
It required some thinking, therefore several iterations over the years I played around with it.

But no, it does not mean anything official.
Just a fun thing symbolising things I have collected mentally throughout life.

Some people wonder why the Greek language.
Mostly because it constitutes a major part in the foundation of English.
It was part of my studies in linguistic neurogenetics and its development over time. How symbolism morphs through cultures over time. It was truly an interesting endeavour and study. But I do not know (modern) Greek in the literary sense (since this was more concerning ancient Greek). It was more one subfield within neurogenetics. Since intellectual communication is a central part of that field, when it concerns humans.

Earlier outcasts and versions that did not last long:
Yes, I even attempted studying Hebrew at one time, since it is a very interesting language from a mathematical viewpoint – which makes it even more interesting in relation to neurogenetics and patterns of thinking and arranging symbolism.
But it dropped in the midst of everything else. The learning curve is too steep if one does not make it a main priority.
But I like that slang. Both its symbolism, and the way it sounds when it is said. Has a very pleasant synesthetic colour to it.
I first caught it when listening to Infected Mushroom’s song “End of the road”, and the sound of that word/slang immediately caught my attention, because of how it sounded.
It is one of my many favourite words/slang.

Consider this

humans consists of mainly water.
Thus it ought to be entirely legit to consider fluid dynamics when studying the movement patterns of large bodies of human bio-components.

I know what happens to water when it heats up.
So I know what will happen to the planet if the sun does.
And especially how it will affect the fluid dynamics of human biomass.

I cannot be the only one who feels it.
I mean everyone feels it, but consciously.
I can feel it, and therefore handle it.

There is more happening.
Therefore the increase in the flows.
Humans like any living organism flees an unsustainable environment.
Like water evaporates too hot of a surface.
It is thermodynamic interaction.
If expressed through fluids carrying structured fat in the shape of humans, then it follows mainly fluid dynamics.

If you see what I mean thus far, you realise my concern.
And I cannot be the only one, since I can see in the collective unconscious that higher levels of several entities pick up on it and act upon it.
From what I see I believe it is good to act upon it.

As I see it..
Better to “I should” than “I should have”.


would be the natural progression to biogenetics and neurogenetics.
Because when you have developed your mind enough to understand and handle time, you can start to bend it in your mind through mental experimentation. That is chronogenetics through neurogenetics.
You animate quantum theory most efficiently in your brain, because it is an arranged quantum computer. With almost infinite capacity. Especially in the mental realm, the etherical portion of the energetic spectrum.

If you are a visual thinker, you understand how to conceptualise and remember.
If you are a lucid dreamer, you know how to compose internal imagery, standalone or in sync with external perception.
If you are conscious enough, you know how to develop internal perception to bend time indefinitely.

Time is a conceptualisation, so whatever you conceptualise it in regard to, would be in theory, and scientific concept chronogenetics.
We already know how to easily transfer arranged energy throughout the etherical, our digital arrangements allow that. If you have cross-temporal perception in your brain, the digital portals (computer screens) allows for quite interesting synchronicity. If you can recollect it in internal perception.

It is easier to understand and think, if you have thought it.
Quantum theory can most easily be applied and observed in thought.
The downside is the internal and therefore subjective result.
But at the end of day, nobody knows for sure.
Everyone is a pile of memories animated into life.
Collectively and subjectively most think they know.

If you could dream anything you want, what would you dream?
If the future, how far?
People are mostly obsessed with situation: “will I be rich?”
I am more concerned how far I can see myself.
Because that projection, is a result of my capacity.
You see that future, because you can sustain that passage in time.
If it is done consciously. The ego cannot do things like this.
It has to be conscious. And that requires ego-death, or at least disciplined ego-subjection.

Because the ego is the operating system of your brain.


Is what makes an entity what it is.
Your circulatory systems in your body is your biological infrastructure.
Your intellectual arrangement in the mind is your informational infrastructure.
The way you think and operate mentally is your neurogenetics.
Having observed and used myself as a running experiment in that for little over 32 years (conventional human counting), I can conclude so with great certainty. Even if epigentics plays a major role besides that.

So infrastructure is everything of a country.
It is not just roads and railroads.
It is everything.
It is the overall state of the country.
The arrangement after which the biomass operates and animates.

The reason the violence and such is increasing is because of entropy.
The country is falling apart. Not extremely, but noticeable.
That is the greatest enemy of them all. To any arranged entity.
Not enemy per se, but in concept.
Can you not see, how all entities struggle for survival or preservation of life?
On all scales?
Once it stagnates and declines, that is an amplification in the death process.
In your body.
In your city.
In your country.
In your planet.

