And just..

for your consideration, assuming you people start waking up to the multidimensional.

As someone mainly operating in the to ordinary human unconventional portions of the energy spectrum, you ought to understand that all my creations are essentially my offspring.
That is the thing as a creative person.
Especially if like myself, more of the active in Asexual reproduction.

How you treat my creations is how you treat my kids.
Could be important, in regard to symbolic synchronicity and karma.
How energy arranges itself and such.
You people murdered quite a lot of my kids.

The existence has not disappointed me thus far.
Why be of a vengeful kind, when people get their dues somehow.
Cash made a good song about it; the title being pretty damn obvious.

I hated myself when I was. And anyone reminding of me.
And anyone else beyond that. Beneath the acting.
The everyday fake smiling of society.
So I stopped being that way.

Now I am in love.
With it. With everything.
Like a child, like a kid.