and philosophical stand of mine.

In my ego I am pacifist. I simply refuse to resort to violence as long as the sophistication of the ego can be upheld.
But conflict by means of its very function causes infliction on the consciousness of the ego; its arrangement.
Therefore the projector of that force subjects itself to the sophistication of that ego in arrangement. That would be consequences. Sequences arranged by the action.

Therefore, when at the appropriate point in conflict, when the ego sees no other choice, I shut it down and rely solely on conscious instinct. Momentary presence and intuitive action of overlapping arrangement.
I do however not rely on any artificial entity, but prefer aligning myself to the homeostatic ecosystem of the organic Terran biosphere. The planetary consciousness.
Depending on your receptivity, it allows for planetary omni-consciousness.

Consciousness is just cognitive arrangement rendering awareness of its own arrangement.
So if you are aware of that, you can arrange a replication of whomever’s thoughts on this planet in your own brain by means of mental projection.

Understanding this it allows a kind of superconscious navigation drawing upon intuitive arrangement from the overlapping collective consciousness. Animals utilise it, that is why those able move out of harms way when spawned within the planetary ecosystem.
They know to keep away.

The reason wild animals avoid humans are because they are detached from the planetary homeostatic ecosystem. They broadcast too much duality and duplicity. Animals intuitively avoid that, unless mentally and physically imposed upon and more or less abused for long time; domestication.

This makes it easy to avoid detached entities. The human intellect associates this to the symbol ‘ESP’. It simply means you are so receptive to the ‘vibes’ of the environment that you can navigate by them.
The more you allow the ego to get in the way, the more you retard yourself (in the true meaning of the word, not the actually retarded intellectual definition).

If pushed far down enough, with enough integrity and innocence (the ability to animate consciously) you can easily rearrange the arranging streams in the overlapping consciousness. As a co-creator. Making it easy to spawn accidents or similarly if necessary.

I do not resort to violence. I refuse to manifest it. That is the only power and real responsibility I have.
But if pushed, I make it happen from a higher level of consciousness. That is nothing that cannot be helped. If you are emotionally active, as to say capable of spawning electromagnetic reverberation, you will have more or less effect on the overlapping energetic ecosystem arranging itself after fluctuating reverberations in the collective unconscious. For example: when a cell or a couple of cells are misarranged within your biological construct in the shape of body, they broadcast a signal of that to the overlapping consciousness being you. If picked up on by the conscious entity of that body, it will be perceived as an itch which is to be resolved. This would be symbolic manifestation such as ‘divine intervention’ to the misarranged and discomforted cell/s.
I do it, just like you – just like all of us. Only difference is that I am very very and I mean very aware and conscious of it.

I do not even kill insects if I can help it. Because they are as much an arrangement of energy as I am. I do not elevate my arrangement over theirs just because it is more sophisticated.
Imposing entities have a tendency to destroy themselves unconsciously. Because they either consume themselves to death through unsustainable growth. Or they adapt to a cycle of animation. Other consequences can be more subtle. Like a superior entity of greater size being dissolved by a designed agent by a smaller but more sophisticated entity; poison.

The biggest oxymoron I know of in humanity is also ironically the utter proof of the arrogance in the collective human ego.
Imagine the audacity it takes to symbolise it as: