Now my safe room is basically done.
Aside from some light bulbs, a first aid kit, some tools and toilet paper – hilariously enough – it is arranged for survival.
I still need to add some extra clothing and some personals, but tore up my back injury from a couple of weeks back. So it will have to wait until tomorrow. Of course I also need to hang the Swedish flag on the wall in it. ^^

But it does have a comfortable sleeping spot, six months worth of food rations, one month worth of water, a heavy duty hazmat suit, gas mask, basic medicine, and basic military outdoor equipment.
It feels nice.

Now I can go back to enjoying life, knowing that when (if) the sirens go off, I am all set.
I am not one of those.. who centers my entire life around prepping.. But instead of having insurance in theory on a paper, it is nice having something more tangible.

What are you going to do when the zombies come?

As I say, my life motto is “LIVET ÖVER ALLT”, which is Swedish for “Life above everything”.
And it is not something I say lightly. Not anymore.
One should always be a little “paranoid”, even though that is just common sense.
I mean, even squirrels do it.

Nature knows.
Far more than society.
When it comes to living life truly.