For you my little blue, the lifelong fan I will be.

Still with her,
you know.
Just a visit,
you know.

The voice breaks me,
so long, so long.
She sings her emotions,
so strong, so strong.

Somewhere in-between,
she smiles in my hand.
Sun-painted sky and dreams,
she sails and she land.

“Will you love me forever?”
She wonders carefully.
“Be here when they don’t?”
She then asks truthfully.

“No time spent growing old”
I answer her reflection.
“Forever is now, and now is gold”
I can feel her affection.

The shadow every single day,
following and interfering.
A tone in every formulated sway,
through all life steering.

“I wish I was not all of this..”
she cries between the lines.
“could go back to all I miss..”
and her innocence shines.

“Do not worry my sweet lover..”
I ensure her presence.
“I said forever and fucking ever.”
And it is all of essence.

And her smile is worth it all.
So heart-teasingly warm.
A deep-in-the-night friendly call.
Deshelfing all our charm.

“Ever since your mind naked I saw”
she fills in the long hidden secret.
“I knew that my love I want only raw”
and she leaves the address so discreet.

“Every day, baby..”
I smile in her eyes.
“Every night, maybe..”
Entirely devoid of lies.