done with the rearrangement of my template, my new becoming.
The end of the metamorphic process and becoming.
I have a completely different template in mind.
A new structure to organise for my mind.
Considering this is my eight or ninth, depending how you count –
eight artificial – I have become exceedingly efficient at arranging myself – at least internally, where the endeavour has been central.

Biological rearrangement is rapid. Morphing of the human body is faster than one might think – if one can think proper.
But mental is where the interesting part is at.

I have become so sophisticated in my neurogenetics that I need to arrange an internal governing organ, arranging the intellect for futureproof decisions. Considering I intend to preserve my entity for a while.

This to enable even more informational output and accelerated development.
The best thing with becoming more sophisticated, is that you can now become more sophisticated. And if you cannot, the infrastructure is not efficient enough.
That is why one enters metamorphosis, rearranges the internal infrastructure to increase efficiency. Thus allowing further sophistication.

Incarnation and reincarnation is a mental process more than a physical to humans.
Whenever you start a new life, a new you, that is a metamorphosis.
Because it contains most of what you were, but not everything.
The more radical the rearrangement, the more radical the becoming.

Thus far my iterations has only served to condense understanding of the process itself, as to progress towards cyclic regeneration and through that one form of entropy resistance. As an endeavour to withstand time; entropy resistance.

I have recognised and realised most of my bodily processes neurologically. So I can consciously control them to some extent. Have I only the proper resources I can put my body in any given state. Either directly or by neural synthesis.

Now I aim on expanding into the superficial and artificial in the external.
And remove anything that gets in my way.
As I understand how to operate in and through the collective unconscious.

I am done being human. At least the conventional perception of it.
That model is retarded. Too retarded for its own good.