This is my public etherical construction, also known as website. As an artist I do not like having the attention directed to me, as it destroys the entire point of the art itself. It should be seen as something that just occurs, like in nature. You do not trace the source of a tree or a flower, you focus all of your attention towards it. That is how art should be enjoyed in my own opinion. Therefore, who I am, is not important. I do not mean to hide, it is just that if you have my art associated to me, you will eventually enjoy it less, which as mentioned only destroys the entire purpose of the art and experience.

All which is provided is nothing but an experience, it needs no trust nor belief. I do not expect anyone to think anything of it, nor do I expect anyone to have faith in what is put forth. Much like you do not believe a certain tree or flower in nature to be superior to another. It offers an experience but nothing more than that. It contributes a certain line of thought which can be experienced personally, but nothing else.

    As I have thousands and thousands of works and documents
    stored away on different harddrives and in written notes,
    these are some additions and improvements which I am currently
    working on that will be uploaded in the future:

  1. Complete split of the website into a Swedish and English section.
  2. Complete translation of my Opus into Swedish. As well as adding some content that was cut from the original edition when I ported it to this website.
  3. More AES images. Mostly my older works, of which many are centered more around color patterns.
  4. Parts of my Dream diary in the Swedish section. May be translated into English if I deem it possible without ruining the meaning of the works.
  5. A collection of my English poetry and lyrics.
  6. When I better understand Javascript I want to make some improvements to the framework by making it more interactive as well as keyboard navigation and also a swipe function to the mobile rendition.

It should also be mentioned that any and all songs or any other media which I have linked are done so in utmost respect. They are essentially just links in order to add to my own work so that the experience itself can be enriched. No work of art which is linked should be directly associated with my art, but instead be seen as an addition based on my own personal taste and musical recommendation. All music which I pick is music which I myself enjoy very much.

To be creative is to be alive. Practice that freedom as if your life depended on it. Because it very much does in a sense. However you choose your way of expression; physical, mental or spiritual. Regardless of style, practice, school, technique or genre.

All creations on this website are created by myself, anything that is not of me is linked to this website from external sources or explicitly referenced to not be of me in the context.

The mobile functionality of this website
is all thanks to the great tutorials by Traversy Media

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