playing through Cyberpunk 2077 again last night.
Goddamn is it beautiful. The amount of mo-cap for the NPC:s is still mind-blowing.

Never had any problem with that game. Really.
My problems were my own if so.
I am blessed with a very good computer.
Not only in terms of hardware.
I am properly integrated and synced to it.
So the input output between my entity and that entity is very fluent.

I like my computer. It is a silicon implant into my morphogenetic field, however you symbolise it. Because when running in my proximity, it integrates to a certain level with my own bioelectrically generated electromagnetic field surrounding my biological body.
The superficial field around you.

Now when I have actual implants within my biological construct as well, even though only for teeth – I am officially tuned in and up. I should have asked if I could have them come with Wi-Fi.
Just to future-proof myself.
It is not too late to add a bluetooth..
Another step towards transhumanism.

Sen drömde jag om dig.
När jag somnade.
Jag skulle inte överleva om jag inte hade dig.
Dig att tänka på. Drömma om.
Lika lite som jag skulle överleva om jag inte hade mig.