By accessing the etherical space which is occupied and covered by the domain name:
or any of its stored subpages, directly or indirectly, or likewise partake of the material which is presented in part or whole, YOU as an INDIVIDUAL declare understanding with the following CRITERIAS and TERMS which YOU consciously subject YOUR COMPLETE AGREEMENT and ACCEPTANCE towards:

  1. That essentially YOU are GIVING the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER YOUR attention and thus energy when YOU visit this webspace. It is the OWN ORIGINAL expression based on IMAGINATION or a mixed intellectual compilation of gathered and assembled data througout the LIFE of the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER for the sake of MEANING and PURPOSE. By giving the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER attention YOU give energy and the following entries are made as TERMS around which the exchange is structured for the sake of fair trade

  2. That the published material is intended to serve as ENTERTAINMENT or in other ways as SENSORY STIMULUS and MUST NOT necessarily reflect any personal opinions of the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER

  3. That all persons, entities or characters that are referenced or depicted MUST NOT necessarily hold any connection with or bear any resemblence to any real persons, entities or characters; and that opinions that is eventually expressed in direct or indirect relation to any of these MUST NOT be related to the CONVENTIONAL COLLECTIVE REALM of REALITY but that the majority of persons, entities and characters are nothing but fictitious reflections

  4. That any and all material external to the DOMAIN which is linked or referenced MUST NOT reflect the opinions of the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER, and that despite the intention being of a BENIGN NATURE NO GUARANTEE can be granted that external material which is linked or referenced leads to where it was intended at the moment of creation; any and all linked or referenced material is followed at YOUR OWN RISK

  5. That the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER, despite being of a ORIGINALLY BENIGN INTENTION declares complete FREEDOM FROM any and all eventual negative experiences or aftermaths, which may or may not arise after the material published has been partaken of; this regardless if the eventual effects would be of spiritual (astral) nature, psychic (mental or etherical) nature or physical (somatic) nature (somatic reactions or physical manifestation of symptoms); ANY and ALL OBSERVATION are made at YOUR OWN RISK; NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER can be blamed on or conferred to the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER

  6. That material which potentially could be viewed as or interpreted as disturbing, shocking, frightening, stressing, offensive, triggering, fundamentally philosophically expansive or of a deeply questioning nature is present; that risk of disintegration of preprogrammed or preschooled paradigms of the CONVENTIONAL COLLECTIVE REALM of REALITY, spontaneous ego death or Catharsis are of potential possibility

  7. That practice in ESP (extrasensory perception) as well as other paranormal phenomenas, skills and abilities constitutes a huge portion of the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER's everyday life and studies; and that YOU make YOURSELF IDENTIFIABLE and TAGABLE by interdimensional and extradimensional means when you observe the material published; that you may or may not experience both direct and indirect manifestation of MENTAL PROJECTION, DREAMWALKING or ASTRAL COMMUNICATION as well as REMOTE STUDIES of YOUR being during the observation of the material published by the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER

  8. That COPYING of ANY and ALL material is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and that any practice of consciously intentional plagiarizing, illicit copying, or any other malign means that could in any way harm the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER means that YOU fully accepts that eventual manifestations of paranormal activities could be directed towards YOU as an INDIVIDUAL regardless if YOU fully UNDERSTAND and COMPREHENDS what this means, or regardless if YOU believe this to be "REAL" or POSSIBLE; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to STUDY and ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF in these fields and subjects if YOU choose to act in a malign character towards the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER

  9. That RESTRICTED AREAS of the DOMAIN are meant ONLY for people with granted privilege and given permission and that ANY and ALL trespassing including but not limited to 'brute force' will be viewed as a direct provocation, threat and declaration of conflict to which necessary means of protection will be deployed; that manifestations of conflict may occur in YOUR perception of the CONVENTIONAL COLLECTIVE REALM of REALITY as a result of your trespassing

  10. That this is a SPIRITUALLY BINDING contract between YOU as the OBSERVER and the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER; that any form of malign intrusion automatically grants permission to carry out neccesary action; that Intent such as attacking, blackamailing or subjecting the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER automatically surrenders the perpetrators sovereignty to the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER. Depending on the level of malignity the effect might differ;
    That effect including but not limited to;
    - Equal physical suffering to that of the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER might occur
    - Etherical stalking and forced reflections might occur
    - Reoccuring nightmares and psychic torture might occur
    - Projected pain and remote injected mental deconstruction might occur

  11. That these CRITERIAS and TERMS in NO WAY are a JOKE and that YOU are in COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of this DOCUMENT; that YOU should NOT partake of the published material IF:
    - YOU are UNDERAGE in accordance with CONVENTIONALLY AGREED UPON LAW in the area from which YOU origin
    - YOU suffer from any kind of mental disease, syndrome or other diagnosis that affects your mental ability, cognitive function and reasoning capability

  12. That these CRITERIAS and TERMS may without notice or warning change whenever the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER pleases, and that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to partake of this DOCUMENT and UPDATE YOUR perception in accordace with this DOCUMENT whenever you choose to access the DOMAIN and partake of the published material or observe me as the CREATOR and COPYRIGHT OWNER

  13. That YOU should NOT really enter this page, and by doing so YOU REALLY ONLY WASTE YOUR TIME. YOU are welcome to do so, but it is in its ENTIRITY aligned with your FREE WILL