Asexuality does not mean you lack a drive, to me.
It means that you have found ways more efficient in attaining pleasure.
If the sexual expression is about elevating pleasure, then there are far more pleasurable activities than rubbing piles of fat against each other.
Not saying that is not effective, it depends on where you place the point.

You do realise that even in the company of another, your brain is solely responsible for the perception and comprehension of the experience. And your sensitivity and receptivity is only as good as your brain can keep up.
Lucid dreaming, if properly exercised, can replicate whichever experience of sensation you desire given you have sufficient control over it.

So it is not that I do not have a drive.
It is just that I have found far more efficient ways.

The male component, in regard to its symbol, is the projective component.
It projects whatever; like I am projecting this intellectual construct.
The female component, in regard to its symbol, is the receptive component.
It receives whatever; like you are receiving this intellectual construct.

You have them both, it is a matter of how you have balanced them.
Without the female component you cannot properly receive pleasure.
Which is why so many people has an insatiable desire for completion through another.
I have both components, hence the lack of need for externalised practice.

My mind can pleasure itself through asexual reproduction.
As someone who has partaken in exercises of ‘fat-rubbing’, my personal opinion is that in 9 out of 10 cases, lucid dreaming wins by an unimaginable margin.
For it to be greater in the physical spectrum, both would be required to be consciously aware and in a lucid state simultaneously.

That is quite rare in people these days.
Most cannot even lucid dream.
It is also a common norm that the receptive component ought to be oppressed in favour of the projective. Hence why few people truly receives.
So many unsatisfied female partners (not necessarily women) out there.

For you, since you care.
You will never be able to take ‘her’ place in me.
Because I complete myself.
There is only one woman on this planet I romantically love in the conventional aspect of things, as I shaped my ‘she’ in the image of her.

The He
The She