Everything in existence are in a constant state of changing, with no exception.
The function of change is what renders the realms of being into reality within
the existence. So if one are dependent on something to remain the same then
one is utterly naive. Everything changes, without exception. The person I was
ten years ago appear alien to my present self. The person I were a year ago
greatly differs from my present persona. The character I performed yesterday
are slightly different from the one character I am today. So if you believe to
know me based on the past, or if you try to hold me accountable for past
expressions I have made you are 'retarded' in the literal meaning of the word;
as I am no longer that person due to change, progression and evolution. Some
bits remain, some parts get lost along the way, but neither I nor you remain the
same through time, so the mere act of believing this is a weakness. Some people
change more rapidly than other people, just as some people develop or think
faster than other people. Since my mind operate on a whole different level
compared to the average people, I tend to change in a very fast pace. My oldest
friends who have remained the longest time in my life have learned to know at
least fifty very different versions of me. They have remained simply because they
accept me changing and respect my new versions as they are as aware of this fact
as I myself are. These few people are the ones I truly value and label as 'companions'.
In the same sense a musician or artist usually choose to value the fans that embrace
their musical or artistic progression rather than to whine about their older versions
being better. Everything change, get used to it.