The prime field of study to any individual should without a doubt be internal
extraction, because through that any other study becomes a piece of cake.
Once you realize and understand how to manifest logos via information, you
will attain and retain any information and knowledge of your desire. People
fail to understand this principle and procedure as they almost exclusively
relies on external extraction, which in the vast majority of cases causes the
individual to fall victim to preprogramming and designed paradigms. From the
very first building of associations from the introduced symbolic constructions
they become mentally designed, and the longer it is allowed to continue the
harder it will be to break down the preprogrammed paradigm and mental
structure to a level where it achieves a state of complete mental sovereignty
and independence. The vast majority of beliefs in any individual are given to
them through external sources, and that over time builds a reality of associative
symbolism from which they retain understanding. They are constructed and
designed to the very core of their mind, to the very level that even if they believe
to be mentally free they are not. The easiest way to know would be if you are able
to remember how the reality looked before you started to vividly remembering,
since the absolute majority of memories in the average individual are designed by
means of transmuted symbolic energy.