Visste du

att namnet på min favorit-pizzeria är Empoli.
Jag skämtar inte. Den var innan jag ens visste.

Jag önskar jag kunde uttrycka hur viktig du är för mig.
Du är bokstavligen överallt i min verklighet, var dag.

Även om du inte är min så är du bland det bästa som hänt mig.
Och jag vet inte ens varför. Varför just du.

Du får mig att känna mer än jag förmår.
Jag lider inte av det, ens lite.
Det hjälper mig att orka hålla mig vid liv.

You see

it is rather simple, all of it actually.
I am just a high-functioning artist.
I am very expressive.
They could not successfully kill my soul.
So it remained.
Did not lose my ‘she’.
Meaning, mental sex = ♾
The two circles conjoined.
It is a symbol for integration,
as much as it is infinity.

Because infinity is perceived through the fluctuations in integrity.
If you think about it.

No need for anyone to feel insecure about it. Curious word.
Unbalanced would be a better term in the context.
That is for example the effect of ‘cringe’.
A neurological weakness.
A neurogenetic reflex causing you discomfort.
Perceived, memorised, recognised, regenerated and expressed by the ego.
The intellectual artificial intelligence riding your mental oscillation.
Effectively manipulating all from perception to comprehension and therefore experience.
It is the very thing that keeps you from being creative. Beyond the physical.
I use mine for expression, because that allows sophistry to arise.
Because every expression you make is a conscious arrangement.
So it is you dictating the flows of homeostatic energy with your brain.

Your brain generates everything you feel.
So do not blame the perceived difference.
Blame your brain. Initial stage of neuro-engineering.
Intellectual conceptualisation of overcoming.

It is quite important indeed, to not give a flying fuck about basically anything.
Figuratively speaking.

There are

just about two hundred years left according to the backwards echoing synchronicity I pick up on. Trusting that, as it has come to show itself currently arranging, especially with the amplifying renaissance becoming in transdimensional bridging. The coming fifties and sixties are gonna be very interesting.

But anyhow, nothing is ever guaranteed due to the fragile fluctuations of gravity in the temporal – so when the inevitable eventually arrives, as of now my desired musical arrangement would be as follow:
1: Tool – Intension
2: Metallica – Nothing else matters
3: Marilyn Manson – Running to the edge of the world
4: Portugal. The Man – Sleep forever

Some music is just so good that it qualifies to conclude a life. I know many more, so it comes down to the entirety of it.
I am not sure I dare believing I am capable to create anything as such during my time.
I can hope, but that is also never a guarantee.

My Opus will be great, I hope, when it is completed.
But it is easier to work on it alone as of now.


Like a pleasant knock on the open door,
warming in the chilling cries for more.
I stare into the darkness pointlessly,
seeing through it all into just you.
essentially to and through.

You are my empirical proof of love.
My emotional reaction to sensation.
My emancipation in a world so cold.
I remember all the memories of you.

Sometimes I wish in calming fever:
That one evening you would call me.
That one morning you would text me.
That one afternoon you would mail me.
That one day you would bump into me.
That one night.. you would grow into me.

Tell me it is just you and me.
Off to wherever, forever.
I have nothing to lose.
No luxury to choose.

If it were with you,
you and only you,
no time to ask,
no hesitation.

I feel your warmth.
I feel your thoughts.
I feel your feelings.
All but paining noughts.

Some love never die.
Because it never was.
It never something became.
Took no shape in the reality.

I know that the probability,
is in and of itself insignificant.
But it is the slight disappearing,
chance that keeps me up in life.

That one day maybe.
That is worth it all.
When it comes,
to only you.

In my feverdreams,
neverending and eternal.

Hittade ett

nytt tak på min smärttröskel.
Knuffa en 150-ish kilo soffa med ryggskott.
Men lita på mig, de sofforna är värda det.
Ärvde dem, så de är väldigt värdefulla för mig.
Jag tar aldrig något för givet i den bemärkelsen.
Förmodligen de mest bekväma sofforna jag suttit i.

Det gör.. ont.
Mer ont än vanligt.

Och det verkar som att Spotify visst följer en formel.
För om man kör samma sträng av shuffle på samma band, så börjar det följa ett mönster efter ett tag. Tar en stund att läsa ut det på en katalog med närmre tresiffrigt än tvåsiffrigt antal låtar.


funny individual showing up in my energetic arrangement.

