The expression 'Money can buy happiness' are completely biased based on
linguistic and symbolic interpretation, and are dependent on the definition
of the word 'happiness'. In this realm most people exclusively associate
'pleasure' with 'happiness', which is both stupid and counterproductive, in
the sense that there obviously are two different words invented for the
different states of being. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy pleasure
and thus a temporary sensation of wellbeing. But this causes addiction as
pleasure do not last long or remain. Money can also not buy knowledge, as that
is only acquired through studies, nor can it buy wisdom, as wisdom is acquired
through experience. Money can however buy composed information in terms
of intellectual expressions which you can study to acquire knowledge,
or experiences, which then can be transmuted into wisdom. True happiness
arise from realization through knowledge and wisdom and do not cause addiction,
as true happiness is a form of fulfillment and lasts as long as one is not distracted
away from it because of addiction; as to say, addiction to anything that promotes
temporary pleasure eradicates true happiness if the pleasure is not part of
experience or studies. Money is a tool for progression, not a measurement of
success nor accelerator of happiness. Likewise, friends are not the true source of
happiness, it is the intellectual information exchanged and the mutual experiences
accumulated that transmutes into lasting happiness. But if one becomes dependent
on another in order to feel happiness, that is neither friendship nor healthy, as it is
another form of addiction. Addiction destroys true happiness; whether it is to drugs,
money, friends or anything else.