Out of all the cultures which I have studied, the Russian people and culture are
one of the most
motivational and inspirational. Their culture, politics, history,
education, military, language and people are some of the most interesting areas
which I have studied, contrary to the popular opinion and mainstream perception
within the country from which I origin. As their country expands over one ninth of
the planetary surface, they have come probably the longest way in getting a wide
variety of people and different cultures to live in harmony. The spirit of their people
are extremely well developed in terms of humility and I do feel a kind of gratitude
and sincere respect towards this culture and country in the sense that it granted my
life meaning when it was in that moment really hard to find anywhere else. They
inspired me, in the very true meaning of that word. People should instead of being
prejudiced be taught to study and respect other cultures, whether they choose to
accept or embrace them on a personal level or not.

To befriend the Russian entity and spirit as well as its people,
I believe to be one of my greatest achievements in life.

Давай, пошли в домашний очаге!