Never try to be on everyones side, that is impossible. Bias and alignment is
inevitable. Anyone will either become biased, which is most common, or
accept ones fate, which is rare, in the events of a critical situation. The only
way for everyone to be equal in expression is to be in the same area of space.
Distance will forever affect the expression of individuals, simply because they
exist in different times. Space is distance of objects or individuals and entities,
but so is time, because space is time. The individual mind cannot be everywhere,
but it can extract information from anywhere, in time or space, it does not matter,
because matter is an illusion made up by the mind in order to understand distance
and time; and it, the mind, can through character behave nice towards everyone.
Because your neighbor could be anyone. But to destroy individuality would in
some or many ways affect the collective perception of time. Only the internet
have practically erased time from reality in terms of distance. To maintain
individuality is as important as maintaining nationality and global identity towards
the rest of the cosmos. People in past generations, ancient generations,
traveled among the stars, simply because they understood distance differently.
And so does some people still today.