This is a way I have learned and developed in order to store information in images. I have attempted to explain this many times, but usually only other synaesthetes have a vague idea what I am talking about. As both colors and structures are crossed in the mind and linked to other sensations and pieces of understanding it is possible to 'paint thoughts'.

It is really no different than what I do right now with words. You understand what I write here because you have learned what these words means. But if you had no idea what these words meant, you would only see a strange pattern of weird curlicues. It would make no sense to you whatsoever. But due to you being able to translate these patterns of symbols into understanding, you can retain information from what I have written here.

My images works the same way to me. The only difference is that only I understand the pattern. As the sensation I experience when I look on the colors and patterns, as well as mixing of them, is more or less unique to me and my synaesthesia, the information contained in the image is only readable to me. It is like having your own language, only that I have utilized not conventional symbolism, but the trait of my synaesthesia in order to achieve this.

When I was younger nobody seemed to understand what it was I described when I listened to music. That I could see colors and patterns when I listened to music. I later found out what it was. My next immediate desire was to develop this trait as much as I possibly could and use it in ways that were beneficial to me. As of now I use it for storing memories. When I look at these images, I see memories which I have translated into colors and structures. Much like people can store memories through written notes. The difference is like I mentioned that these are very personal memories that I would like to store externally but not having anyone else really understand. They will only see the artwork which I have created, but not all the meaning and information contained within, as they are not able to read the colors and structures the way I am able to read them.

The ones I have published is only a small selection of my works, and they hold everything from personal memories to memorized understanding in science and philosophy.

The above image is a metaphorical illustration of what I experience. Because that is how I experience written text, not literally, but more metaphorically. Because it is more or less impossible to describe synaesthesia. If you have not experienced it yourself, it is like trying to understand colors when you are completely colorblind. At least that is how I imagine it, when I hear people express that they cannot 'see it'. It is right in front of their face, but their brain cannot decode the data due to lacking neural circuitry.