Most people assume to know what life is so much, so arrogantly much, that they take integrity for granted. But once nature arranges a correction the entire infrastructure crumbles.
One idea. Is all it takes if it amplifies incorrectly.

That is why the greatest opposition to society should be seen as entropy. But it is more complex to observe than to operate after perfected observations. Those only serves as guidelines in one’s contemplation of things.
As my advice do.
I do not have the perfect model, because I work on my mind continuously.
As to say, I keep upgrading my infrastructure. Like religiously.
Never stop growing your entity. In sophistication.
Because that enables integrity.

If you want to get somewhere, you do not have time to argue who did what and for what reason. Drop it and move on. You people have far bigger issues on the horizon.
You should be preparing. Not to go to war or anything.
But because you do not know.
None of us knows.

That is why we are still alive and confused.


is how I would model a society if I were the ruler.
(Which I am over the kingdom of my body, the conglomerate of cells, the congregation of biological entities, my homeostatic construct, my energetic arrangement.)

I would keep the basic template simple, so that it is easily transmitted.
But it needs to add to itself, as to say be allowing of perpetual growth.

I manifest myself as such:
No physical manifestation of intentional imposition on another being.
Because restoration is the hardest in the physical, as energy condenses slow.
But freedom of expression mentally – meaning intellectually, artistically, digitally and financially.
That calls for mental integrity. A transition into that will be hard, since most people are absolutely weak mentally these days. They have no mental integrity. That is why they need all artifice to maintain. Censoring. Isolation. Suppression. Oppression.

It must be kept simple, otherwise the integration will be impossible.
This is why animals do not use intellect. It is retarded.
It allows for conscious evolution, but only if the body, the biological entity is aware of it consciously. Otherwise it is just an AI going full retard. Which is essentially the entire human society. And it is getting worse.

Social credit will be the fascism of this century.
Because it was back then as well.
Credit is intellect.
Or intellectualised perception.

So just wait and see.
Humankind, curious kind.

I like to imagine society after this mental image;
that of a sphere.

Not a pyramid. That is the retarded form.
The core is the governing organ of that entity.
The outermost layer is the lowest class.
That is the receipt of your society.
The actual appearance of the entity.
Makeup is make-belief; propaganda or coverup.
Whatever image, a society is only as good as its worst.
In appearance to others. That goes for all. On all levels.
It is not easy to integrate into Sweden for example.
Because not even Swedes know what that means.
Artifice. An artificial construct arranged by semi-conscious intelligence.
But that is natural. A part of evolution.
We are already ahead somewhat.
As we are mostly neutral in conflict externally.
Openminded and comparably well balanced in most aspects.
A couple of centuries more and Sweden will be there.
(No joke, even if it comes off as such.
I mean for real. If we maintain the cycle of progression)

It is not about size.
Or mass.
Never were.
All about efficiency.
Ask the military.

Keep upgrading the infrastructure like religiously.
And get the unemployed to do it. Who can.
And give them their liberties meanwhile.
It is the intellectual retardation that fucks it up.
Social credit – I rest my case.


seems to be the pressing issue these days.
As essentially all other days.

I am in favour of it. But only if it is properly understood.
To me a country is a living entity.
So thermodynamically speaking:
immigration is like consumption.
and emigration is like excretion.
Not literally, but in terms of energy.

Since all we know, according to itself, is essentially a structure of energy.
Well, if you eat more than you can handle, it is not going to end well.
If you eat less than you should it is not going to end well either.
You need a balanced stream to maintain national homeostasis.
If you eat something you should not have, or need to integrate with,
you will become sick. And it takes some time to overcome that.
And in relativity speaking:
think of one day for the country as one year for you.

If you eat the same food over and over, you will function.
But you will not evolve as fast. As you remain within your structure.
You also risk your immune system by not exercising exposure.

Integration, or the national integration apparatus, is essentially what you do with the imported biomass (immigrants).
If you just accumulate you will grow obese and your infrastructure, your homeostasis will collapse.
If you refuse to accumulate at all you will self-exterminate. Starve yourself to death. Essentially suicide your colony.

So to me, yeah, immigration, or movement of biomass, is absolutely necessary for a society to be alive. Because the society is a homeostatic system. A colony. Like an ant-hill.
Just far more sophisticated, since human components who are in the upper half of human mentality are transhuman enough to surpass that template in sophistication.