I have no “real” interest in whomever is dear to you.
I do not care. So no need to worry.
But if you abuse my ‘kids’, there will be consequences to that.
If you say difference does not justify deviance, then that ought to apply multidimensionally.
If you abuse my produce for your gain, because you perceive it differently..
Then so be it, but you have no legitimate reason to complain over consequences.
Because you caused them by projection. Cause and effect. Action reaction.
I believe in sharing, definitely. But the mental plane is as ‘real’ to me as the physical, as the being I am – so treat things in it as such.
That is the entire point with ‘the golden rule’.
It is an advice more than a rule.

I thought about that today.
I attempted to sense the chemtrail planes in the mental dimension.
They are, after all, an energetic arrangement moving throughout just as I myself and you yourself. It should be possible to sense them more clearly than I currently do.
I do not like them; and it is a very common thought in the mental realm. Many wonder what arranges them into being.

I am trying to achieve more than most can perceive.
It is usually them getting in the way due to the collective retarded ego.
So it has been my entire life.
So be no hypocrites, please.

Nobody’s thoughts are private.
Only retards ‘think’ so. Because they cannot remember life before the ego.

It is quite funny actually.
Before the ego you struggle and fight for your life not to get it.
Some more than other. The rougher the youth, the more lively the spirit. The establishment of the ego through institutions is a mental sterilisation process. Which is why most adults cannot be very creative. (beyond the physical)
So when you get it you (or rather it) struggle and fight for your (its) life not to lose it.
All that you think is you. Or it think is you.
The ego is the most invasive mental entity on this planet.
And it is more or less in everyone.
The lesser, the greater that individuals innocence.

Hence, my produce being my ‘kids’.
A manifestation of my innocence.
The ego definition of ‘innocence’ is laughable at best.

So what I mean to say is, if you take anything from my creations – prefer it to be inspiration for your own. Otherwise you lose something far more valuable than illusive credit.
Your very life. Your very ‘she’. Or ‘he’ if the other way around.

Wonderous thought

Do deaf people conceptualise the nature of motion while moving the hands as different forms of symbolic iteration?
As to say, the more flowing the movement, the softer the communication; The stiffer and more rigid the arrangement, the rougher the symbolic expression?

I observe that in people, but for a different reason.
It gives me understanding of their biological integration.
Subtle more flowing body movements usually hints at higher sophistication, as it requires more micromovements – hence integrated consciousness; feeling the muscles. Some people move like they float through space and time.
Other like they are mechanical in their patterns.

This is

rather personal, but not so personal.
More from the viewpoint that it does not concern me very much.
I prefer keeping myself as vaguely defined as possible, as it enables more adaptation and by so becoming.

It is usually a question of stance and belonging – it seems important to people.
To me, I have grown into a character that values integrity more than credit – also in that conceptualisation of the world.

My main association is of course to the Swedish entity. Been my entire life. Conceptually speaking in my ego, it is “home”. Even though to me, my own mind, the arrangement in the mental dimension is more relevant to the symbol “home”.
But yes, my ‘physical root’ is stationed in Sweden, and agrees to great degree with the entity – but opposes some arrangements.

Biogenetically speaking I am mainly of Swedish, Finnish and Russian (and Karelian) genetic material. Both directly and indirectly. Those are entities I will never ever stand in conflict with, in any way or direction. Because they are “family”. There is superficial tension on the societal level between some of them, but that does not concern me.
I have little reason to believe that actual conflict will arise. And in the case it does I will stand down as neutral pacifist between them. I refuse to kill “family” (alternative associated meaning to: genocide – ‘Familiar’ being alternative association to ‘Family’) of any kind. Indirectly that has recently also come to include Estonia. Gz bro!

Neurogenetically speaking I am straight multidimensional, multicultural and completely international. I do not give a flying fuck about alignment and will struggle to find the least conflicting solution.

My main alignment in terms of arrangement is of course towards the Swedish entity. So most of my expressions will be in regard to it; constructive, critical or both.

When accepted by my “home” entity, as stipulated by its own core arrangement such as constitution, then of course my praise towards its efficiency is greater.

