Informations are in its composed expression a form of genetic material, as
informations are able to form a lot of aspects within the psyche of the individual.
Whenever one acquires an informational template the very reality shifts due to
the manipulation of the paradigm which one are currently within. The smaller
ones paradigm are, the harder it is to see the 'bigger picture' and thus composing
a great conclusion. Whereas one with a great paradigm or metaparadigm has a
way more efficient process of perceiving the greater image in the present
moment, which makes the creative process of composing an expression simple.
In the same sense that someone with a small lens cannot see very far compared
to someone with a greater lens due to the lack of accumulated light in the vision.
Neurological development and all that follows with it are closely related to the
field of Neurogenetics, and by means of structured informations one are able to
form the action and reaction in the individual, whether it covers a physical or
mental approach. The more information one has, the greater the Neurogenetic
structure, and thus in extension the genetic code. Short pieces of greatly
composed informations are sufficient enough and usually more effective in order
to change the very perspective and paradigm of the individual which acquires the
information, in the sense of mental programming. As to say, acquiring informations
are crucial to ones mental and indirect physical evolution, and a person with a lot
of information are in the mental aspect evolutionary superior as it is able to
perceive more through its template of reality and break down and assess the
information acquired in relation to already accumulated information. Which in
short means that the more you know, the easier it is to learn and understand.