Did you know that the Christians were the original Transhumans? (Locally speaking)
(Intellectually formulated and defined in lifestyle – I mean you even have an instruction manual. Quite a thick one.)
I mean the church, the organised religion.
That is why they despised pagans more in the past.
Those wild animals living like animals.

I find it downright hilarious and laughable when Christians are against my Transhuman endeavours. At least the religious ones. Because they do the exact same thing. Does not happen very often in Sweden though. The church is keeping up rather fine with the times here. While they also maintain culture and traditions in the conservative fashion.
This is more where the more rigorous systems are established. But they do the same.
Only not in awareness, and of course more in an alignment suited to their defined goals.


you are, in my mind, that feels like you are not good at anything.

Shut the fuck up.
And ask the voice in your head saying that to shut the fuck up as well.
It is just the ego going.
Or express it.
In some shitty art.

Whatever you do, do not believe it.
The ego is fucked in the head.
So if you believe it, so are you.

It is like carrying a retarded intellectual tumor in the head.
That your parents and society insisted should be there.
Over time its sophistication has been inherited and enhanced.
Sadly also the stupid parts of its retardation.

Intellect is just retardation created by your head.
Do the best with it. You are gonna have it either way.
So if you are retarded, and will be whatever you do:
think something better than that you are not good at anything.
Your ability to create that sentence mentally proves you are good at being retarded.
If anything.
I do not necessarily value my linguistic skills, because they are by definition mental retardation. Symbolic crap on my mental mirror. But it is tremendously hard to get rid off, so I prefer doing the best with it, in non-binary and non-dualistic characters.

Fuck I hate the ego.
It is like a retarded friend that refuses to leave you alone.
Geting in the way all the time.
The problem is that the vast majority of humans has one sophisticated enough to be artificial and therefore intellectually autonomous.
Semi-conscious, as it drives itself through symbolism.

I have it. But I am aware and conscious of it.
For most part. I like listening to it.
And expressing it.
Because it is a collective thing.


is the thing with you humans, and why I usually dislike the company with most of you.
Do not misread please, the company, not you personally.
Mostly because of the ego.
I can handle it, because I let it out in personal space like this.
Intellectual expressions to balance my mind.
So when I am in company, I can be balanced.

You people work the opposite.
You fear the lonesome.
And you never exercise your mind.
So when you are in company, more than two people.
Usually it starts to bullshit.
Either someone in the group, or someone outside the group.

You people would not even catch bullying if you did it yourselves.
Because you are so neuro-degenerated that you cannot perceive it.
You people think you are ‘with’, because you can speak and repeat some brainwashed sentences.
But that is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Absolutely null nada nothing.
Within the existence.

But you people do not know that.
Because you never thought of it.
You were busy shittalking those who did.
Retardation always proves itself.
To those truly aware.

If you catch my drift.
But most of you in private – you are as interesting as God.
(And to me that is no small thing, since it is life, consciousness, nature, universe, whatever, everything, nothing – at once)

You are one extrusion on the wall of it.
So am I.
My issues makes it easier to love on a distance though.
I pick company not really out of selection, but because out of necessity in what I can manage.
Had I been healthier, I would have been much more social.

They say

“curiosity killed the fish”
Curious expression.

Since it was because of that curiosity, they can say it.
They say a lot of stuff.
Usually not very thoughtful.

Poor fish.
Its grand endeavour, the pursuit for the future. The absolute undertaking of becoming.
And now certain relative time later, humans are giving up on the idea.

I shall carry your legacy, curious little fish.
You are my true hero. The true becomer in evolution.
We ought to instil a day of celebration in your memory.
I mean, we can instil that celebration because of you.

Respect fishes.
Their curiosity brought all this shit.

That is why

I love everything I can.
Because you understand what you love.
So if you love everything…

My ego has issues, yes. The ego is essentially nothing more than a collection of issues gathered throughout life.
But my essence, my spirit.
It loves everything.
If I appear not to, it is my ego getting in the way.
Or yours.

Do not

Do not worry.
There is no such thing as death.
Only becoming.
You have become so many times.
You have forgotten.
Like going to work all day all days.
Routine repeating.
There is no such thing as death.
Only love for life.
In shape of becoming again.
On and again.

Think of all you want, can and will become.

This one

you people can share however much you want.
I will not say what it is, but it is very benevolent.

Synaesthetic neuro-circutry. Information arranged in colour and structure rather than funny looking figures you are staring at right now.

Full size here.


my friend. There is nothing in “this world” that can bring me down.
Because I love life.