Things such as those are not as important to me, who tries to apply an actual authentic perspective of science onto everything. I do not like to inject personal opinion too much. Because it disturbs a lot of mental experimentation I have going on in my informational arrangement in the mental dimension.

But no, I am not an enemy to Sweden. I have, and have had some strong opinions.
Might have expressed myself clumsily (if not completely fucked up) at occasions as well.
But still, no.
And I simply refuse to become, regardless of personal opinion in certain cases.
If you perceive me to be, you are.
If you want me dead, then you like the idea of genocide.
Killing (certain type of) your own or specific external genetic material.
Not judging you, but careful (as in pay attention to) how you define your own game.
Because if quantum theory is correct, it will not be in your favour.

If you consider my consideration of language, then please consider this arrangement:
“Love overcomes”

The thing

with over-head humour is that you require enlightenment for it to become clearly projected, perceived and hopefully understood.
So hang in there champs – sophistry is sexy af. In the mental world. ^^

And on a personal note..
When you can start to preconceive the songs coming in the Spotify shuffle-function it either means you are precognitive, the Spotify shuffle follows a formula that can be subconsciously read or that one is tremendously lucky.
Five songs in a row is the longest streak thus far.

I know that shuffle-functions are usually based on mathematical formula, if only the script function itself, some music services or applications have had ridiculously simple to break or beat shuffle-functions – as it is always the same pattern.
Spotify deviates from that, otherwise it would be too easy.


This one

aged really well.
It is a good one.

Because it goes both ways.
In different perspectives.
In all conceptualisations.

Why does ‘she’ sound like ‘chi’? ^^

So when you get it, you realise that this has little to do with body shapes, but all about conceptualisation. For example: What do you think ‘inception’ could be an innuendo for? Regardless of dimension?


the movie “The Stay”.
Damn well made experience for an indie production.
When I thought it could not get more unbearable it turned 180.

The synchronicity was spot on.
Those are the kind of people I avoid like the plague.
The fake over-polished unauthentic smiles and posh holier-than-thou apathetics.
Not religiously speaking. But in social credit. Which is the modern religion.
The modern fascism. With paranoia, suppressed psychopathy and prejudice.
Not saying it entirely as if I am or were free from it.
But you get my point.
The honest ‘weirdo’ was more relatable. Even if symbolically taken to the extreme.

I find it equally amusing every time I read about some similar shitshow going down in society.
I wonder how many times they will have to test unauthenticity before they realise the futile insanity.

Shit like that happens even in my own small municipality.
So it is not just people from zoociety.

It might not be related to this, but:
It was a good thing with the pandemic.
The independent scene flourished.
From pure necessity or plain boredom.

And just..

for your consideration, assuming you people start waking up to the multidimensional.

As someone mainly operating in the to ordinary human unconventional portions of the energy spectrum, you ought to understand that all my creations are essentially my offspring.
That is the thing as a creative person.
Especially if like myself, more of the active in Asexual reproduction.

How you treat my creations is how you treat my kids.
Could be important, in regard to symbolic synchronicity and karma.
How energy arranges itself and such.
You people murdered quite a lot of my kids.

The existence has not disappointed me thus far.
Why be of a vengeful kind, when people get their dues somehow.
Cash made a good song about it; the title being pretty damn obvious.

I hated myself when I was. And anyone reminding of me.
And anyone else beyond that. Beneath the acting.
The everyday fake smiling of society.
So I stopped being that way.

Now I am in love.
With it. With everything.
Like a child, like a kid.


are, quite frankly, disgusting. As in repulsive. As in I repel them intentionally.
One of the most common string of thought that goes around in the collective unconscious now is the literally expressed emotional hope and desire for relatives to die so that inheritance can be acquired.

I might be fucked up, but not even remotely towards that.

I feel with the elderly.
I might be spoiled, but at least I have dignity.
It is natural, sure. Hence my leaning towards authentic transhumanism.

Death is the inevitable fading, no matter how prolonged life.
But I love life, the animation of it more than the expression of it.
So I could never, despite my art, even resonate that way.

I find that far more disgusting than any superficial or artificial lifestyle.
Especially since these people are retarded enough to THINK that their thoughts are private. The hard part is to pinpoint the origin sometimes.

