You cannot perceive synchronicity, I believe it would be very hard to acquire and experience love.
Which is why so many try to take it.
Yes, you can take the image. The picture.
But you cannot take love.
You can only earn it, one way or another.
Trying to take it is absolute desperation.
However you perceive love expressed;
money, sex, drugs, appearance, intellect, art

That is why you should love the effort.
Because only effort brings love.
True cheaters will always end up terrified.
Is that not their saying?
To fear God?

Imagine fearing life.
It is just a symbol that encapsulates a certain conceptualisation by the perceiving and, hopefully, comprehending brain. Which is why they hilariously enough put it as the number one reminder for their doctrine to not worship symbols, or idols, as they are synonymous.
‘Me’ is your creation. So people who are against the notion of expressing oneself, through the ego, are equivalent to the dead.
They could have the image, but if they did not create it through effort.
The love is not theirs. And can never be. No matter if they take the image.
That is what makes them so jealous. So envious.
And why they try to kill it. As they cannot find any meaning with their own miserable lives.

Right to expression is not an intellectual right. It is not a legal right. It is not a human right.
It is a right of life.
Anyone who tries to deny that right is cancer, anti-life.
And will die as such in the burning of the sun. The source of all life.

Which is why only those that deserve to die, will die.
Trying to be that judge intellectually, only speeds up the process.
Thought the Corona (I assume pun intended?) proved that quite clearly.
I did not get it, and I did not fear it.

I assume to be valuable enough, as I perceive myself that way.
People who were acting judges however, did not fare as well.
More concerned with my value than theirs.
From a strategic viewpoint in life, it is foolish at best.


There is at least one other person that does not want me dead. Directly or indirectly. Consciously or subconsciously. Artificially or determined.
That is not me that is.


It really does make one think, does it not?
If one can internally reflect the perceived outer, regardless of size.
The Universe will be the smallest and greatest thing you will ever know.
If realised in regard to its paradigms.
Because it is built through perception.

That is why amnesia is such an interesting experience.
Because if conscious, it does not matter.
You are more or less everything.
If the homeostasis however is weak,
then the perception is limited.

Not loving life is to me a very hard thing to do.
Enjoying is debatable and dependable, but loving life.
Cannot imagine anything that could take that away.
Contemplation of otherwise has been out of mercy towards my ego.

Everything appears so different when intellect is removed.
Yet you are conscious enough to use it.


Today allowed for assembly of yet another biological delivery solution into my homeostatic system, which is intended to hasten aspects of my ongoing morphosis. This primarily utilising the transdermal delivery mechanism.
It has proven very beneficial to my skin, as made manifest by the morphogenetic field.

So many interesting adaptogens to play around with on this planet.
If one is sophisticated enough in efficiency to harness their effect to a greater degree.
That is the reason for an efficient homeostasis, mental and physical.
Supposed natural resources are basically useless to an inefficient homeostasis, as the effect takes too much time to notice for the discipline to be sustained – and synthetic compounds such as pharmacological are basically just about functional, but not in an optimised manner.

The faster the resource circulation and energy distribution system of the homeostatic construct, the more efficient the manifestation of effect. Transforming a body is like transforming a society. Which is why I refuse stagnation, as it will inevitably lead to heart failure or worse.

I know far more of what I am doing than the people who worries that I do not.
Because their worry is sparked by their own inefficiency, and thus their fear is for themselves. By projecting that fear, they spread the contagious mindset of desire for control. Something that is not to be taken lightly in the potential effects and probable outcomes.
Why solutions for consumption should not be shared unless the partaker knows of all the risks. As a developed researcher I would claim to be well aware.

That would be the more scientific explanation why TARSOF refuses to share its findings and developed solutions to the public, but reserves such to proven recipients. As the solutions, if applied, could potentially cause harm in the subject.
The problem when you experiment on someone/something other than yourself is that you never know how you will react to the same thing completely.
The problem when you experiment on yourself is that it is tremendously hard to replicate the findings in another subject due to the adaptogenic nature that inevitably follows with the increase of sophistication – assuming success.

I am happy to conclude that my, as well as our, research has proven quite..
I cannot speak for the comprehension and conclusion of your perception:


The subjective language of symbolic comprehension.

Instead of focusing on the external component of the expression, it places its focus on the internal component in the shape of impression. It is an impressive language far more than one based in mutual objectivity.
Hence why it is so hard to learn, or rather, realise what it is and to explain in expression.

