This is the first part of my magnum opus, initiated in May 2013 and concluded in August 2018.
A time during which I dedicated on average 10 hours every day to attentive studies.
What you see is merely the distilled conclusions and condensed parallel artworks,
every image holds massive amounts of unpublished information, many hundred hours of
study and practice as well as countless hours of observation and experience gathering.
I went through several cultures and histories, through scientific fields and linguistics,
I explored the occult and mastered alchemy, I understood philosophy and studied gnosticism,
I acquainted myself with and observed ascended masters and pioneers in their particular fields.
I ascended to the 99:th percentile of intelligence and by doing so climbed the internal hierarchy.
I explored most paranormal concepts as well as trained my extrasensory perception and recollection.
I mastered the art of lucid dreaming, dream building, dreamwalking and astral projection beyond
the level at which I were proficient before I initiated this project. I also developed aspects
of my synaesthesia further than I could have imagined possible when I first discovered what
it was that constantly differentiated in my perception in expressed experience compared
to that of my peers. The amount of work and dedication this project has required could
not possibly be summarized in short, as it went beyond mere acquiring of intellect.
It also depended on my ability to assimilate and comprehend what was being gathered
in complete conscious awareness. It is an absolute dedication to complete attention.
Something which is not to be taken lightly by anyone whom might consider doing the same.

As I have done everything by means of personal effort without reliance on any
conventional school, there is really no reason nor excuse for anyone not to do
the same. I was no more than average, maybe even worse, when I initiated
this project. Some might find that hard to believe, but it is very much true.
Every tool and resource is there and available to the majority of people.
Most people would be blown away completely if they realized what
could be achieved with only the public library and the Internet
if they only choose to use their time as efficient as they
possibly could. No fulfilling result comes easy.
The key is to not get stuck in prejudice.
As it gets in the way of learning.
Seek and thou shall find.

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via!