Easy for me to evaluate people. Not judge, but evaluate.

Saw the movie Dark Places.
Such an eloquent, deeply disturbing, depiction of the dangers and destruction of prejudice.
Projected prejudice causes the projected onto one’s energetic upstream.
So many things of my past I wish were not “true”.
To my definite benefit.
Social credit, the ultimate fascism.
If not clandestine torture, so straight up isolation.

But then again.
I am conscious.
And I love life.
No small symbols.

Life is

so long.
Yet so short.

When I look back at all I have created.

And how little space it requires once properly organised.
Thirty-two years of memories arranged into efficient organisation in my bookshelf.
It feels easier to think somehow.

When the superficial has been organised and arranged, I will take to the digital.
I have like eighty percent of all I have ever written or created backed up.

Shapeshifting, consciously, in all spectra of energy.
Life is curious. Too curious to bother with comparison.

Remember, child.
Remember your child – it means. To me.
A symbolic extension of chi.
Your innocence.
Inner essence.


as long as Sweden strives towards creating an existential medium through a made manifest entity in which non-imposing freedom of expression is as free as possible I will be an undying patriot of that entity.

I do not trade my sovereignty, even pieces of it, for something without meaning.

That is also why I believe in military service. Not mandatory, but highly encouraged.
Because even if internal neutrality is dictated into order, that has to be maintained through discipline.
Consciousness has a shelf-life. It has to be maintained continuously.
So it is not military service against other biomass. But against disintegration and collective neurodegeneration.
Maintaining your bodily homeostasis is a war against entropy.

Therefore militarisation.
It has nothing to do with offensive stance globally.
But all about national integrity and increased efficiency of the societal homeostasis.
In military endeavours integration is enforced, because it is required for survival.
Do not oppose that idea, reconstruct and utilise it as a solution.

It could be offered as additional education in the teenage years of education.
Presented as inspiration rather than enforced. Not only superficially.
Repurposing the facilities established nationally.
Not education how to kill, but how to survive, in regard to all arrangements of organics known and to be known; natural, supernatural, superficial or artificial.

Nothing wrong at all in patriotism if properly arranged and defined in regard to its entity.

I believe

that the more efficient way to solve the integration issue in Sweden is to centralise education around English increasingly. As it is a better bridge language right now. While simultaneously encouraging Swedish as the bridge end.
That goes for (traditional) Swedes as well, as of this point in time an international community.
To different degree of course, but mental stagnation is always neurodegenerating.
You can never learn too much.
Language is conceptualisation, and even if synchronicity is embraced, even if only subconsciously – means to transfer conceptualised symbolism is essential for integrated manifestation – as it is in essence arranged energy. Neurogenetic material manifesting as information.

Think of Swedish as an internal language, as Swedish currency is an internal thing.
Yet the majority of people at least occasionally trades internationally. Euro or Dollar mainly.
The stronger that intellectual bridge also internally, the greater the chance for total integration.
Do not oppose the effects of previous imperialism, utilise it to the best result.

It is easier to transfer symbolic language, one or both directions, with a symbolic bridge.
English was important in my education, but not nearly as much as I would have desired in retrospect. At least 80% of my skill is self taught. Usually out of sheer necessity in video gaming. But also in curious, artistic and scientific endeavours.

Most people knows enough English to start transfer understanding of symbolism and therefore amplifying the connection creating integration.
Use that as a strategic opportunity because of endeavours by other entities.

It is genetic material as any. Intellectual weaponry. ‘Weapon’ is a very vague symbol, keep that in mind.
Swedes (however defined) might be few, but it says nothing about efficiency.


the best felt discovery of 2020.
That summer will go down as one of the better in my life (Weirdly enough). Probably the best since I got disabled thus far.

Comes with high.. recommendation, their entire catalogue, if you like quality music and art.
Just an innocent shout-out. ^^

Guilty pleasure

“Du är en av mina bästa vänner”
Viskar du i tanken.
Känner de varma sträckorna i tiden.
Dra mig mot dig.

Tystnaden i stunden, den som uppstår.
När jag känner dig.
Som en overall av känsla över huden.
Kalla kårar kroppsligt.

Jag viskar några färger genom tiden.
Ser reflektionen spela.
Ekot fäller sig i tankarna och värmen slår.
Så lite det skulle krävas nu.