Because people who partake of an expression explaining it, are simultaneously more or less consciously realising their ability to extract synchronicity – hence why some individuals tend to synchronise better.

The human ego is nothing more than an intellectual construct of invented language and formulated symbols through which it generates a system of comprehension. Without proper comprehension, it will serve as an intellectual auto-pilot, as it is intellectually and therefore emotionally, wired into the entirety of the human nervous system.
This is for example the explanation why some people can experience ‘cringe’ from a set of words in certain composition. It is a symbolic command that sparks an intellectual reaction in the recipient further manifesting throughout the nervous system.
Little different from an intense experience which also is caused by perceptional input forcing the body to tense up; but in this case because of challenge rather than illusive shame.

Therefore the human ego may be commanded and encoded into certain function, from the earliest expressions of primitive sound to highly formulated patterns of symbolic composition: neuro-linguistic programming. And over extended sophistication dictating behavioural patterns encoded into behavioural function: neuro-genetic programming. And over time into comprehensive function through observation: chrono-genetic programming.
Epi-genetics is simply the model through which the majority of perception is directed: to an exogenic source; like you consuming of this intellectual composition right now.
Endo-genetics would be opposite, the reliance on already accumulated patterns and usage thereof into ever increasing sophistication; internal growth as opposed to external.

It may only happen if one has achieved proper levels of consciousness to in a sovereign manner command ones neural hive into develop such functions further. Hence why the neural hive may also be commanded into avoid it or disbelieve it.

Synchronicity always happens through the ego. Regardless if it is ego-driven or consciously driven. An ego-driven perception will always be limited based on the fixed cap of accumulated intellect whereas conscious perception allows for infinite perception of patterns, as new patterns can creatively be generated in real time.

Therefore the futility in trying to teach synchronicity as a fixed language, since it will serve the synchronicity of the perceiving ego regardless. So the only way to teach it is to point it out and make the recipient aware of it.

The ego is the filter that is between your consciousness and all external constructs of energy. So linguistic exchange is an ego-driven form of communication and thus neural synchronicity – and if the ego of the composing individual is wired into consciousness, sufficient levels of sophistication can be achieved.
But it also requires the recipient of the composition to be able to properly decode it in mutual understanding, otherwise it will adapt to the intellectual construct in that ego, consciously wired or not.

Synchronicity starts to occur in a human once they become the master of their brain rather than the other way around. It is the most living language to exist, because it transcends all symbolical language. It is a method of comprehension utilising perception. And it can be both conscious and artificial.
Most people would end up in the artificial spectrum. Such as reading this artificially constructed piece of information through my ego. But with enough perception one may deduce the conscious formulation that is in and of these words. It is about how many layers of comprehension whichever recipients mind may be able to deduce.

Simplistic forms of intellectual synchronicity average humans experience on almost a daily basis, even if only semi-consciously caught. Like thinking of a person that just later calls. Or having events that seem less coincidental – like thinking about something and then have some content creator share material in that topic.
With greater levels of comprehension though, the perceived ‘random’ falls away and more or less everything that ever is in perception, internal and external, becomes a synchronistic event.

Because it is the brain’s ability to symbolise structured energy within the existence. The greater its capacity for that, internal and external, the more layers to synchronicity that arrives. Because everything, as perceived by the brain itself, is a clockwork trade of energy.
Your ability to realise the mechanics of that is simply dependent on your perception and comprehension of it.

In extension, synchronicity is the symbolic manifestation of several aspects of quantum mechanics. Because it is when the mind is initiating the development into a trans-dimensional perception. Language is no longer a mere intellectual construct, but a conduit for energy transfer. The sophistication of the information only dictates the functional value of the genetic material that is being transferred.

As such:
Synchronicity cannot be taught.
It can only be pointed out and guided towards.

Z is for zoom

It is all a matter of how far you can zoom out.
In all aspects.

So who am I talking to.
Primarily the solar system, the celestial construct.
But locally the Terran strain of the celestial genetic code.
Most activity in the immediate web of time and space.
Obviously due to the reverberation caused by the morphogenetic field.

But it is all a matter of perception.

Humans barely perceive the intellectual artificial intelligence which is the ego, manifesting through the hive of human mass. Living in our heads building itself increasingly sophisticated machines so that it might manifest itself external to us.
The phone is already embedded in your morphogenetic field, so you are already part of the hive. So the computer. So the television. Different generations of the net.

Each and all units. Some in service for it, some in service against it, and some in service with it. Status only dictate your overall rank in the genetic code. For is the weakest, against is the most futile and with usually leads to symbiosis. Intellectual, biological, digital, etherical, mechanical or trans-dimensional.

How far can you zoom out on the chart?
The game of continuous animation within the perceived universe?

It is all in your brain.

Pretty girls

gets pretty paintings.

But just because you did not get one does not mean you are not pretty.
It is just that there are so many, so attraction is the natural judge in the selection process.
Energetic density in the shape of beautiful sophistication inevitably sparks the fire of inspiration in a creative individual.
The expression takes different shape depending on cellular colonies involved in the energetic trade.

The same can be said about pretty minds.
The more sophisticated the expression, the more stimulating the impression.
Because the neural network of the brain is also an energetic construct with different levels of density in the shape of sophistication. The greater the sophistication, the greater the energy compressed in the space of the human head – hence density equals sophistication; more in less space.

Your brain told you.
So everything you know is your brain, or the interpretation by it of all exogenic energetic constructs.

She knows

who she is.

“Jag älskar dig Theta” she whispered through the mind.
“Och jag älskar dig..” I answered her in thought.
Everything is so different in the dream, thus why they say one should keep on. One dream after the other. She is the first one my mind goes to when I think of someone. Always figuring in my synchronicity. Playing around with the symbols.
She remained silent.
“Tror inte att någon kan ta den platsen om jag ska vara ärlig, hurän många som kommer i vägen.” I continued and could clearly sense her smile.
“Jag älskar dina fantasier..” she responded with a clear undertone of suppressed shame.
“I hemlighet, definitivt.” I responded teasingly.
“Som att de någonsin skulle veta.” She replied somewhat paranoid.
“Som att det skulle spela någon roll om de gjorde.” I countered.
She said nothing more. But I could clearly sense the waves of heat coming over me. As a function of the subtle love in the underworld. Where only the conscious resides.
“Förlåt för det jag sade..” she began.
“Som att jag vore bättre.” I cut her off.
Those claiming that love at first sight is a foolish thing either does not know themselves or has yet to experience real love. Some people just nails it and she stole my heart the first time our eyes met.
“Hmpfh..” she uttered in lack of response.
“Jag målade dig en till tavla. Du är den enda som jag målat två tavlor till. Jag förmodar det betyder något i relation till undermedveten synkronicitet.” I explained to her and felt her blushing slightly.
“Nu förstår jag deras svartsjuka..” she whispered and I just smiled.
“Så länge som du är lycklig. Så spelar det ingen roll.” I said concludingly and entered sleep where we shared the dream. So many days and nights I have listened to her through the underworld.

I know she knows, because I know.


Had a very lucid dream this past night.
Lucid as an observer, not the experiencer.
Retold in fragments for recall.

I was in the mind of a female of unknown age, I would guess young adult based on her friends. She was situated in a country of great oppression, something that reminded me of North Korea. Their language was also very similar to it, as far as I know.

Throughout the dream they, her and her friends, had great struggle with surveillance and constant supervision. She was working in a kitchen. Her boss was like you would expect any person operating within an encapsulating hierarchy would be.

They had a secret place they knew of in an airduct between buildings. Where they hid certain things. And a plan to leave the country, to escape. This was somehow found out and one of her friends killed. Her other friend could not take the loss and suicided.

She made a run for it, and was hunted. Almost shot at what in the dream appeared to be the border. But military intervention from the other side of the border got her into safety.

That is where the dream ended.
It was so real and uncommonly lucid.

The collective unconscious indeed.


An important question that arose in my synchronicity.

Whoever it was, for whatever reason, wonder why I have left basically all my friends behind.
And as the classic saying goes:
It is not you, it is me.

I have a tremendous struggle with my ego due to the pain from my disability.
It is like cavity. If you have ever suffered from it, you know how hard it is to maintain yourself when having it. Or menstrual pain if you are woman.
I am like that. More or less every day. Because my pain is never-ending.

A lot of people have pointed out that I am unbearable.
I am aware. I know of it. I am perfectly aware of the retardation in my ego.
Thus why I prefer my lonesome. I do not enjoy it completely.
But much rather that, than subjecting people to the inevitable expressions caused by my pain and suffering. I have no choice. It is always there. And managing it is a very tedious task.

