Time, essentially, is a collective movement through the cosmos, as in the existence,
where the present is a carrier wave of everything that came before. Events align
themselves in accordance with the previous patterns. This is why certain events
reoccur in time. Your birthday is a genetic echo which is aligned with the overriding
carrier wave of the planets movement through space. The event takes place at your
conception, then the event echoes in alignment with the conventional understanding
of the movement through cosmos, which humans label 'calendar'. There are events
which are extremely old that are still echoing to this day, this is the reason why
we celebrate collective holidays; they are information based on an earlier event
embedded in our genetic code which animates themselves in expression. This is how
cultures forms. They are a set of events that are transformed into information
which then are embedded in the collective genetic code, and thus remembered through time.
Humans, as in the creative animators of the present, are the carrier wave of the moment,
because they carry all the genetic information of what came before. As humans
are replaced through time, certain events slowly wither out of the animation, which
is the exact same thing happening to your body. At your birth, your genetic makeup is
clear, and the replication of events in the cellular movement is very rigid.
Over time the echoing effect of the event withers, which makes the renewal of cells
to slow down, and the event slowly fades out of animation. In the same sense that
the memories of ancient times are fading from the collective animation because
of renewal, as to say, formulation of new generations which comes through new
events which then are carried by means of echoes through time. Cyclic regeneration
works the same way on the planetary scale as it does on the bodily scale.
As we renew our memories of certain events every year when we celebrate those
holidays, we immortalize that piece of information through regeneration. We
basically re-amplify the echo so that it is kept fresh in our genetic memory
and thus keeps on animating itself through time.
The only reason why the ancient structures wither is because we are forgetting.
The more we forget, the more they wither. Because our genetic recollection forms
the very thing we perceive. What is 'out there' is nothing but a result which is
animated by our brain in the present. The weaker the echo in our genetic code,
the lesser the chance that we are able to even perceive it in our presence.
To relocate physically is essentially nothing but to relocate your consciousness
in your own genetic code. You shift focus to other pieces of information you carry
in your DNA, that is what really happens when you travel, however your brain
translates that concept into your reality through symbolic manifestation.
Why else would a car engine cycle, why else would a plane propeller cycle.