now when the daily edginess in the collective unconscious has been dealt with, I can arrange some more interesting information.

Have begun arranging my own artificially crafted Universe in expression.
It will take some time, since I have been building it for fifteen years.
Characters, back-stories and whatnot.
Spread out in a multitude of documents here and there.
I tried to begin it last year, but too much interference got in the way.
I can respect the people creating their own Universes.
Realising the sheer amount of work that goes with it.
Every single detail has to be thought up.
It will all land on my other domain:
Time to make proper use of my Intellectual brand/Trademark now.
People used to like my short stories for some weird reason.
Now when I feel at least a little done with science – that took over in my artistic endeavours some seven years ago – I can return to focusing increasingly on those.
Good scientific understanding makes for better sci-fi for other high level initiates/students.

But the image starts to get comprehensive in my mind now.
So it will become more interesting further ahead.
Swedish people might remember my (bigger) short story from 2017
It is one of many lines from that Universe.

It is going to be easier now when some social activity is initiating.
Hard to find proper inspiration without external synchronicity to be inspired by.

Today TARSOF digitally recommences again after some weeks of vacation as well.
My God was that well deserved.