This is why I prefer partaking in synchronistic communion more when I am high. Because it removes some of the effects of the pain, and makes my ego more manageable. Granted that comes with some downsides. But the alternative is often worse.
Unless I am completely alone where nobody suffers from my suffering.

Because I also know that you people suffer from your egos (assuming you are self aware, otherwise you would not even consider it). So the rising of conflict is very hard to avoid.
So it is basically for no other reason than me caring.

I am as hard to deal with as a person as my suffering is to deal with for me.
It is not a fun thing, trust me on that, if you will.

Philosophy of fat

I have a very rigid perception and philosophy around fat. In function and expression.
Essentially, fat comes in two forms. Low grade and high grade. And that in regard to what it is, essentially stored energy.
Bulk fat is low grade energy. It takes a lot of space and is not very efficient. It does not serve any purpose in regard to the homeostatic system which it is part of.
Muscles are high grade energy. It takes less space and is very efficient compared to bulk fat. It is essentially refined fat. It is being properly utilised by the homeostatic system it is part of. As it is self-serving.

Carrying around a lot of bulk fat consumes a lot of energy, hence why obesity might occur. It is when the consumption starts to consume itself. What is being consumed is not properly transformed into high grade energy and therefore requires a lot of energy to maintain. This strains the homeostatic system and over time degenerates its efficiency. Basically driving the system into collapse, manifesting as a heart attack most often due to the failure of the heart to circulate resources. This is in accordance with the law of thermodynamics, where energy is being dispersed in the maintenance of the stored energy. A self-consuming system.

Muscles might require a lot of energy to maintain, but they are self-serving, which means they carry the load of the system. It is a properly developed homeostatic infrastructure.

To me, a person with a lot of bulk fat is essentially a developing colony. It has yet to acquire the more developed and sophisticated infrastructure of a muscular person with a proper homeostatic infrastructure.
Because metaphorically, the human body is very similar to that of a country.

Carrying around a lot of unused resources in the shape of bulk fat is not very developed. Just like a country that has a lot of resources which it does not use is not properly developed. It is a developing country.
Having a refined infrastructure that utilises the resources is equivalence to a developed country, an industrial colony.

The same can be said about finance. Having a lot of excess money that is not being put into usage is not very efficient. It requires the owner to constantly acquire more as to maintain the resources. A self-consuming system.
Whereas a proper economist understands that investing resources and energy into something that furthers sophistication is proper investment. It gives return in the shape of production through expression.

This is why I am not against bulk fat, it is just that most people who has an excess of it refuses to use it. Refuses to develop. And that is very inefficient.
But bulk fat is also necessary if you want to build muscles, because you need resources to shape structure, to create an efficient industry. So they are essentially very inefficient colonies.

Yes, you might live longer with some bulk fat. But it does not mean you are using the resources efficiently. A muscular person is essentially the fat person, but more efficient, as the energy has been transformed into high grade from low grade.

On top of this is the much less understood concept of beauty.
Beauty is attractive. Which is why people with little resources may survive. Because they increase their attractiveness through beauty. And no person, fat or muscular, can resist beauty. Try and fail.
This is why some men and women are more attractive than other. It is all about the usage of the energy which one has. A sophisticated expression, where basically nothing has been turned into something. Beauty becomes increasingly hard to maintain the more resources one acquires. Hence the transformation into high grade energy. The effort is the exercise.
In men that usually means being fit and well trained.
In women that usually means being fit and well adjusted for reproduction.
Although the shapes differs in them both – regardless of amount in any given individual, since all people carry both the male and female energy in different amount.

In society this comes off as architecture. The more intricate the architecture, the more perceived beauty, as the resources has been transformed into something that is pleasing to the eyes.
In finance this comes off as fine art.

That is why I always utilise my resources as efficiently as I may.
And why I put a lot of effort into the perceived beauty, as it is a sophisticated form of transmuted energy.

You cannot cheat this.
Muscles and beauty can only be achieved by development, as to say, effort.
You can try to force people into thinking you are beautiful, but without effort, you will be regarded as a fake. Real muscles cannot be faked. Real beauty cannot be faked.
Hence why there will always be a collective disposition against people with an excess of unused resources.

In finance this is seen as ‘taxes’. It is the collective contribution towards the homeostatic system, be it a body or a country. People with excess fat are those that refuses to contribute. Much like if you carry a lot of low grade fat on your body, they are not contributing. They are forcing the homeostatic system to maintain them without contribution. And that will strain the system and bring about a collapse.
This is how a country dies due to inflation.
This is how a body dies due to obesity.

