Achievement (thus far)

As of today I have just about 400 kilometers of truly measured distance.
(Approximately 600 with uncounted distance included – such as daily trips to the store and the shorter 3km track I do regularly and do not count – as I consider it exercise for the exercise)
Of which 320 kilometers is with carry of 14 kilograms.

It is slightly worse than last year when I was pushing myself much harder. Around this time I had about 550 kilometers documented. And it was around this time I began seriously pushing myself more due to the warmer climate. (Easier on the rheumatism)
Did a total of 1760 measured kilometers last year, of which 1460 was with carry (14 kilograms or more) – Have no idea what the uncounted might be.
This as the challenge I gave myself was to walk the entire stretch from where I live to the Red Square in Moscow (~1431 kilometers the bird’s way) over the period of one year.

This despite the pain and suffering it caused me, as I am missing at least one vital organ in my body due to the impositions of the health care.

I am early retired due to my disability, but if people think I have given in or given up they are fucked in the head beyond any and all help.
That is why I hate it when some fat fuck claims I do nothing.
Unless they beat my effort, they should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

14 kilograms is 27% of my body weight.
So start doing the math if you want to beat me.
Just do not get a heart attack.

Picture from June last year wearing my 14kg weight vest: