The fundamental meaning of 'As within so without' is that whichever structure
contained within will essentially manifest without. As to say, if you are part of a
doctrine of any kind, this doctrine will manifest itself as an institution or similarly
without. Whatever contained within will manifest in parallel without. This also
applies on the opposite, whatever manifest without can be installed as a doctrine
within. Any and all are born in perfect innocence, as to say, like a blank slate. One
does not have any perception of anything, not even the collective doctrine and
perception of time. But once this doctrine is installed within, it manifests without.
Collective perception conforms the newly arrived individuals to whichever
collectively agreed upon doctrines, and therefore collectively brings them into
manifestation. The earthly realm could change in an instant if every member of
the human collective transformed their within. Simply because the rule 'As within
so without' is a universal constant which brings the experience of life into being and
manifestation. Change your perception and change your entire realm of perception.
Never allow your perception to manipulate or alter your within, as this is the
fundamental which leads to conformity and spiritual possession.