This is the fourth rendition which I made, and here I became aware of what an actual coat of arms is. I did not make any real effort to make mine 'proper' as it was just a fun thing from the beginning. It was meant to represent me, as in my symbolical corpus of gathered knowledge.
Here are the additions and changes which I made:

  • I put a slogan above the corpus, as it began bearing meaning to me in this time. It was a rough time with a lot of testing. So I began using "Бережёного Бог Бережёт". As it is a fairly famous Russian idiom and way of saying "Better safe than sorry", or, more literally, "God cares for him who cares for himself". It is hard to translate into English, since the grammar differs so much. But the meaning of it is really beautiful. So I put it as my first slogan.

  • I changed the power word to the Russian word "Победы", which means 'Victories'. This as I made quite the progress in my understanding of Russian grammar and Russian thinking. I am very far from proficient or perfect, but mostly because I am more interested in the way of thinking than the expression itself. I was in deep admiration of this country during 2018 and spent almost the entire year in studies of it and everything that had to do with it. Also as a test to break the norms of prejudice in the world. I have my entire life went out and explored that which others have called dangerous or hostile, only to find that usually the opposite is more true. The absolute pride in the Russian spirit is what makes it hard to understand to many people. To me it is just beautiful, as it essentially means love for life.

  • Here the Eye of Horus has found its proper place. This because I now understood the history of human genetics and how it affected us through time. How past events echoes through time manifesting that of the present. Essentially being a reference to the ancient living through us in a genetic sense.

  • This is also where I invented and added my tri-word Motto. That of "Ascendo Progredior Illumino". Which is latin for "I Ascend", "I Progress", "I Illuminate". Since my coat is highly personal and really only about me, I chose to use the verbs in active present first person singular form.