Immortality in terms of rendering aging obsolete is actually a rather simple
concept, yet awfully challenging to master. It could be done in several
different ways, in several different realms. In the physical realm the most
efficient way would in biological genetics be by means of cyclic regeneration
through willfully controlled genetic regression. There are several different
aspects which comes into play when considering this concept, but in essence,
the functionality of the process mostly depends on one being able to
biologically order it in conscious awareness. The general person are not even
able to master the reflex of closing the eyes while sneezing, in the same way
most are not able to master the cyclic regeneration. But at a certain degree of
consciousness and awareness, in terms of internal perceptional comprehension,
one are able to dictate the process of cyclic regeneration, and thus in extension
achieve genetic regression. The greatest key to achieving this would easily be by
means of discipline and understanding of animating self. One has to understand
and treat every living cell of ones body like an individual with equal value and
reason to exist; as this is part of understanding cyclic regeneration.