This is the second rendition of my Coat of arms, and this is where it starts to take shape. I had yet no intention of creating a coat of arms, but just simply continued building on my artistic representation of gathered knowledge. Here I tried making the coat into something artistic as well. As to symbolize the whole as a symbol built of symbols. Much like the human body as an organization is built out of organs. I added some aspects to further depict my expanded knowledge.
Here are the additions which I made:

  • The Trinity is put there as to symbolize the understanding in the trifold construction of the body. That of body, mind and spirit.

  • "סוף הדרך" Is the first power word I used. It is a Hebrew slang which I learned from Infected Mushroom. I had to know what it meant, and after researching it I fell in love with the meaning and symbolization it repesented. I used it for quite some time to help me reach the 'end of the road' in some endeavors. The road has no end, but the understanding of it is what makes 'awesome'.

  • The right leg (left to you) was put there in order to symbolize one of my protecting spirits in this lifetime of which I was conscious. The kind of person that makes an impression on you strong enough to change you. Which you realize in later times being meant to happen. This person appeared in early 2009. The name is a pseudonym and play on symbolic concept.

  • The left leg (right to you) was put there to symbolize one of the cats which I had when I was younger. He had quite the unique personality, and made a very strong impression on me. I had named him 'Tzcherixu Xia'Neun' (approximate recreation) after his entity had told me that in one of my dreams. He frequently showed up in my dreams and told me things. Like many other people, beings and entities do from time to time. Sadly his incarnation died due to fireworks a new years eve, when they scared him down on the road where he was run over by a car.

  • The tail feathers are each one covered by a Greek letter. This is a reference to the resonances of the human brain. And essentially it is put there to symbolize how they are used for proper mental navigation. How the movement through time can be done properly by bending the internal resonances of the mind.

  • The tesseract is put there to symbolize the body as a whole in its animation and manifestation within this realm. How it essentially is an alchemical invention by the formulated laws of this realm, animated in and through time in order to give rise to that which is perceived to be life.

  • The rest is just decoration.