In the concept of hierarchal structure it all comes down to consciousness. And the
true accelerator of consciousness is knowledge, the more you know, the more
conscious you are, the more conscious you are, the more awareness you possess
in the present moment. People most often misunderstand and misinterpreter
power, as they incorrectly label monetary means or material possessions as the
accelerator of success, when in reality those are usually only byproducts of
knowledge; not in all cases, but in most. The one and only factor of true power is
knowledge and mental ability, as those are the only ways to channel consciousness.
As knowledge is higher form of intellect, you are with the conscious expression of
knowledge able to formulate intricate intellectual compositions, which will, in one
way or another, facilitate the climbing in the hierarchy of consciousness. One does
not need to be in the spotlight in order to be in the topmost elite of knowledge or
apex group of consciousness, as the power lies in the ability to channel ones thought
mentally. Either you know exactly what is manifesting and why, or you are being
distracted. And the most pertinent distractions are usually money, conventional
achievements and material possessions, as they usually drags one away from
consciousness and in the extension knowledge. The power of consciousness once
you truly possess it allows your mind to move worlds.