Intelligence is a function, not really a trait. High intelligence could be seen as a
trait as it enables a more delicate and intricate function of the mind. But in essence
intelligence is a function, and like any other function this can be applied onto many
different fields. This gives rise to the appearance of different kinds of intelligences.
But this is not the case, as the function is always the same. A person may be able to
play many different instruments, but that does not change the function of the player.
Intelligence is the player, not the instrument. There is only one function of
intelligence, but it may be utilized in many different fields, whether it being art,
science, sports, music, engineering, construction, architecture and so on.
The function of intelligence is to recognize and create patterns of information,
whether it cover words in writing, notes in compositions, variables in math,
structures in architecture, tactics in sports and warfare, functions in natural philosophy
or mechanics in engineering. The more intricate or integrated the pattern, the more
advanced the function and higher the intelligence.