The thing which most humans refer to when they use the symbol 'love' knowingly or not is
the temporary manifestation of bondage between two separated pieces of consciousness.
The effect could be liked with the phenomena which is illustrated in quantum entanglement
in the scientific paradigm, because it is really nothing more than conscious displacement
of energy within the cosmos. The many layers of transmuted symbolic energy which constitutes
the human mind encapsulates that which is making the phenomenon arise, this is why the
very sensation is so subjective and different depending on who it is you are in love with.
To be in love is to be able to create that connection, that bondage. Like two atoms binds
in order to form a molecule. Most people cannot control it, or fall victim to it whereas
some beings in the shape of humans has since long mastered the technique of love.
The reason why the sensation of 'butterflies in the stomach' occurs is because it is
that which animates your very being from within that has fallen in love. Not ones ego.
It could be utilized for many things, both to provide comfort and pain. The reason why
they say that 'love hurts' is because the closer two manifested beings gets, the more
their etherical constructs in terms of mental structure are forced to adapt to each
other. It could be liked with two captains on two ships on an ocean deciding to become
one ship. The closer they get, the more structural damage will occur to the metaphorical
hull. And it can only end in two ways. Either the damage scares one of the captains too
much so that it deviates and the 'relationship' collapses, or, the mind of both individuals
adapts enough for the consciousness of both to synchronize to one another, essentially
becoming one being separated into two bodies. The physical illusion of distance does not
matter. Once the bond is in place, it could stretch over infinity, because that which
animates the physical being from another plane of existence is now related in both beings.
That is why love is far more than something physical. This is also why jealousy occurs.
Jealousy is nothing but the lack of control and fear of lack of control. Some people
uses love in order to control, but those are usually the weakest once they fall victim
to it. Then there are those who understands it in function, and cannot take damage from
it, because they were not enslaved by their mind, as to say ego, from the beginning.
The term "Amor omnia vincit" is very much true, because one who can control their ability
to love, and who does not take damage from the changes it causes, could overcome anyone.
The only one who would ever conquer one being able to control love, would be the absolute
right one for that person, as it essentially binds to that consciousness regardless.
It happens everywhere in nature, as it is the very thing that binds things together.
Forget the superficial aspect of love, the doctrinal concepts of love. This is the
very binding force of matter in this realm of the existence.