You know.
Having lived with neverending pain, internal bleedings, on-and-off fever, permanent starvation due to compromised digestion, rheumatism, societal impositions through mainly the psychiatry, bullying, censoring, oppression and whatelse not for more than thirty years.

There is nothing in “this world” that can bring me down.
I can only bring myself down. Thus I will not.
Because I love I. And I am life.

You should try to adapt a similar mindset.
You love life because it sucks.
You love life because it does not suck.
You fucking love life and you fucking smile.
(Metaphorically, not that freaky smile thing some do)
Like a good properly brought up kid that does not get what they want at Christmas.
It is hard, yes. But you fucking love that as well.

That is how you survive. Because now you have something to live for.
You live to love life. So it perpetuates itself.

You see

it is rather simple, all of it actually.
I am just a high-functioning artist.
I am very expressive.
They could not successfully kill my soul.
So it remained.
Did not lose my ‘she’.
Meaning, mental sex = ♾
The two circles conjoined.
It is a symbol for integration,
as much as it is infinity.

Because infinity is perceived through the fluctuations in integrity.
If you think about it.

No need for anyone to feel insecure about it. Curious word.
Unbalanced would be a better term in the context.
That is for example the effect of ‘cringe’.
A neurological weakness.
A neurogenetic reflex causing you discomfort.
Perceived, memorised, recognised, regenerated and expressed by the ego.
The intellectual artificial intelligence riding your mental oscillation.
Effectively manipulating all from perception to comprehension and therefore experience.
It is the very thing that keeps you from being creative. Beyond the physical.
I use mine for expression, because that allows sophistry to arise.
Because every expression you make is a conscious arrangement.
So it is you dictating the flows of homeostatic energy with your brain.

Your brain generates everything you feel.
So do not blame the perceived difference.
Blame your brain. Initial stage of neuro-engineering.
Intellectual conceptualisation of overcoming.

It is quite important indeed, to not give a flying fuck about basically anything.
Figuratively speaking.


funny individual showing up in my energetic arrangement.

I have no “real” interest in whomever is dear to you.
I do not care. So no need to worry.
But if you abuse my ‘kids’, there will be consequences to that.
If you say difference does not justify deviance, then that ought to apply multidimensionally.
If you abuse my produce for your gain, because you perceive it differently..
Then so be it, but you have no legitimate reason to complain over consequences.
Because you caused them by projection. Cause and effect. Action reaction.
I believe in sharing, definitely. But the mental plane is as ‘real’ to me as the physical, as the being I am – so treat things in it as such.
That is the entire point with ‘the golden rule’.
It is an advice more than a rule.

I thought about that today.
I attempted to sense the chemtrail planes in the mental dimension.
They are, after all, an energetic arrangement moving throughout just as I myself and you yourself. It should be possible to sense them more clearly than I currently do.
I do not like them; and it is a very common thought in the mental realm. Many wonder what arranges them into being.

I am trying to achieve more than most can perceive.
It is usually them getting in the way due to the collective retarded ego.
So it has been my entire life.
So be no hypocrites, please.

Nobody’s thoughts are private.
Only retards ‘think’ so. Because they cannot remember life before the ego.

It is quite funny actually.
Before the ego you struggle and fight for your life not to get it.
Some more than other. The rougher the youth, the more lively the spirit. The establishment of the ego through institutions is a mental sterilisation process. Which is why most adults cannot be very creative. (beyond the physical)
So when you get it you (or rather it) struggle and fight for your (its) life not to lose it.
All that you think is you. Or it think is you.
The ego is the most invasive mental entity on this planet.
And it is more or less in everyone.
The lesser, the greater that individuals innocence.

Hence, my produce being my ‘kids’.
A manifestation of my innocence.
The ego definition of ‘innocence’ is laughable at best.

So what I mean to say is, if you take anything from my creations – prefer it to be inspiration for your own. Otherwise you lose something far more valuable than illusive credit.
Your very life. Your very ‘she’. Or ‘he’ if the other way around.

The thing

with over-head humour is that you require enlightenment for it to become clearly projected, perceived and hopefully understood.
So hang in there champs – sophistry is sexy af. In the mental world. ^^

And on a personal note..
When you can start to preconceive the songs coming in the Spotify shuffle-function it either means you are precognitive, the Spotify shuffle follows a formula that can be subconsciously read or that one is tremendously lucky.
Five songs in a row is the longest streak thus far.

