The meaning of the symbol of sex, as in unification, is the merging of the two underlying
energetic principles of the animated universe. It is what sparks creation through merging
of the different aspects of manifestation. All creation arises from unification, where
two contradictory aspects are merged into something new. This happens in every conceivable
realm of perception, not only biologically. Humans are fully capable of Asexual reproduction
although it does not take on the conventional form of manifestation. As art is essentially
information, and thus genetic material, this can be merged with beings and carried along
without any biological merging taking place. There are artists that are still animated
through human expression who has long outlived other strains of human expression. Artists
whose ancestry has since long died out. But because their information is still animated
in the minds of humans in the present, they are still alive in a genetic sense. The thing
which humans call 'immortality' can be achieved in so many ways. Physical manifestation is
merely one aspect out of countless aspects. Informational immortality is a completely
different aspect. The genetic material of the ancient civilizations are still embedded in
our genetic code, as their work of art are still in our animation of the reality.
The ancient pyramids being one example out of many. We can perceive them, as to say, our
brain can animate that holographic representation in our mind, because the information
they left in our genetic code is still present. The longer something is remembered, the
more it is informationally immortal, as it constitutes a part of our inner formation of
biological material. Spreading information through art is essentially the same as spreading
biological material through physical reproduction, as it is all a matter of genetics in the
end anyway. Art itself arises when the two aspects of the human psyche are combined and
thus sparks creation, in Jungian philosophy referred to as Anima and Animus. Creativity
is essentially a sexual act in the mental realm, as true creativity is only achieved
by means of combining differences into something new. Creating an informational
offspring which then impregnates the genetic code of whomever observes it.
Everything you have ever learned or observed from someone else is carried genetic
material in form of information, so in that sense, artists are among the most
sexually active on the planet, whether it takes a physical expression or not.