I removed some “hate” towards obese people.
But that is not what it is, if you allow me.
The one thing I cannot do in life is to gain weight.
Due to my disability. So call it jealousy or something.
But anger helps me combat the pain.
So it is the easiest thing to get angry at.
Sorry, nothing personal. Never has been.
Except in some few cases where obese people,
have attempted to give me health advice.
Overweight is not obese. Know the difference.

If you want my honest opinion, I admire you if you are overweight or obese working out.
Even more than fit people. Because to me that means you have spirit.
And that is admirable.
Even if you “hate” almost anorectic people like myself.
No offense taken. I understand. Truly.

I usually high five people of ‘greater frameworks’ mentally when I pass them by outside.
Because they are trying. They have not given up on themselves.
To me that is more admirable than the fit ones.

Just like it is more inspiring watching the paralympics than the real olympics.
The olympics is mindblowing and all that.
But the paralympics, that is where you find absolute spirit.
Because they are not just ‘fighting’ the competition in the sport.

I am not as ‘hateful’ as I appear.
I just love to exercise my freedom of expression, as stipulated in the Swedish constitution.
If you ask me, you will find out that I am actually pretty decent.
I am just very foul in my language.
That is why it is so important to not take me seriously.

If you are one of those overly sensitive fucks, well, then go fuck yourself slightly more numb.
Or better yet, grow some integrity.