This is the current rendition of my coat, and probably my last rendition. I changed a lot in this rendition due to major changes in my life. But I like how it came out and find it very artistically pleasing when it comes to representing myself as a manifested being in this realm. What my mind is capable of in an intellectual sense.
Here are the additions and changes which I made:

  • I changed the slogan to "Livet är en seger över döden" which is Swedish for "Life is a triumph over death". It holds more meaning than one would think. Because if there were no life, only nothingness would be. Only death would be. Death, as in nothingness holds no meaning, whereas life is meaning taking shape. As death, as in nothingness constantly searches to maintain the status quo, it tries to kill off everything alive.

    This has quite little to do with the physical state of death, but rather more the spiritual state of death. One can be very much physically alive, yet completely dead inside, with no creativity and completely 'sterile' expressions. Therefore, anything and everything that is alive is a triumph over death in every moment it is animated.

    Nothingness, as in physical death, however is not what most people perceive it to be, as it is more absolute creative freedom. It is hard to explain with words, but due to my near death experiences at the hospital and the things I 'experienced' during them in mental recollection after I woke up I have come to reach this conclusion:

    Death is really nothing more than a temporary state of mind. You believe you are dead, because you are unable to believe, but once incarnated into a creation you are again able to believe that you are alive. In the very same sense that you believe that you are asleep at night because you are not able to remember, the only way to understand that you have been asleep is to once again awake; the only way to realize that you have been dead is to once again be alive. Death is nothing but a temporary state of mind; but as some people are able to remember or even control their dreams, so are some people when it comes to the state of death.

  • I reshaped the body to that of a shield. This to symbolize my now complete understanding of self defence. How to remain in a state unaffected by change or external elements. As a symbol for the completion of the first part of my Magnum Opus.

  • The three crowns was added as a tribute to the Swedish entity and the Swedish people as my native community. Which I support and respect despite a bit troublesome history in the past.

  • I changed the power word to "Välvilja" which is Swedish for 'Benevolence' or 'Goodwill'. This to symbolize my desire to represent the caring animating force within this realm. As to say, the ascended aspect of care. To make the conscious choice to do good in the otherwise impersonal nature. To be consciously aware due to ascension puts a greater responsibility on ones shoulders than if one is unknowing and still learning. I believe it to be fitting in this time as well, as Sweden in many areas makes huge progress towards the coming age of reason as a result of our expanding and upgraded genetic material in the process of evolution.