The best request comes as it is delivered.
“It should be more realistic”

What is that?
What is realistic?
Can you define it to me?
Preferably in artistic manner.
But intellect will suffice as well.

I tried, trust me.
It is part of the study.
Practice applied science.
Then get into quantum theory.

Ought to fuck things up.
But just enough.
If you understand it that is.
And apply it ofc.

Real is as real as you make it.
However you define it.
You have had it defined for you.
So every time you say:

“It should be more realistic”

You actually say:

“It should be more me”

As in relation to the perception generated by your genetically over time arranged biological construct animating oscillation, thus thought, allowing you to read this sentence – right here, right now.

What do you require to have it “real enough”?

It is a funny request only proving one thing.

All is real.
Or it would not be.
It might not express itself.
But it does not make it less real.

Asking for more “realism” is asking for more you.
The defined you. The defined perception by you.
That which you have created and take comfort in.
The intellectual construct arranged in your brain.

Do enough science and “real” fades real fast.

Whenever I partake of entertainment, I do not entertain myself with the intellectual speculation whether it is ‘real’ or not. Me partaking of the intellectually arranged energetic construct is real enough. I am far more concerned with the expressive nature of the synchronicity. I immerse myself. It is a mental relationship with whomever partakes in the spectacle.

You spoil your own entertainment by letting the ego get in the way with intellectual impositions such as vaguely arranged definitions like “realism”. If you try, you will realise that you cannot define ‘real’ to yourself.
Because every time you try, you expand yourself by increased perception and comprehension – allowing consciousness to condense more efficiently.

Don’t spoil yourself.
“Real” is just an idea based on observation in one portion of the energy spectrum.