This is the third rendition I made. Some things changed, as I gathered a lot of new knowledge. But mostly my work went into making the coat more visually appealing and artistically pleasing.
Here are the additions which I made:

  • The key of resonance (between the center wheel and the Trinity) was put there as tribute to Nikola Tesla, as I had completed the studies of his works and acquired a greater depth of understanding in many previous understandings and how they related to each other and other fields. Especially to that of time and animation as well as manifestation of time as a mentally and intellectually crystallized illusion.

  • The dotted star (right (your left) of the powerword) was put there as to represent my understanding of sound and the effects it has on manifestations in this realm. How sound can order, cause chaos, damage and heal through careful formulation. Kind of what the mental resonance spectrum of the tail feathers symbolize, but in the external aspect. How a strong voice can command through manipulation or guidance and by that create many different forms of outcome.

  • The small shield with a T in it (left (your right) of the power word) was put there as a symbolic tribute to TARSOF (pseudoacronym). A small private independent international group of people in possession of certain abilities such as synaesthesia, among other. Mostly involved with intelligence gathering on a hobby level.

  • The Eye of Horus was initiated into the picture, but it had not yet found its place. As I had not yet fully understood what it was supposed to mean in relation to my future self. Therefore its awkward position.

  • The Masonic square was put there as a tribute to that group, as I found great interest in their teachings. I could recognize a lot from the teachings I received from my Rosicrucian friends. The slightly different take on some things granted me a even greater understanding in things. I am not a formal member, but I still have interest in and respect for that paradigm of teachings.

  • In the right leg (left to you) I changed the guardian spirit because of another person that showed up in my life. The name is not the actual name, but a play on symbols and sounds.