I know that shuffle-functions are usually based on mathematical formula, if only the script function itself, some music services or applications have had ridiculously simple to break or beat shuffle-functions – as it is always the same pattern.
Spotify deviates from that, otherwise it would be too easy.


And just..

for your consideration, assuming you people start waking up to the multidimensional.

As someone mainly operating in the to ordinary human unconventional portions of the energy spectrum, you ought to understand that all my creations are essentially my offspring.
That is the thing as a creative person.
Especially if like myself, more of the active in Asexual reproduction.

How you treat my creations is how you treat my kids.
Could be important, in regard to symbolic synchronicity and karma.
How energy arranges itself and such.
You people murdered quite a lot of my kids.

The existence has not disappointed me thus far.
Why be of a vengeful kind, when people get their dues somehow.
Cash made a good song about it; the title being pretty damn obvious.

I hated myself when I was. And anyone reminding of me.
And anyone else beyond that. Beneath the acting.
The everyday fake smiling of society.
So I stopped being that way.

Now I am in love.
With it. With everything.
Like a child, like a kid.


as long as Sweden strives towards creating an existential medium through a made manifest entity in which non-imposing freedom of expression is as free as possible I will be an undying patriot of that entity.

I do not trade my sovereignty, even pieces of it, for something without meaning.

That is also why I believe in military service. Not mandatory, but highly encouraged.
Because even if internal neutrality is dictated into order, that has to be maintained through discipline.
Consciousness has a shelf-life. It has to be maintained continuously.
So it is not military service against other biomass. But against disintegration and collective neurodegeneration.
Maintaining your bodily homeostasis is a war against entropy.

Therefore militarisation.
It has nothing to do with offensive stance globally.
But all about national integrity and increased efficiency of the societal homeostasis.
In military endeavours integration is enforced, because it is required for survival.
Do not oppose that idea, reconstruct and utilise it as a solution.

It could be offered as additional education in the teenage years of education.
Presented as inspiration rather than enforced. Not only superficially.
Repurposing the facilities established nationally.
Not education how to kill, but how to survive, in regard to all arrangements of organics known and to be known; natural, supernatural, superficial or artificial.

Nothing wrong at all in patriotism if properly arranged and defined in regard to its entity.

I believe

that the more efficient way to solve the integration issue in Sweden is to centralise education around English increasingly. As it is a better bridge language right now. While simultaneously encouraging Swedish as the bridge end.
That goes for (traditional) Swedes as well, as of this point in time an international community.
To different degree of course, but mental stagnation is always neurodegenerating.
You can never learn too much.
Language is conceptualisation, and even if synchronicity is embraced, even if only subconsciously – means to transfer conceptualised symbolism is essential for integrated manifestation – as it is in essence arranged energy. Neurogenetic material manifesting as information.

Think of Swedish as an internal language, as Swedish currency is an internal thing.
Yet the majority of people at least occasionally trades internationally. Euro or Dollar mainly.
The stronger that intellectual bridge also internally, the greater the chance for total integration.
Do not oppose the effects of previous imperialism, utilise it to the best result.

It is easier to transfer symbolic language, one or both directions, with a symbolic bridge.
English was important in my education, but not nearly as much as I would have desired in retrospect. At least 80% of my skill is self taught. Usually out of sheer necessity in video gaming. But also in curious, artistic and scientific endeavours.

Most people knows enough English to start transfer understanding of symbolism and therefore amplifying the connection creating integration.
Use that as a strategic opportunity because of endeavours by other entities.

It is genetic material as any. Intellectual weaponry. ‘Weapon’ is a very vague symbol, keep that in mind.
Swedes (however defined) might be few, but it says nothing about efficiency.


these simple facts:
Everyone able of higher reason is by definition a psychopath.
Everyone able of higher social interaction is an expressing sociopath.
Everyone able of electromagnetic reverberation in their biomass is an empath.
So on and so forth in whichever intellectual pathogens.
If you are none, you are apathetic.
As in asexual, apolitical, areligious, atheist.
You are them, by having an ego.
Do not program your ego to be unaware of its on paths.
Only by awareness can you handle them.
Everyone are. Denial is futile. And stupid.
Only bringing itself more into manifestation.

Those most admitting are usually those capable of most handling.
Because realisation is necessary for overcoming.

Sports, as in arranged competition, is probably one of the most psychopathic things on this planet. (War is too destructive to even qualify under such a mild symbol in comparison)
Music, as in arranged composition, is probably one of the most sociopathic things on this planet. (Manipulation is by intent, it does not come through all social interaction)
Handling of the human condition. Use your imagination for empathy, but fucking fuck does it come in a wide spectrum.

