“My God you are beautiful”
She whispers over the IM.
“Maybe we have the same God?”
I answer in lack of response.

Usually goes like that.
A relatable situation.
To those in it.
“Beauty does not matter.”

But it most certainly do.
Most to those without.
They admire it in all forms.
But not collectively.

‘Your riches are beautiful’
‘Your face is beautiful’
‘Your car is beautiful’
‘Your art is beautiful’

Always an externalised beauty.
But never in themselves.
But never to themselves.
Therefore it matters to them.

Matters outside of them.
If you already have it.
It cannot possibly matter.
At least not the same way.

The burden of beauty.
The enslavement of beauty.
That of wonderous admirers.
And that of jealous haters.

Beauty comes in all forms.
But only in some to most.
Only the few see it all.
Therefore it does not matter.

If all made manifest is beauty,
then all made manifest matters.
It phase cancels itself out over time.
Therefore beauty does not matter.

Only individual taste.
The wider the taste,
the wider the experience.
Beauty serves itself.