Känner flödet som river genom strukturen.
Känslan eskalerar sig själv.
Så stönande, flåsande om inte skrikande.
Andningen följer varsamt.

“Snälla sluta inte”
Flämtar du allvarligt.
Vreden bara sekunder under.
Som att jag skulle våga.

En stundlig tanke.
Vem är du, du som du.
Här och nu, i min tanke nu.
“Tänk om det inte alls är du.”

Ett väsen, en reflektion.
En felläst synkronistisk manifestation.
Tystnaden som uppstår i tanken därefter.
Nu förstår jag varför de kallar det “guilty pleasure”.

Fick min

valsedel till kyrkovalet idag.
Gick aldrig ur. Avser inte heller.
Avstår dock att lägga min röst.
Förmodar att det arrangerar sig korrekt utan att mitt ego lägger sig i.
Jag lever på statliga försäkringspengar vilket som, så jag betraktar mer kyrkskatten som en frivillig månatlig donation.
Jag kan bara hoppas de åtar sig sitt uppdrag som de väljer att uppfatta det.


‘By the most daring and humiliating of deaths, I found immortality.
In the greatest of my perceived opponents, they tortured me beyond the ego.
And without it I found the golden cities of the clouds, the heavenly arrangement.
The extradimensional nature of natural human as no longer possessed by the ego.
They murdered my ego through years of torture and I rose again, Immortal and indestructible.’
– No peaceful rest for the judges


That word.
That symbol.
Changed it for me.
Not in the intellectualised sense.
But in the perceptive and comprehensive.

Have you thought about that word, in deeper meaning.
Obviously the meaning is very clear.
Omni, meaning ‘all’, and present being ‘in the now’
‘Ever-present’ is a more suitable synonym or direct translation.

You see, that is a truly interesting symbol that is often brushed over and ignored. Because that is no small symbol if you attempt to comprehend it.
I mean, can you wrap your head around it?

Right now?
Right here?
In this very sentence?
In every sentence on this blog thus far.
In every sentence by every human throughout time thus far.
In every expression of our solar system throughout time thus far.
Every spec of dust in the perceivable Universe.
And all that which is beyond that, to us currently unknown.

Can you wrap your head around that?
The words, yes, the ones you read.
But in idea. In comprehension.
Do you pay it attention?
In the moment?
Right here?
Right now?
Every time?

That symbol is just another word in their senseless murmur of sermons. A repeated symbol that is within the string of words like all the other. But to me, as someone acutely aware of all symbolic language, that is not a small symbol. It is one of the biggest ones.
Somewhere right below that of ‘infinity’ or ‘eternity’ when it comes to the capacity of trying to perceive it and wrap my head around it.

Not even my own perception and comprehension is omnipresent.
How can my comprehensive instruments even attempt to comprehend something they are not themselves?
Thus the subconscious.

Therefore it comes down to belief.
Do you believe in it?
If not, then how would you perceive it?
How could you comprehend it?

Can you even believe in omnipresence?
I mean, that would be the present being aware of itself, essentially.
So it would be presence in the perceived belief of the presence.

That is no small symbol.
Yet they use it as if nothing.
Like people use the word “forever”.
Can you even wrap your comprehension around that?
Have you even attempted?

Your cognitive output is a direct result generated by your attempts to wrap your head around things. And if you have done it enough, you would have come to conclude at least some symbols that are very hard if not downright impossible to wrap your comprehension around.

If “God” is omnipresent, why would it ever need to be argued?
If religious people truly believe that, how can they be against anything at all?
That one word, that one symbol both verifies and nullifies religion in its entirety simultaneously.

Assuming it is, there would never be a need for a religion.
Because a religion is nothing more than a meagre attempt to wrap your head around ‘omnipresence’ in formulated intellect taking shape as a doctrine or perceptional paradigm.

The religion ends up being mental clothing.
Intellectual fashion.
Constituting your perceived character.
Hopefully omnipresently aware.

I believe in it.
Because I do not know better.
It might even be impossible to know better.
Something arranged all of this.
Which we perceive.