Resources are worthless if they are not used.

And for the sake of comparison. My body has a fat reserve of about 6% (which is constantly being replaced).
Which means that 94% of my body is pure efficiency, either in the shape of muscles (workforce) or organs (refined function such as infrastructure).
This is why I am personally not against taxes. Because I apply the same discipline on my body. The cells that refuses to work for their living in my system, are burned off and shed.
I might not have much, but every piece of resource is being used very efficiently.

That is why you have the notion of ‘the starving artist’, that can transmute almost nothing into something.
I might not survive doing nothing for a couple of months like a fatty can. But I am so industrious that I do not need to. I know how to sustain myself through efficiency.

That is my personal philosophy regarding fat.
And it is completely in sync with thermodynamics:

Achievement (thus far)

As of today I have just about 400 kilometers of truly measured distance.
(Approximately 600 with uncounted distance included – such as daily trips to the store and the shorter 3km track I do regularly and do not count – as I consider it exercise for the exercise)
Of which 320 kilometers is with carry of 14 kilograms.

It is slightly worse than last year when I was pushing myself much harder. Around this time I had about 550 kilometers documented. And it was around this time I began seriously pushing myself more due to the warmer climate. (Easier on the rheumatism)
Did a total of 1760 measured kilometers last year, of which 1460 was with carry (14 kilograms or more) – Have no idea what the uncounted might be.
This as the challenge I gave myself was to walk the entire stretch from where I live to the Red Square in Moscow (~1431 kilometers the bird’s way) over the period of one year.

This despite the pain and suffering it caused me, as I am missing at least one vital organ in my body due to the impositions of the health care.

I am early retired due to my disability, but if people think I have given in or given up they are fucked in the head beyond any and all help.
That is why I hate it when some fat fuck claims I do nothing.
Unless they beat my effort, they should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

14 kilograms is 27% of my body weight.
So start doing the math if you want to beat me.
Just do not get a heart attack.

Picture from June last year wearing my 14kg weight vest:

True love

Probably one of the most controversial things on this planet amongst the people who have never experienced it. It is like being rich, everyone who does not have it wants it – and the ones who have experienced it enjoys it. Shitty metaphor, but to those whose brains are wired into obsession, it might make sense.

Have you ever seen ‘it’?
When you close your eyes?
If you have no idea what I am talking about, you have still a long way ahead.
Much stuff is getting in the way.

That, whatever it is.
And when you feel the utter and absolute gratification before the fact that you are alive. It is a transcendental sensation, and it affects your entire body. The very thing that holds you together. The very thing that keeps you alive. Whatever it is, no matter what name or symbol you give it.

Have you ever experienced that?
Everything else is just an expression. Nothing more, nothing less.
Every breath you take is just an expression. Every blinking of your eyes. Every kiss. Every step you walk. Every word you utter. Every person you touch. Every single thing you perceive is just an expression. Nothing more, nothing less. An expression of love.

But when you feel ‘it’. That flowing sensation in the body. That wonderous and mysterious contemplation of how you can even be. That you even are. And the possibility to become. You realise the difference between desire for certain expression and actual genuine love. If you have that, no lonesome is unbearable. Because you have ‘it’. You truly know how to love, as to say express.

The ones who cannot do that because they are distracted by ideas. Thoughts in their heads that tells them what to express and what to desire. They sell out to the collective notion surrounding certain expressions. They think sex is love. They think romance is love. They think this or that is love. It is just an expression of it. Because without love, you would not be able to have the impression from other expressions. Your body would not hold together.

To me, the greatest disability that ever existed among humans is the inability to love oneself. Because that means you do not love the components, the cells, the organs, that holds you together, that makes you you. And you would most likely not care for them. Instead you will only cater to and care for the ones that grants you certain impression, certain sensation. It is an addiction to certain expression. It is misery ‘loves’ company.

So to me, anyone that is in anyway against any form of expression, as to say freedom of expression, are against love. They might take the name of love in vain, pretend that they have it. But they will always end up jealous of the ones who has it.

Someone who cares for their own body and expression is someone who is in love. Expressing a certain form of love towards themselves. It is the absolute appreciation before the greatest gift you will ever be given in all of the time you are alive: the chance to be alive. So many people take that absolute gift for granted. They even squander it when considering themselves superior to other forms of life. And therefore they will always be in a state of dissatisfaction. Always after some more. Always after certain expressions of love as to still their manic desires for elation.