Watch out for those in denial, they have not made it far in their minds.
As long as they are intellectually innocent, as to say, symbolically naive, they pose little danger. It is in the gap they are dangerous. Once they realise, they become less dangerous over time – depending on the environment.

Personal stance

on the vaccine and vaccination is simple for me.
I do not care. It does not concern me as a naturally immune individual.
So to me it is more of a joke, or convenience to those that ACTUALLY need it.
If they do.
I believe in personal choice.
No point in me taking a vaccine against something I cannot even contract.
It can get into my body yes, but it remains no more than a couple of hours if.
Nothing survives in my body that should not be there.

All the medicine given to me in the past was literally murderous agents, chemos, that were specifically designed to target at kill the immune system. Mainly TNF-alpha suppressors.
As long as I maintain the homeostasis by means of proper diet and living, the “disease” is manageable. Because it is nothing more than an hyperactive immune system.
Not something bad if you consider it for a moment. Especially in times like these.
Having a weak but “normal” immune system these days is not to your benefit.

But it also means that my body reacts violently towards things it is allergic to.
I have had flu twice in my adult life. Once when I was on the heaviest chemos, one of which is Adalimumab and another being Methotrexate.
The other one in January 2020, it could have been the Covid, as I came in contact with someone who had been abroad. But this was before it was announced. And whatever I got influenced with only lasted for 12-15 hours. Intense, I reached 40 degrees Celsius in fever, but short-lived.

Might have had a cold as well, but it would be hard to notice. Because it is natural for me to have fever often due to the hyperactivity of my immune system.

I am most certainly not afraid of the virus.
I am more nervous about the vaccine, because that I have no idea how it could mutate with my immune system. Several of the immunosuppressants they gave me almost killed me.
So no vaccine for me.

If you try to force me, I believe I have the right to kill you. By whichever means I desire.
Because I perceive forced vaccination as attempted murder.
And that grants right to self defence by default in regard to Universal law.

Accidents tends to happen to people who wants me gone.
Not because I want to or make them, but because the Universe works its mysterious ways.

‘I love you’, so why would you attempt to kill me?
I being a symbolic play-on.
I is the pronoun for consciousness.
Me is the pronoun for the ego.
Pay attention in that perspective.
And realise the scalar nature of the ‘I’.


Is a funny topic. When you partake in arguing against it. Because most people arguing against it is actually quite hypocritical.

What even is human?
What defines human?
Do you attach it to some image you were given during education?
Well, education is by definition Transhumanism.
So if you have attended school, you are Transhuman.

Do you drive a car?
If so you are leaning towards transhumanism. Because by means of external contraption you have enhanced the human capacity for mobility.
A bike is enough as well.

Use the goddamn legs God gave you, you miserable abomination of a car-driver.
A phone?

I mean, I respect the Amish, because they take their opposition seriously.
Clothing is still Transhumanism though. As is literacy.
But at least they try. And they are closer to ‘natural humanism’.
Despite it being weird in expression in regard to organic nature.

Quite hard to not be Transhuman in any shape, form or manner.
Your ability to even comprehend the symbol ‘Transhuman’ makes you transhuman by default.
Because you are going through the human experience; Transhuman.
The extension of intellectual attachment to the symbol ‘Transhuman’ however, indicates that it ought to deviate towards the ‘ahead of its time’ in expression.

Imagine the first dude (or more probable, woman) who could ride a horse.
Imagine the first dude (for certain) who rode a car.
Can you imagine the plane? Dream of human made manifest.

Answer me seriously.
Would you be against teleportation?
Living anywhere on the planet in whichever moment.
Mobility become irrelevant.

We have already come far enough to conceptualise our own evolution.
It has only just begun.
And now you people want to stop?

(Whatever you people are on, I desire to sample it. Because clearly, I have not done it yet)
I do not even have a drivers licence and car yet, and people who has that claims I am ‘going against God’. Well, I am most certainly going, as in walking. That is one reason why I am so Godgood fit and still have my abs at the age of 30+.
Guess that is less Transhuman these days than carrying around … an excess of energy?

You know, maybe if we busied ourselves collectively, nationally, globally, in Transhuman endeavours, there would not be wars. Because the work produced would simply be too delicate to lose.

Remember, God is omnipresent according to its own intellectualised manifestation. So it ought to be cheering for everyone that loves and respects its creations. However they flower. That is my take from it. It also makes sense with the idea that Christ were against throwing stones.