Detta är ett väldigt litet urval av de poetiska verk jag formulerat genom åren. Författade i flertalet olika stilar med många olika tekniker applicerade. Tekniker såsom gematri (språksymmetri), formskrift, bokstavskod med flera. Detta utöver personliga referenser och minnen, subtila metaforer och meddelanden. Majoriteten verk är tillägnade någon, såsom ex-partners, vänner, älskarinnor eller andra som passerat mig i livet. Flera av verken reflekterar händelser äldre än verken själva.

If any occasional English visitor comes here, the reason why this is not translated is because it is impossible to translate. Even if you translate the words, the meaning gets lost. Mostly because you would change the keywords. Also the gematria (language symmetry) and number code as well as text shaping gets completely messed up.

Essentially these are mostly love letters or works of art dedicated to ex-partners, friends, mistresses and other people who have crossed my path in this lifetime. To whom I have given keywords and symbols to understand my art in ways the unenlightened will not. Who these works are really for and why, only the true recipient knows, as only they know how to decode the keywords and symbolic meaning.

Any word could mean anything. So if you invent unique meaning of a word and share that with another person, only that person will know that unique meaning once they see that word. It is the same function used in encryption. But it is done in a more intellectual fashion. This is a way of higher level communication, where certain symbolism and set of words, in both value and meaning are exchanged. The general observer will only see the particular word used and are only able to translate it in accordance with the conventional meaning they have been given by society and conventional education. But the unique meaning invented by the encrypting user will pass them by unnoticed even though the expression is put in plain sight.