This is the first rendition of my coat of arms. The idea initially arose from me realizing myself in reflection. But the first rendition was not even intended to be a "coat", more an artistic representation. As I had my logo, as situated on the crest position, I wanted to represent my intellectual gathering in a symbolical fashion. So I subconsiously guided myself to create a rendition as this one.

Some people have asked me what the symbols mean, and it would require a lot to explain what they mean in depth, as it was the very reason I wanted a symbolical representation of the knowledge. It is very important to understand and know that any symbol can mean more than one thing, and most often my symbolism is layered, as to say, they mean many things on their own, but also in relation to and combination with other symbols in the artwork.
But a very very brief explanation of them in added order would be:

  • The crest itself, as in my logo, represent a lot of things. But essentially it means the unification of the two, how realization of self arose from unifying the duality of myself into one. It also is a subtle representation of the layering of the mental structure, how time winds itself in layers over the core of consciousness which is ones being. This is most often why people who have gone through conventional education lacks self awareness, as they have been 'wrapped' in many layers of intellect, blocking them from finding their inner self through artistic expression; they cannot express themselves as they have been encapsulated in an intellectual cocoon of crystalised information in the brain. My complete self awareness is symbolized in a subtle fashion in the logo.

  • The wings represent the creative freedom, as in being able to express myself freely not bound by 'rules' of the reality. Not to be confused with fame and fortune, recognition and acceptance. I have never cared if people enjoy my art or not, as it is my art, not theirs. I do it for me, not for them - even if I share it and appreciate appreciation. As to say, I would take a small but genuine fanbase every day over a superinflated fanbase that is 'bought' or 'clickbaited'. For me my expression is very important, as it is part of my evolving. It is important to explore aspects of character through art, in order to pinpoint oneself. As to say, I am not my art, I am myself. Therefore creative freedom is not bound by stigma such as political correctness or doctrinal norms.

  • The Rose and the Cross on the right shoulder (left to you) is a tribute to the teaching which I received from friends in the Rosicrucian society. There are so many intellectual branches of that society these days (of which some are fake and completely superficial), but I never cared about which subgroup they belonged to. The teachings themselves were much more important to me. I never became a formal member myself in the paperworks, although I often hang out with their beings in other realms and carry that paradigm with me, as symbolized in the coat. High level Rosicrucians are excellent dreambuilders and dreamwalkers, so it is not uncommon to share experiences in lucid dreams with them.

  • The Pisces symbol progression on the left shoulder (right to you) is a symbolic tribute to the high IQ societies which I am and previously have been part of. It is a play on symbolic concept where the unificiation can be utilized in order to recognize symbolic patterns.

  • The symbols on top of the wings are symbolic representations of different paradigms of teachings. This is linked to the pressure-points of the human arms and hands. Therefore seven symbols on each side:
    One for the elbow, one for the wrist and five for each finger on the hand. This to symbolize how intellect can be channeled into expression via the arms and hands through creativity. Basically like magick; it takes great intellect to make great spelling.

  • The right wheel (left to you) is a representation of the dynamics between the two energetic principles in this realm. Everything that is made manifest is a result of structured matter. This is also a reference to the Doric order. And to the perceptive they may also find the subtle reference to Thelema.

  • The center wheel represents my understanding of time, as in cyclic progression and its animation through continuous change. How time can be completely understood if you reach the symbolical center of its animation. This is also a reference to the Ionic order. It is also a subtle tribute to the Kolovrat as in the ancient Slavic culture.

  • The left wheel (right to you) depicts the principle of inspiration, how the structure animates the matter and which implication it has between formulated and manifested entities in communication and exchange. This is also a reference to the Corinthian order. This is also a subtle reference to the druidic ways.

  • The three keys is a reference to genetics, and how understanding in one concept opens the door to understanding a new concept which in turn opens another door. It plays mostly on neurogenetics, when you become conscious of a problem and can by means of awareness change your behavior, which in turn over time changes your physical composition and animation because of the genetic code. Essentially a symbol for consciously mastered evolution. This symbol carries many more meanings, but it would be too much to get into in a brief explanation - the initiated will know, as they can read the symbol.

  • The rest is just decoration.