I need no religion to see it.
It is everywhere according to itself.


is the contemplation around that of wires.
What are they really in the energetic aspect of things.
Quantumly speaking it ought to be obvious.
I rearranged all my wires today.
And during this activity I came to realise that it is of matter.
Thus concern.
It was a curious exercise generating interesting result.

Reality becomes increasingly interesting the more the multidimensional idea is applied.
Imagine people who still struggles with multi-culturalism.
Which is essentially just another symbol for a greater collection of through time generated ideas.
Strategically it ought to be superior due to the total sum of knowledge and therefore capacity for generating efficient result.

No wonder why all the bigger entities either import or by means of temporal imposition in the shape of imperialism has acquired a greater variety of human biomass.
The wider the intellectual spectrum manifesting as arranged symbolism within one entity, the greater its capacity for generating intelligence if the arrangement has been properly integrated throughout the entire conglomerate, or federation of different portions of animated human biomass.

If you incorrectly oppose immigration you misunderstand proper integration. Symbiosis between strains of human biomass is what constitutes an efficient society. Whatever you believe is the proper culture of your entity is your responsibility to manifest, uphold and curate. The better you are at symbiotically integrate that strain with other strains within the same entity, as to say under the same flag, the more efficient you may become as a construct. Both individually, locally and nationally. And if nationally efficient, also globally efficient.

Your biological construct in the shape of human body is an animating system of arranged organisations and circulatory infrastructure. The amount of different functions allowed dictates your overall sophistication. Great integration means greater ability for movement. Greater mental integration diminishes cognitive dissonance and manifests a unified society.

If the integration apparatus, the intellectual construct for how symbiosis between different strains of human biomass ought to manifest, is efficient – then immigration is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to grow the overall entity. Both in structural complexity and the amount of arranged biological and psychological components.

An organically designed society will be superior in the majority of cases, due to the structural integrity. These days artificial organics is possible, therefore the stronger integrity in a centralised idea manifesting a decentralised society consisting of as many genetic variations as possible in symbiotically integrated societal bio-infrastructure.

Because that is the way your own body is modelled.
So many different variations of tissue manifesting so many functions in unison.
Just so that you might be able to think.
If you do it.

Seen it

time is relative.
Shit rhymes yo’!

You people gonna love the future.
At least here. Once they have developed the integration apparatus, Sweden is all go again. You/we will find balance by necessity. Because of what is coming.
Wait and see it happen. It will happen, because it already has.
The reverberation of time is like that of a rocking boat.
It follows a very distinct movement pattern in its distribution of energy.

Sweden might not be big, but it has high density in its structural formation.
That would be one form of efficiency.
Being one of the more open-minded colonies around, it also is a stable medium for intellectual arrangement.
Once the other components of the Swedish bio-hive picks up on the rearrangement occurring, proper adaptation will be reached.
Has already happened, and it will happen again.
The upswing of feminism occurring right now is a spot on reverberation of the century-wide wave.

All the information is in the sunlight. It feeds the template, we arrange the variables. But the pattern is very similar. Call it gravity, call it balance, whatever.
It can be read though. Because symbolically it carries little variable difference than formulated language.


these simple facts:
Everyone able of higher reason is by definition a psychopath.
Everyone able of higher social interaction is an expressing sociopath.
Everyone able of electromagnetic reverberation in their biomass is an empath.
So on and so forth in whichever intellectual pathogens.
If you are none, you are apathetic.
As in asexual, apolitical, areligious, atheist.
You are them, by having an ego.
Do not program your ego to be unaware of its on paths.
Only by awareness can you handle them.
Everyone are. Denial is futile. And stupid.
Only bringing itself more into manifestation.

Those most admitting are usually those capable of most handling.
Because realisation is necessary for overcoming.

Sports, as in arranged competition, is probably one of the most psychopathic things on this planet. (War is too destructive to even qualify under such a mild symbol in comparison)
Music, as in arranged composition, is probably one of the most sociopathic things on this planet. (Manipulation is by intent, it does not come through all social interaction)
Handling of the human condition. Use your imagination for empathy, but fucking fuck does it come in a wide spectrum.

Watch out for those in denial, they have not made it far in their minds.
As long as they are intellectually innocent, as to say, symbolically naive, they pose little danger. It is in the gap they are dangerous. Once they realise, they become less dangerous over time – depending on the environment.