As any true mathematician knows, there is no such thing as perfect math,
as there will always be an anomaly. This is why Pi and Phi is infinite in the
mathematical nature. One cannot ever use the concept of infinity in any
given function and expect a defined certain outcome of precise value, as
it neglects the very principle of the infinite nature. This is the beauty in
imperfection, as the imperfection constantly forces the process of natural
creation forward, continuously defining new sequences in the expression.

Basically all functional math are based on binary symmetry, where the basic
structure builds on geometrical functions of corners and lines. You can make
a functional system out of the triangle, square, hexagon and octagon and so
on, but you cannot make a defined certain function out of a circle. The circle
itself lays the foundation of irrational math, because it is not binary, but rather
unified and evolving without set corners and lines. A circle in and of itself are
imperfect, whilst the binary function are perfect in its current definition and
expression. If you want to master the underlying theory of math, study the
circle; if you want to master a system, then study the binary nature of geometry.

If you fail to distinguish between the theoretical concept and the practical concept
of infinity, which are intertwined, although they take on different expressions in
the intellectual realm, what is the point of you being alive? Because the only
alternative to understanding those concepts is you being slave to an intellectual
system. If you cannot perceive outside your own system, regardless of how intricate
or integrated it might be, you are nothing but a slave. You see, outside the box there
is a much larger box.