The independent being will always be stronger than the collective group because
of the simple reason that if the group which in construction consists of several
individual beings contains one corrupt individual, the whole group is rendered
corrupt, faltering the whole group. This makes the process of locating and identifying
the corrupt individual almost impossible whereas the independent individual will
always know where to search for the corruption. If the corruption does not emerge
from within the independent individual it may simply just relocate from the
environment which gave the sensation of corruption whereas the group is stuck in
the situation until disbanded or the corrupt individual is located and identified.
So one could in essence easily conclude that the group will never be able to achieve
as easy what the independent individual can, although the group may be more
efficient in expression and manifestation due to the greater network of working
individuals. But self control will always be easier than to control a group and corruption
will always be more harmful to the collective group than to the independent person;
simply because one cannot be part of a group as an individual without sacrificing some
or all of ones independence.