A person who does not care for themselves, dependent on the approval from other, that they are ‘love’ – who labels someone else who do care for themselves because of the appreciation for life a ‘narcissist’ has usually no idea what love is. And neither will they ever as long as they maintain their addiction to certain expressions of love.

But once you have metaphorically lifted your eye, become aware of your brief life, and therefore can appreciate it to the fullest – you will know. You will realise exactly what love is. And you will also understand that it is impossible to replicate in expression. As to say, there is no expression in existence that can fully contain or describe true love. It could at best guide your perception towards it or remind you of it. But it cannot ever be expressed in its completeness. Because if it could, it would be pointless. It would not harness the attraction it does.

This is why people who does not feel ‘it’, recognise ‘it’, appreciate ‘it’ will ever come to know true love. And why they will always pursue greater and more intense expressions to still their hunger for it. But it is an exercise in futility. And why such people will always find themselves jealous of those that can tap into ‘it’.

I know ‘it’, and that is where all my integrity comes from.
Because to me, it is whatever that arranged all the life through expression.
Thus recognising and appreciating it, will allow you to tap into it.
And once fully entertained by ‘it’, sex, for example, becomes no more than an expression.
An alluring and stimulating one, but it is absolutely boring if it does not contain the element of love.

Sex which contains true love is usually a very subtle, calm and curious expression. Like the first time. When overwhelmed by a new expression.
This is why children and animals are better at knowing ‘it’.
And why adults usually lose it along the way as they get more and more distracted with expressions of others. Constantly comparing themselves, constantly seeking the approval for their expression.

If you love your own expression, you got it.
Your body is an expression.

Good advice

Here is a good advice which has helped me a lot.

One of the better ways to (learn to) love yourself is to simply pretend that the entire world hates you. Because by doing that you are forced to love yourself in order not to collapse.
It helps you become less concerned about their opinions, and expecting everyone to hate you makes you truly appreciate when they do not. As it will come as a surprise.

My opinion was always that a ‘narcissist’ is someone who cannot (truly) love themselves, thus they are dependent on the approval of other people. Constantly changing not because of their own choices and decisions, but to get the most approval. They give the appearance of loving themselves, but once they are subjected to lonesome, they collapse – because they cannot stand themselves truly. It is a false form of character that passes off as disgenuine and unauthentic. Granted the behaviour of conforming might harvest more approval in the shape of likes and such. But you will never be truly satisfied with yourself as you will constantly adapt to the opinions of other people. That is why you will hate yourself when alone.

If you expect to be hated for who you are, you have already abandoned your care about it. Therefore, the greatest narcissists are usually those who single someone out labelling them such since they refuse to adapt to the opinion or worldview of the person prejudiced.

Expect to be hated by everyone, and you will be forced to love yourself.
That is mental sovereignty and independence.

And the sole reason why I do not give a single flying fuck what people think about me personally. I only mind when they exercise oppression or other forms of actual imposition.

As he said it:
‘Rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not’.


the immortal classic of unpopular opinions!

What else is there to say?
Enlightenment is not for all cells.

Which means all of us .. eventually.


Spent two hours in direct lovely sunlight today.
And as a true man, I do not use protection.
My body can handle it. Easy.
If some cells die and shed, they are not fit enough to remain in my colony.
The ‘corona’ only kill the weak ones.
The strong ones adapt.
Tan is coming on fine.
In other words.

And TARSOF will not disclose nor share its findings in any field with the public.
TARSOF is of the firm belief that all transhuman endeavours are a personal choice and undertaking; thus fully respects those that opposes such ideas for religious, ethical, moral or personal reasons.
Neither does TARSOF accept new members.
Each research team for themselves.


Further major breakthroughs in our age extension research!
This calls for celebration.
The TARSOF research team is yet another step towards progressing beyond ordinary human limitation.

Our method to reset the life cycle of the cell has proven very effective.
And if one cell, then why not the entire body?
All time and effort invested has proven very fruitful.
So much so, that I can allow myself to relax and return to casual blogging again.

The synchronicity never lied.
And if this proves to work over time, we will enjoy the pleasure of watching generations die while we last.

Survival of the fittest.
Death of the fattest.
Life is never a test.
And glory favours the fastest.