Prepare for your next life the same way you prepare for tomorrow. Unless you
willfully manipulate your sleep pattern you will not experience the concept of
'tomorrow' earlier, in the same way that you will not reach the afterlife earlier
than intended unless you end your life prematurely. To not prepare for the next
life is equally narrow-minded as to not prepare for the future days in this life.
Just as you try to secure the survival of your physical manifestation the upcoming
days, weeks and years in this life, you do equally well to secure the survival of
your spiritual being in the upcoming lifetimes. To not believe in it means that
you have no interest in the upcoming lifetimes, which is equally naive as to not
believe in 'the tomorrow', despite the fact that you have reached 'the tomorrow'
more times than you are able to remember in only this lifetime; remembering is
hard, most cannot remember their early childhood and definitely not their earlier
lives. And based on this they neglect the opportunity to evolve their spiritual being
which causes them to slowly die from within through the lifetimes. Just as there is
a hierarchy of dominance in the physical realm, which can be climbed through the
days by careful planning of tomorrow, are there also a hierarchy of consciousness
which can be climbed through the lifetimes; although most in the bottom of this
hierarchy cannot remember or understand this due to insignificant spiritual strength.